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For decades, frontline voices from the most affected communities have been sounding the alarm: climate change is the greatest threat of our lifetime. But for too long, we’ve ignored the fact that the climate crisis is a health crisis. The challenge will only get bigger in the coming decades as rising temperatures are projected to expose billions more people to deadly extreme heat, intensifying food insecurity, worsening wildfire smoke, and outbreaks of climate-sensitive infectious diseases like malaria, dengue, and cholera.

Harnessing the power, reach, and opportunity of the first-ever Health Day at COP 28, the crowd-sourced and white-labeled The Face of Change campaign will center health as the human face of climate change, using story-led creative assets and partnerships to mobilize unprecedented engagement and investment in life-saving health solutions by COP 30. With a focus on real and relatable stories, proven, ready-to-scale solutions and open-source creative content to amplify and activate, the campaign aims to inspire a global movement to save millions of lives today from the direct health impacts of climate change while protecting the health of billions of others by accelerating action to arrest global warming.

The Face of Change campaign aims to drive breakthrough action for people and the planet by being:

  • Story–led: The campaign is grounded in real stories from frontline heroes and innovators that make climate change resonant and relatable.
  • Solution-focused: The campaign focuses on specific, investible solutions that can save lives and protect the planet.
  • Community-driven: The campaign is powered by hundreds of civil society organizations from communities where health is being most impacted by climate change.
  • Open Source: All campaign content is made available for free to partners to power their own efforts to protect health from the adverse effects of climate change.


The campaign creative was developed and inspired by Brazilian artist Laís Sambugaro, who has experienced climate change firsthand and witnessed the deadly health impacts on her own community. In addition to TIME CO2, The Face of Change is partnering with powerful storytelling platforms like Open Planet, a free global library of visual footage for climate storytelling, and global messaging app Snapchat to equip community groups and citizens with tools to demonstrate how climate is impacting health in their own communities.


Under Embargo Until Saturday, December 2 at 8AM CET.

You can support this initiative in the following ways:

  1. Find images from our asset library that are most aligned with your organization - post on your channels with drafted copy below & link to the campaign website:
  2. Elevate and amplify partner messages and campaign assets by liking, commenting, and reposting. (Tip: tag friends inviting them to be The Face of Change by sharing their stories!)
  3. Share your own frontline story & solution. Example: "In my community, heavy rainfall and flooding have caused an uptick in cases of dengue. Together, we can be #TheFaceOfChange that invests in mosquito technologies that can eliminate outbreaks before they start."
  4. Engage with the SNAP experience to create your own custom image and be The Face of Change.
Scan with your Snapchat camera to unlock the Lens.


Join us to make health the human face of climate change. You can use this as your social media copy or take inspiration. We want to hear your stories about how climate change is affecting health in your community or elsewhere in the world.


Millions of people are suffering from the effects of extreme heat, dangerous air quality, and climate-sensitive diseases. Climate change is impacting our health, but we can be part of the solution. Together, we can be #TheFaceOfChange and tackle the climate-health crisis.

Those who have contributed the least to climate change are most vulnerable to its devastating impact. It’s time that we make health the human face of climate change. Join #TheFaceOfChange.

The climate crisis is fundamentally a health crisis that threatens lives and livelihoods across the globe. While the challenge is getting bigger, the solutions are getting better. Discover #TheFaceOfChange & get involved.


Climate change poses an existential threat to all of us, but children, pregnant women, and older adults face some of the gravest consequences of all. We have the tools to fuel global efforts. Let’s seize the moment to be #TheFaceOfChange.

We’re sounding the alarm: climate change is the greatest threat of our lifetime. I am #TheFaceOfChange because [insert your story here].