Catholic Schools Week at Mercy by: Maura Williams

Happy Catholic Schools Week (CSW) Mercy community! During CSW Mercy students and staff have the chance to dress down all week in different themes to celebrate Catholic Schools. Mercy's CSW is usually concluded with a big surprise on Friday, typically including no classes! Mercy bases their themed days after FIESTA, the biggest fundraiser for the school and tuition assistance. For FIESTA this year the theme is Mad Hatter!

On Thursday Mercy celebrated Catholic Schools, not just Mercy High School but also catholic elementary and middle schools. Throughout the day Mercy girls also had the chance to find Jesus within the school, not just in their theology classes but also as a scavenger hunt item. Little plastic Jesus' were hidden around the school for the opportunity to win a piece of chocolate. Later that night was Pack the House, one of Mercy's most memorable traditions during winter sports. At Pack the House basketball games, there's many things to participate in like chili tasting for the staff cookout. There's also many raffle prizes like parking spots for a week, prom tickets, and free lunches. All of the proceeds go towards the mission and it's always such a fun event for everyone.

Friday was the big surprise at the end of the week, a movie day! Earlier in the week the girls got to vote on which movie they's like to see, either The Boys in the Boat or Wonka. The administration started the morning off with serving pancakes for the whole school. From there the students and teachers set off for the movie theater in party busses! The everyone went to their theaters after getting a delicious treat of popcorn and candy. The last day of CSW was wrapped up with a ride back to school on the party busses and early dismissal at 1:00.
Saturday was FIESTA! FIESTA is Mercy's biggest fundraising event for Mercy girls tuition. This year's theme was Mad Hatter's Tea Party for Sr. Jeanne. The Marriott hotel in downtown Omaha was filled with magical mushrooms, tea pots and cups, and of course extravagant hats! With both silent and live auction items the Mercy community donated to the school through many things like mystery boxes and raffle tickets. The night was started with a wonderful Mass and then the sales began! After all of the items sold by Mercy volunteers are gone, the dinner starts. During dinner , many speeches are given and everyone is recognized for all of the hard work effort put into this event. The night is concluded with the winners being announced for all of the auction prizes. Over all FIESTA is such an amazing event for the Mercy community to come together and help Mercy girls in their own community.