Decorated Pumpkins at Forest Lakes

Winter the Dolphin
Winter the Dolphin by Callan Woods - 1st grade, Mrs. Papamichael
Miss Skelly
Miss Skelly the Group Hugger by Alana Massa - 1st grade, Mrs. Skelton
Christina from the Tryout by Journey Edwards - 4th grade, Mrs. Miller
The pigeon
Pigeon by Luis Fernando Magdaleno - 2nd grade, Mrs. Bitetzakis
Dogman by Emory Edmunds - 1st grade, Mrs. Skelton
harry potter and hedwig
Harry Potter and Hedwig by Lainey Chionchio - 4th grade, Mrs. Miller
jack skellington and sally
The Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack by Addiena Price - Kindergarten, Mrs. Harbaugh and Jack's girlfriend, Sally, by Alisia Price - 2nd grade, Mrs. Jackson
the cat in the hat
The Cat in the Hat by Brenn Miner - 1st grade, Mrs. Skelton
the very hungry caterpillar
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Sophie Perez De Beer - 1st grade, Mrs. Skelton
the man with the yellow hat
The Man with the Yellow Hat from Curious George by Bethany Woodward - 1st grade, Mrs. Skelton
Pete the cat and Thing 1
(Left) Pete the Cat by Bentley Olson - 2nd grade, Mrs. Jackson and (Right) Thing 1 by Everley Olson - 4th grade, Mrs. Dang
Cruella by Morgan Tirrell - 4th grade, Mrs. Vo
Medusa by Evan Tyurin - 5th grade, Mrs. Ferro
Pig the monster
Pig the Pug as Pig the Monster by Mackenzie Burch - 1st grade, Mrs. Skelton
black widow
Black Widow by Charlotte Edmunds - 1st grade, Mrs. Skelton
uni the unicorn
Uni the Unicorn by Savvy Cole - 1st grade, Mrs. Nadig
Bear from I want my hat back!
Bear from I Want My Hat Back by Juliette Columbo - 3rd grade, Mrs. McDonald
pete the cat
Pete the Cat by Mia Chishimba - 2nd grade, Mrs. Kypriotakis
The very hungry caterpillar
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Jasmine Jones - 3rd grade, Mrs. Wisor
Lady and the tramp
Lady and the Tramp by Jaxon Schlag - VPK, Ms. Nermine and Ms. Christine
There was an old lady who swallowed a bat
There was an old lady who swallowed a bat by Joey Rossiter - 5th grade, Mrs. Ferro
mary, winifred, and sarah sanderson
Hocus Pocus by Lily Rossiter - 3rd grade, Mrs. Garcia
Grogu (Baby Yoda)
Grogu (Baby Yoda) by Austin Floyd - 5th grade, Mrs. Sinos
The pigeon
Pigeon from The Pigeon Has to go to School by Michael Tucker - 1st grade, Mrs. Choinacky
naked mole rat, piggie & elephant, knuffle bunny, the pigeon
Naked Mole Rat, Piggie & Elephant, Knuffle Bunny, and Pigeon by Maia Root - 2nd grade, Mrs. Bitetzakis
Jack Skellington and sally
Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas by Paige Choinchoi - 2nd grade, Mrs. Jackson
Minion by Sofia Lacdao - 1st grade, Mrs. Papamichael
the gruffalo
The Gruffalo by David Detwiler - 1st grade, Mrs. Nadig
tiger from tiger is it true?
Tiger from Tiger is it true? by Alice Dayrell Lima - 2nd grade, Mrs. Kypriotakis
Ramon the troll
Ramon the troll from Trollhunters by Elyam Aguilar - Kindergarten, Mrs. Gums
Harry potter
Harry Potter by LJ Engledow - 4th grade, Mrs. Pages
jack skellington
Jack from The Nightmare before Christmas by Jax Tarver - 1st grade, Mrs. Choinacky and Jace Tarver - 3rd Grade, Mrs. Wisor
Dino the fiery dragon
Dino by Tihago Rodriquez Gonzalez - 1st grade, Mrs. Papamichael
FLY guy
Fly Guy by Emily Hall - 2nd grade, Mrs. Hun
Donatello by Addy Paul - 1st grade, Mrs. Choinacky
Queen poppy
Queen Poppy of the Trolls by Cloe Rhoades - Pre-K 3's, Miss Angie and Miss Lana
Alina the Pumpkin
Alina the Pumpkin by Emma Taylor - Kindergarten, Mrs. Harbaugh