We dream of the day when everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.

That day hasn't come yet, but we are trusting God and boldly moving forward telling people about Jesus until that day comes.

Meet our Famly - Gabe (19), Nate (16), Dawn, Gunner, Jake (17), Mark, Kate (10)

I (Mark) fell in love with Jesus in college. I felt God calling me to use my life for His glory so I started looking around for the best ways to do that.

When I heard that 80% of all Christians choose to follow Christ before they leave high school, I heard God calling me to invest in this age group. I discovered Cru after college and joined staff in 1998 to invest my life in reaching teenagers.

I spent 20 years working directly with students on public high school campuses focusing on...

WINNING them to Christ by building relationships with them and sharing the gospel

BUILDING them up in their faith through weekly meetings, small groups, and conferences.

SENDING student leaders to reach their friends by teaching them to share their faith and lead their friends spiritually.

I now serve on our national leadership team as the Director of Innovation, developing tools and resources to help our staff and volunteers reach more teenagers for Christ.

See some of the tools I've worked on...

Small Groups for teenagers, led by teenagers

A guide to help our staff and volunteers launch a new ministry on a high school campus.

A website with training and resources to help anyone reach out to teenagers on their local public high school campus.

A series of videos to help our volunteers develop skills to better reach students on their campuses.

I (Dawn) gave my life to Christ during my senior year of college. My life was greatly impacted by the message of Jesus, and I traveled the world with Athletes in Action softball to spread this message to all who would listen. Although I had studied and landed a job to be an actuary, I felt a huge burden for what was going on in our public high schools. When I saw students responding to Jesus, growing in their faith, and sharing with others at their public high school, I wanted to be part of this ministry with Cru.

After years of working directly with teenagers, I have grown a heart to develop our staff and train them to be more effective in ministry. I now serve as our Staff Training coordinator, making sure our staff and interns are trained well to make a bigger impact.

Our ministry with Cru is about helping change lives by training and equipping staff and volunteers around the world to reach lost teenagers for Christ.

We would love to meet with you and tell you more about how you can invest in helping people hear about Jesus!

Mark and Dawn

Mark Michal - mark.michal@cru.og - (317) 418-8225

Dawn Michal - - (317) 289-9844