Roasted Chili Jimmy Torres: Cultivating Tradition and Flavor Along Hwy 6 in Eagle, Colorado

Meet Jimmy Torres, a friendly face you'll find along Hwy 6 in Eagle, Colorado. He's known for his vibrant outdoor stall where he sells a unique product - Chile Rostizado. I had the chance to sit down with Jimmy and learn more about his rich cultural tradition and his passion for these chilies.

Jimmy proudly introduced us to his products, referring to the ziplock bags of roasted chilies as "Rostizado Chile.” The name itself carries the warmth and flavor of his heritage.

A Taste of Chile Chilaca

Chile Chilaca

When asked about the type of chilies he roasts, Jimmy enthusiastically shared that they are "Chile Chilaca." These chilies have a special place in his heart, and it's evident in the care he takes to prepare them.

Dropping a burlap sack of chilies into the roaster

Chilaca chilies are a little dark green in color. They are most commonly used in sauces when dried. Chilcas are a mildly hot pepper, measuring 1,000 to 1,500 Scoville units.

Jimmy also sells red dried chilies 🌶️
Propane-powered peppers

Jimmy's dedication to his trade is evident through his three seasons of selling these delectable chilies. Each season represents a step in his journey.

‘Keeping the heat on’
Spinning roast

When asked about the tradition of chilies in his culture, Jimmy explained that chilies have been cultivated for generations, both in New Mexico and Mexico. He emphasized their importance and commercial value.

Rinsing out
Smoking hot
Scooping into ziplock bags
With a customer
Medium or hot that’s all he's got

Jimmy's chilies find their way into the hearts and recipes of many. They are perfect for dishes like "chiles rellenos de queso" and "carne con chile." The chilies bring a unique and authentic taste to these traditional recipes.

Red Chili Garlands

The process of drying and hanging the chilies begins with harvesting when they are ripe. They are hung to dry, preserving their flavor for all to enjoy.

A Labor of Love

Jimmy has a consignments of vibrant red chili heart garlands hanging for sale inside the adjacent liquor store. They hold a special meaning for for him, representing the beauty and flavor of his trade.
Jimmy Torres is open Saturdays and Sundays

As you walk past Jimmy's stall, you'll not only savor the aroma of the chilies but also experience a piece of his cultural history. His story, along with his answers in Spanish, weaves a tale of tradition, flavor, and dedication. So next time you drive pass by Hwy 6, on the weekends don't forget to say "Hola" to Jimmy Torres and take home a bag of his authentic Chile Rostizado to experience a taste of his heritage.

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