I want to wish you all a restful break and a new year full of joy. While it can be easy to dwell on our challenges, please take a few moments to reflect on the year so far and celebrate the successes that you and your colleagues have had. Please consider taking a few moments to share gratitude and appreciation to your union siblings, we need to boost each other up as we do this difficult and important work.

Please also consider the following upcoming opportunities from the MTA:

  • Nominate a Colleague for ESP/Paraprofessional of the Year - The nomination form can be found here. THE DEADLINE IN JANUARY 2ND.
  • Plan to Attend the MTA Education Support Professionals Conference - The conference will take place on April 5-6 in Falmouth. They are currently accepting proposals for presenters and applications for scholarships. Registration will begin in February. Go here for more information.
  • Attend a virtual licensure workshop. Information and Registration Here.

There will be a lot to do in 2024. Rest up, and get ready.

- Joe



Amy Weber, VP PreK-5

This year, NTA President Joe Spremulli asked the Vice Presidents to identify areas that members can organize around. Of course, many issues have been identified, but at the elementary level, we are focusing on issues of staffing, primarily in Kindergarten and special education. I have been impressed with staff who have stepped up to help shape these conversations and have already given their own time to take small steps toward organizing around the changes needed at the elementary level. I also appreciate the honest feedback shared at monthly ten-minute meetings. Yes, it may seem that we continue to have the same conversations repeatedly, and I know for many, changes have been too little or too slow. It can become disheartening when we don’t feel a direct or significant impact. Many of us feel discouraged by failures of the past as well. But we cannot give in to that line of thinking. We face numerous challenges and uncertainties at both the elementary and secondary level, and it is essential that each of us, as NTA members, recognize the power of our collective voice. When we work together, I truly believe we can make an impact on shaping the future of Norton Public Schools. “Our only failure lies in not trying.” -Ann Cotton



This school year, we've been incredibly fortunate to add a number of amazing educators to our organization and our district! See below to meet three of them: Kara Husselbee of LGN, Sonya D'Angelo of JCS, and Eddie Abdow of NMS.

Kara Husselbee, LGN

Role in NPS: I am a Kindergarten Teacher at L.G. Nourse.

What Kara loves most about K: What I love most about the grade I teach is the honesty, kindness and the passion of the students. Kindergarteners want to show you that they are "big kids" now. They want to tell you what they're thinking at all times of the day, they want to help a friend that may feel sad, they want to complete a worksheet to show mom and dad after school. Seeing that spark in students is a "why I do it" moment for me.

What Kara is looking forward to over winter break/in 2024: Over the break, I'm very excited to sleep and spend time with my family. In 2024, I'm looking forward to continuing to see the progress that my students make and the connections they create.

Funniest thing a kid has ever said to Kara: I can't find the funniest thing because there are funny moments throughout the day. Every question or story usually comes out of left field and cracks me up. I would say something funny is how my students are all shocked that I'm not 8 years old or 100 years old. What I've learned from Kindergarten is to never assume you're going to know what your students are going to say or want you to do!

Favorite thing about Norton so far: My favorite thing about Norton is the community. The welcome I've received from everyone is overwhelming and so genuine. As a first year teacher, there's nerves in every aspect of the job, but I know that the community has my back and will support me in any way they can. The students are a favorite of mine (of course)! I am extremely lucky with the students I have this year. They make me feel like this is what I'm meant to do. They've brought me a level of joy that I didn't know was possible. I'm extremely lucky to be a part of this community!

Sonya D'Angelo, JCS

Role in NPS: I am a first grade teacher at JCS!

What Sonya loves most about the Grade 1: There is so much I love about first graders! It's hard to pick. The things I love most are the hugs, giggles, and aha moments!

What Sonya is looking forward to over winter break/in 2024: I am looking forward to spending lots of time with friends and family over the winter break.

Funniest thing a kid has ever said to Sonya: Ooh! Another tough one! During indoor recess one day I was trying to get a game down from a high shelf. A student said, "I can help you get that."

Favorite thing about Norton so far: My favorite thing about Norton is the people (students, staff, and families). It is such a warm and welcoming community. There is an overwhelming feeling of warmth and support from everyone here. I feel very lucky!

Eddie Abdow, NMS

Current Position: 7th Grade Science Teacher Norton Middle School

What do I love about the grade I teach? I love the unpredictability of our students. Their reactions to learning new concepts is priceless. There is never a dull day. I also love my team! I spent 19 years teaching in Fall River and my biggest concern about resigning was leaving my friends behind. Everyone here has welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like family.

What am I looking forward to over Christmas break? I am looking forward to having my whole family together in Florida, My son lives in New York City and my daughter lives in Los Angeles. Therefore, it's never easy for all of us to be in one place at the same time.

Movies TV, & Books: The last movie I watched was a documentary called "Thriller 40". It is about Michael Jackson's hit album Thriller. I am currently watching Suits. I can't believe that show was on for nine years and I just heard about it. I am currently reading Project Hail Mary.

Eddie’s Favorite thing about Norton so far: My favorite thing about Norton so far is the people. Everyone is so nice. It is also refreshing to be treated like a professional. Administration and teachers are on the same page. We all want what is best for our students and we work together to ensure we achieve that.



See how grants are enhancing the teaching and learning in our district!

Doug Dufresne, Music Teacher & Band Director, HAY - received a grant from NEED for $2,500 towards percussion instruments for the 5th grade band program. That's incredibly exciting for us because these are instruments that we need for future performances and having them available helps to elevate the playing of our students as a whole. Plus, it gets the kids even more excited about band because they have massive new shiny instruments to play!

Jackie Bournazian, ELL Specialist & SLPA, Little Lancers &JCS - received a Norton NEED grant for Ultimate SLP, a platform for online speech therapy board games

Image source: https://x.com/msjackiespeech/status/1732841845435056227?s=20



Three bills (H.2483, S.1702, H.2630) are currently under consideration by the Joint Committee on Public Service that would allow teachers hired before July 1, 2001 who did not “elect” to join Retirement Plus to have a second opportunity to do so.

Use the link above to send an email to urge legislators to support Retirement+ enrollment!



Colleen Phillips, JCS Grade 3 Teacher, welcomed baby boy #2!

Nathan Michael Phillips - December 12, 2023 - 9 lbs, 2 oz, 21.5 inches long

Congratulations to the Phillips family!