Call me JZ as I rap about AI marketing. I help founders get more customers. I help founders:

1. Try artificial intelligence tools that accelerate your business

2. Market to get paying customers

Get 30-minutes free consulting

custom chatGPT

Preserve brand voice



AI websites drive sales



AI videos tell your story


Sales Videos

AI sales videos make you famous


Logo Design

AI logo designs are memorable



AI video editing posts 1-minute clips on social media to establish you as a leader. Live video podcasts converts leads. See my podcast with Adobe:


AI Brainstorm

Finally answer the pesky question ""What are we doing with AI?". See the first safe step to use AI in your business. Unlock value. No technical or design experience required.

Social Media

AI social media re-writes posts for different audiences

  1. JZ can 10x Youtube, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook plays of videos and video clips.
  2. Doubled Poshmark followers to 70k, became Poshmark influencer, and increased AOV by 50%.
  3. Increased LinkedIn followers to 3,000 and time spent from minutes to 1+ hours.
  4. Grew podcast to 40 episodes, featuring founders and AI influencers.


  1. Substack blog
  2. LinkedIn @callmejz
  3. Spotify podcast
  4. Youtube @Callmejz.ai01
  5. Twitter @callmejzAI
  6. Instagram
  7. Facebook @callmejz.ai01



10 years of experience

Launched 10 products including for Capital One, Snap Finance, Offerpop

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