5 Childhood books that inspired my love for reading jasmine barroso

For as long as I can remember the book that made me fall in love with reading was “The One and Only Ivan '' by Katherine Applegate. It was the first time I had felt so much emotion while reading a book and at ten years old Ivan Story had really tugged on my heart strings. I remember my fourth grade teacher would read us one chapter a day and it would be an extra good day if she read two but no matter how many chapters she read I would always be excited and inpatient to find out what would happen next. When we had finished reading the book our teacher told us that there would be a writing competition and the winner would get to meet the author Katherine Applegate. Immediately I started thinking about what I was going to write and spent day and night thinking about meeting the author and what I would ask her. I spent all my free time writing in hopes my essay would be the one picked and I poured my heart into the prompt I chose to write about and after weeks of waiting they finally chose a winner. I couldn't contain my excitement when my teacher told me I had won and that I would be meeting the author, getting a signed copy of the book, and would be reading my essay to her. I don't think I've ever smiled as big and wide as I did that day and it's a memory I'll treasure for as long as I can.

Growing up I loved reading girly comic book series and one of those series was Rachel Russell's "Dork Diaries" , something about all the drama and gossip that constantly took place in the books got me through the end of elementary school and the beginning of middle school. To be specific my favorite dork diaries book was number ten, the one with the puppies. It was the first one I had bought and I reread it religiously, at least once every two-three weeks. At the time I was obsessed with puppies and begged my mom and dad for one of my own. It took a couple of years but I convinced them and now have a half beagle half chihuahua named Max. One of my favorite things about the book was that it was so drama filled and it kept me entertained every time I read it there was never a dull moment. I was Inspired so much by the book I convinced my parents to get me my own little diary it was Paris themed with an Eiffel tower and flowers on the front cover. I wrote in it everyday for two years straight until every page was filled up with drawings and recaps of how my day had gone. To this day I still journal almost every day and I scrapbook about the books I read and places I visit it's a great way to unwind and I owe that healthy habit to this book.

When I really think back to when my curiosity for reading started I would have to say it was 1st grade, the book fair was always my favorite time of the year because it meant there would be at least 1 new book that I could obsess over for the next few months and for 7 year old me that was the book Smile by Raina Telgemeier, in fact I had loved that book so much that I made my parents buy me every single book she released from then on. For me it was the perfect combination of good storytelling and amazing drawings that made it all the more fun to read. The authors witty humor and ability to make me relate to her books was like a breath of fresh air for 7 year old me hence why I bought the next four books she released. although Smile is the book that really got me interested in reading, her book Ghosts was my absolute favorite the way it was written was really suspenseful or at least it was really suspenseful for 9 year old me and I've always been a fan of a good mystery. The main protagonist and her sister were also of Mexican decent and explore their heritage throughout the book, the author does this by talking about a famous Mexican holiday called "Dia De Los Muertos" she also beautifully illustrates the traditions that happen on that day. This made me feel more connected to the characters and I loved the way she portrayed the holiday since I am also of Mexican decent so it was no wonder why it was my favorite of her books.

"Roller Girl" by Victoria Jamieson is the book I would thank for teaching me to never give up and chase after every dream I have .In this book the protagonists loves roller skating but when she try's it out she discovers she's actually really bad. So instead of quitting she pushes herself to be the best she possibly can and fights to accomplish her goals. It's not as easy as it sounds because along the way there are people who try to drag her down and they try to make her give up. Thankfully with the help of those around her the protagonist learns that all the hateful words that were being thrown at her were just coming from people who were jealous of her because she knew she could become better with time and patience. This to me as a young girl was something that I really needed, it taught me to strive and achieve ten times what I think I can achieve and to also ignore all the people who tried to deter me from what I want to do. Whether that be hobbies, school, or anything else this book taught me the importance of believing in myself and working hard for everything I want.