LYNKS • Heavenly Recordings • 'Abomination' • 12.04.204 •

Mare Street, Hackney, London

‘I put the ass in blasphemy’: Lynks, the horror-drag pop star reclaiming biblical ‘abomination’

- The Guardian -

“A vintage-future gay epic”

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"We love Lynks with all our heart"

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“You say 2:48 pop single, I say cultural thesis"

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"WE're big big fans!"

- Arielle Freel (BBC Radio 1) -

"Lynks is a force to be reckoned with."

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“Use It Or Lose It is the perfect walk-on music for Lynks’ first steps into the pro arena.”

- DIY Magazine -

"full of laugh-out-loud lyrics and chaotic beats"

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Rolling Stone - Future Artists - 2024

“Lynks is a sleazy, hilarious, gimp mask-wearing pop powerhouse.”

- Rolling Stone Magazine -

"a thumping summer banger"

- The Gay Times -

"The masked creative is storming across 2023, sharing a string of essential singles."

- Clash Magazine -

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"LYNKS...excels at both comic verses that frankly and unapologetically celebrate Queer pride, as well as nuanced lyrics that explore Queer shame."

- Hunger Magazine (UGG®’s URSeen Platform) -


The time has come. After three EPs, sell-out UK tours, and a rapidly developing cult-leader status, the unapologetically uncategorisable Lynks – now signed to the renowned Heavenly Recordings – is ready to unveil their debut album Abomination. Ricocheting between visceral, abject shame and giddy, hedonistic delight, throughout the album Lynks takes us on a dizzying tour of modern queer culture via casual sex, references to Sean Cody, and a one-sided love affair with a straight tennis coach.

With their inspirations pinballing from Peaches to M.I.A, Courtney Barnett to Janelle Monae, and more, Lynks’ sound is something akin to a club night being thrown in a blender. Each genre touchstone here is hyphenated, and every endlessly quotable couplet takes a surprising turn. Self-written, self-produced, self-effacing and self-aggrandising, the album brings together half a decade’s worth of artistic and personal progression in under 40 minutes.

Where their earlier work employed a relentless, collage style of effects and high-octane vocals to carve a unique path, Abomination allowed Lynks the space to experiment in a different way. Here they have the runtime to explore a wider range of ideas, new vocal styles, fresh genre elements and gentle narratives. ‘I think on the EPs, I was trying so hard to get anyone to pay attention,’ Lynks jokes. ‘Early on I was like “well, every song needs to be a hilarious concept.” Whereas this album, there’s quite a few of those, but there’s also songs that aren’t necessarily funny, or they’re exploring an idea rather than being really specific.’ The result is an accomplished debut that deals in light and shade. Opening with the flamenco-tinged ‘USE IT OR LOSE IT’’ and closing with the dizzying rush of ‘FLASH IN THE PAN’, the record careens through the messy ins-and-outs of modern life, via unfulfilling one night stands on ‘(WHAT DIDO YOU EXPECT FROM) SEX WITH A STRANGER’ and a moment of sweetness with the lo-fi bedroom pop of ‘TENNIS SONG’.

Of course, queer life isn’t just pleasure and embarrassment. There are also the horrors, and the album’s second half takes a turn towards damnation. On the spoken-word ‘LEVITICUS 18’, a priest reads the infamous chapter and verse: ‘you shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.’

‘Abomination is one of those words that I think most straight people don’t have an association with. They think of it as just meaning a bad thing,’ Lynks says. ‘They probably don’t think of it as connected to religion. But every queer person knows that verse from the bible because it’s just like seared into your brain from a young age.’

It’s little wonder, then, that so many queer people lean into the ‘spooky shit’, they point out. These spaces have always accepted them.‘There’s never been a book where the devil said it’s bad to be gay, or Freddy from Freddy and Jason said it’s bad to be gay. The alien from the Alien films never said that being gay was an abomination.’

The album’s title track reclaims the idea of being unsacred or unholy – ‘written before Sam Smith and Kim Petras released their take on the concept, thank you very much’ – and turns it into a source of deep power. ‘ABOMINATION’ is a spooky little banger, filled with glitchy synths and haunting organs. A defiant, euphoric response to oppression, it pokes fun at religious condemnation of homosexuality. Why, Lynks asks, is it okay for God to love every man, but unforgivable for the rest of us to lie with just one?

To counterbalance, ‘LUCKY’, with its children’s music-box melody, acknowledges that in the grand scheme of things, now is the best time in history to be a queer person in the UK. But delivered as it is with tongue firmly in-cheek, the song serves as a reminder that not executing your gays is a low bar for a country to clear. Set alongside small mercies, like somehow being the sperm that won the race to the egg and ‘feeling good’ even if only in decreasing percentages, ‘LUCKY’ makes light of scraping the bottom of the barrel of good fortune. On Abomination, every flash of light comes with a corresponding shadow.

The double-shot closer of ‘LYNKS THINKS’ and ‘FLASH IN THE PAN’ encapsulate the dichotomy of the Lynks project – the outrageous, outsized persona and supreme confidence lit from the back by extreme vulnerability. The oldest song on the album, ‘FLASH IN THE PAN’ was written long before Lynks had truly embarked on their career, let alone achieved their success – itself belying a strange sort of confidence. With a melodic synth intro that calls to mind LCD Soundsystem or Le Tigre, ‘FLASH IN THE PAN’ comes up in a heady, bubbling rush – as if Lynks themselves is trying to outrun the perceived expiration date on musical relevance.

‘In the creative world especially, you do have an allotted amount of time of relevancy,’ they say. ‘So it’s just about considering what going for this means. The song’s quite negative, but what’s hiding under the surface is that through writing I was like, no I love this. And I’m going to keep doing it.’

Conversely, ‘LYNKS THINKS’ charges along at a tooth-rattling pace, casting aside the shame and weight of religious perception of the previous two tracks and instead leaning into self-aggrandisement. Unleashing a stream-of-consciousness breakdown of Lynks’ personal power, ‘Lynks Thinks’ is a prime example of “what happens when you give a mic to a twink”.

It’s a flash of unmitigated queer pride, casting off the weight of shame, even if only for a moment. It’s this that might best encapsulate Lynks’ gift – a determination to carry on, to see the funny side, and bring the audience along with them. On Abomination, Lynks reaches out to their acolytes and the soon-to-be-converted, and invites us all to kneel before their altar.

Words: Liam Konemann.

“Lynks is going to be iconic … bold, queer, unashamedly hilarious and stupid amounts of fun”

-Time Out -

"Pairing hirlarious one-liners with wonky queercore punk, expect brilliantly outlandish outfits and plenty of choreo from the live show."

- The Evening Standard -

"a thrilling, moving, life-affirming listen."



Dork Magazine ★★★★★ Rolling Stone UK ★★★★ - The Times ★★★★ - Kerrang Magazine!★★★★ - NME Magazine ★★★★ - Loud & Quiet ★★★★ - DIY Magazine ★★★★ -

• UK •

  • “Distilling everything that they have come to be over the past few years while welcoming what comes next, it’s an album that connects all the tissues of Lynks together in jaw-dropping fashion, pointing to a modern alt-pop powerhouse that even alt-pop hasn’t caught up with yet." - Dork Magazine ★★★★★ -
  • Abomination pushed Lynks into new terriotory musically as well as lyrically...this is an album that loses none of Lynks’ trademark filth and charm while adding crucial extra depth and nuance.” - Rolling Stone UK ★★★★ -
  • “Smart, witty and knowingly self-obsessed, this is up there with Soft Cell's Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret as a camp, subversive album with that rare thing in contemporary pop: a sense of humour.” - The Times ★★★★ -
  • “ABOMINATION is frequently a colourful, outlandish listen, bold in scope and teeming with ingenious lines...oozing with outrageous star quality” - Kerrang Magazine!★★★★ -
  • “‘Abomination’ feels like the first leap Lynks has taken into showing all their dimensions as an artist. It’s a refreshing change of pace to hear them not just deliver club classics, but also let their spiky persona begin to soften a little.” - NME Magazine ★★★★ -
  • “A level of poise and polish that easily outshines similar attempts in the mainstream (and the underground) to bottle the theme of queer monstering into a sleek three-minute pop tune...this record does more than just claim unholiness with a title. It embodies it in every part of the song, to reveal these tropes as deeply silly but very real.” - Loud & Quiet ★★★★ -
  • “One of the UK’s most fearless off-piste queer acts” - DIY Magazine ★★★★ -
  • “The predominant flavour here is a sort of manic hedonism, but scratch the sequinned surface and you find some witty social commentary and a seam of vulnerability” - Uncut Magazine -
  • “Lynks' debut album Abomination offers more of the distinctive blend of high-octane, electro/dance/ punk/pop they've become best known for...catchy hooks, confident lyricism and dance-floor worthy beats.” - Narc Magazine.-
  • “Lynks - the man, the woman, the myth, the legend, the religion - is unstoppable, inimitable, unobtainable, and above all, abominable.” - When The Horn Blows -
The Times Review

“Lynks’ debut album is a loud, charismatic introduction to a future alt superstar…”

- Kerrang! Magazine ★★★★ -


  • “A show in which hedonism, satire and rebellion flashes brightly”. - Musik Express ★★★★ (GE) -
  • “Lynks wants attention and makes no secret of it. Without mincing words, Lynks flirts with the hedonistic, sex-positive attitude of many queers on their debut “ABOMINATION” and makes this also musically tangible – in the form of excessive electronic beats and melodies." - Mannschaft (GE) -
  • “Sex, Drugs and Queercore: “ABOMINATION” by Lynks is a provocative balancing act between hedonism and activism”. - Einenhabichnoch (GE) -
  • “Sex, drugs and electro beats with synth plays in all forms and facets”. - Musik Blog (GE) -
  • “‘USE IT OR LOSE IT’ opens his debut album, which is about the rules of anonymous sex ((‘WHAT DID YOU EXPECT FROM) SEX WITH A STRANGER)’, a crush on a heterosexual tennis teacher (‘TENNIS SONG’) and the religious condemnation of homosexuality (‘ABOMINATION’)”. - Kulture News (GE) -
  • “ABOMINATION reveals new aspects of the London artist”. - Segnalisonori (IT) -
  • New Releases:  Benzine Mag (FR) Tinnitus (US) MusikExpress, Kult Magasin (GE), Binaural (SP) Purple Sneakers (AUS).

“Abomination pushes Lynks into new territory musically as well as lyrically.”

- Rolling Stone UK -

“One of the UK’s most fearless off-piste queer acts”

- DIY Magazine -


A force of the unnatural. A pop-star fed through a Nutribullet. A human bag of speed. The fourth horseman of the queer apocalypse: Lynks, our new signing(!), returns with new single & video ‘USE IT OR LOSE IT’: an electro-pop anthem dissecting queer hedonism.

The euphoric yet bleak ‘Use It or Lose It’ is entirely self-produced and is a perfect return for Lynks. The crushed, flamenco-kissed bassline rides a thumping, muscular beat while Lynks’ trademark distorted drawl unpacks sex, aging, and gay representation in a series of impossibly quotable couplets. For the chorus, Lynks hands the mic to an anonymous robotic female who flatly urges the listener to “use it, or lose it.” It’s 100% unapologetic, text-book Lynks, who had this to say about the song’s meaning:

“I turned 25 last year which is supposedly the “scientifically most attractive year of your life”. I found this out and was like, “Damn, this is as good as I’m gonna get?” I suddenly had this prang of, like, if I’m not fucking 24/7 I’m somehow wasting my youth. Letting it slip away. And then you end up making really bad choices.

Plus being gay on top of that… The gay world is obsessed with youth. Which isn’t surprising – there just isn’t a blueprint of what growing old as a gay man looks like. Like, any film with a gay man over 40 seems to end with them either trapped in a sad, loveless marriage to a woman or dead.

So yeah; dry patches, sex parties and twink death. Everything you could want from a big summer banger if you ask me!”

While evoking the electro-clash roots of Peaches, the industrial chant of M.I.A., the sardonic drawl of Courtney Barnett, and the theatrics of Lady GaGa, Lynks’ music stands alone as something totally unique. And this uniqueness has earned him acclaim from the best; support tours with Metronomy and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, a wealth of support from Radio 1, guest-host spots on Lauren Laverne’s BBC 6Music show, and personal praise from Elton John, to name just a few.

There is nothing quite like Lynks. An unpasteurized shot of electro-punk chaos compressed into the shape of a human man, wrapped up in a gimp mask, creating tiny queer utopias wherever he goes. And what utopias they are; sub-blowing, criminally danceable beats, anthemically witty lyrics about the darkest corners of modern life, and pure, unapologetic, camp excess colliding in a fog of sweat and confetti.

"Wicked performer, wicked lyricist, and wicked producer is Lynks."

- Jack Saunders (BBC Radio 1) -



DIY Magazine
  • UK
  • "The new song, full of laugh-out-loud lyrics and chaotic beats, also touches on a more serious side to the conversation, a part of Lynks’ music that they are trying to expand upon through new music that is set to follow the new single soon." - Rolling Stone -
  • "British pop-star Lynks has released another electro-pop anthem with a video.The euphoric yet bleak ‘Use It Or Lose It’ is a thumping summer banger dissecting queer hedonism.With a flamenco-inspired bassline and androgynous robotic vocals, the unapologetic, self-produced track is textbook Lynks." - The Gay Times
  • "Indefinable pop purveyor Lynks has returned with a new single called “Use It Or Lose It”, a track that has already been setting crowds alight on their recent live dates."- Beats Per Minute
  • “Anyone that can rhyme death bed with ‘more head’ and the ‘lines on my forehead’ can go straight to top the class” - DIY PRINT -
  • "A punchy electro-pop cut that explores the complexities of queer hedonism with humour and compassion... accompanied by a powerhouse video encompassing distorted club aesthetics and (of course) multiple costume changes." - DIY Magazine -
  • "Lynks is a force to be reckoned with. An outsider voice, their work fuses club tropes with a defiant, outspoken appeal...Ferocious electronics built with a dazzling sense of colour, Lynks pushes their impish sense of humour to the fore. Courageous and incredibly catchy, the song deals with “dry patches, sex parties and twink death” while retaining its thirst for life." - Clash Magazine -
  • "Lynks has released an incredibly entertaining and clever new single." - Kerrang! -
  • "It’s fun, fierce and fiery in all the right ways, and will surely be an anthem of liberation for so many within the LGBTQIA+ community." - IDobi -
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“The masked marauder returns, it’s very very good to have new music from Lynks”

- Matt Wilkinson (Apple Music) -


“You say 2:48 pop single, I say cultural thesis"

- Lauren Laverne -

“It’s my favourite thing that Lynks has done so far"

- Steve Lamacq -


  • Premiere: Huw Stephens (BBC 6 Music, New Music Fix)
  • '5 Before 6' DJ - Early breakfast music selection (BBC 6 Music)
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  • Spot plays: KINK (NE) | SYN FM (AUS)

“I absolutely love it.”

- Elton John - Apple Music -


‘NEW BOYFRIEND’ struts into your headphones like a Scissor Sister on shrooms. An irresistible four on the floor beat, meets a swaggering nu-disco bassline, while crunching guitars, distorted drum fills and plucked analog synths wrestle for the spotlight. The follows from instant classic ‘USE IT OR LOSE IT’, which fueled Lynks’ ascent to new heights, landing them a Spotify billboard and their own New Music Fix show with BBC6Music.

“Look, ultimately I think I’m a fairly smart, reasonable, logical young person. I’ve done therapy. I give excellent dating advice. I know that a healthy breakup is a clean breakup. No footnotes, no P.S., no post-credits sequence shags. And yet the second I’m in the throes of a breakup, all that logic and intelligence evaporates. And I become what I clearly always was; a dog, cosplaying as a well adjusted human man. Unable to resist the stick when someone says “FETCH”. I’m not proud of it. But I also don’t think I’m alone. That’s what this song is about; lovely, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, well-adjusted couples turning into chaotic horny monsters the second they break up.”

New Boyfriend / Alt Pop Cover Star



  • "Lynks has shared their remarkable new single ‘NEW BOYFRIEND’. Sitting somewhere between the witty pop of Metronomy and the brash, tongue-in-cheek adventures of Confidence Man, Lynks spins a frisky tale of post-break up lust." - Clash Magazine -
  • "Lynks is back with their latest track - the bouncing, beat-fuelled ‘NEW BOYFRIEND’. It follows recent single ‘USE IT OR LOSE IT’, and arrives alongside a brilliantly bridal-camp video." - DIY Magazine -
  • "London artist Lynks has shared a bride-tastic video for their latest track ‘New Boyfriend’ following the recent announcement that they’ve signed with indie stalwarts Heavenly Recordings.Flanked by their backing dancers – a staple of the Lynks brand – ‘New Boyfriend’ showcases Elliott Brett’s growing capabilities as a songwriter and composer; delivering brash, minimalist backing beats with a wink towards euphoric house." - Overblown -
  • "The music video sees the Bristol-based artist dancing in a wedding dress alongside their backing dancers, who are collectively known as Lynks Shower Gel." - NME Magazine -
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"Absolutely sensational stuff"

- Lauren Laverne (BBC 6 Music) -


  • Premiere: Lauren Laverne - New Music Fix Track:“This is my new music fix track, an exclusive premiere, from an artist we’ve supported from the very beginning the wonderful Lynks.“Lynks New Boyfriend, they're about to embark on their biggest UK run of dates yet , big tour for next year playing some HUGE venues…..Absolutely sensational stuff, New Boyfriend brand new from Lynks, and absolutely thrilled to play it for you." (BBC 6 Music)
  • Playlist A-list (BBC 6 Music) X50 plays.
  • Playlist B-list (BBC 6 Music)
  • “Yeah anyone who knows Lynks might know that is most certainly a radio edit, bit of a potty mouth that guy, but we love him all the same! If you ever get to see them live as well you will know that they have the most sensational costumes and absolutely mind blowing energy on that stage! Lynks new music from him with NEW BOYFRIEND” . - Jezz Iszatt - Future Artists (BBC Radio 1)
  • X1 play - Lauren Laverne (BBC 6 Music)
  • "This track is about lovely, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, well adjusted couples turning into chaotic monsters the second they break up". - Craig Charles (BBC 6 Music)
  • X1 play - Craig Charles (BBC 6 Music)
  • New Music Fix - Hooked Track: “Change of pace now with the latest from self-described fourth horseman of the queer apocalypse, Lynks, the new track was premiered on Lauren Laverne’s show this morning and we were instantly hooked! Following on from the previous “Obsessed Track” USE IT OR LOSE IT, they’ve also announced a UK Tour for next spring. Trust me when I say they are not to be missed live! See what you think of this new tune, this is Lynks with NEW BOYFRIEND." (BBC 6 Music)
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"bit of a potty mouth that guy, but we love him all the same! If you ever get to see them live as well you will know that they have the most sensational costumes and absolutely mind blowing energy on that stage!"

- Jess Iszatt - (BBC Radio 1, Future Artists) -

"Lynks, my bestie, I absolutely love this artist and their music!"

- Lauren Laverne (BBC 6 Music) -



  • UK
  • "The masked creative is storming across 2023, sharing a string of essential singles. Recent cut ‘USE IT OR LOSE IT’ seemed to become a breakthrough moment, arguably the most accessible and downright ‘pop’ release Lynks has yet put his name against.Out now, ‘(What Did You Expect From) Sex With A Stranger’ is packed with raunch, revelling in the strange feelings conjured by casual sex. A song about the Grindr era, Lynks matches bodily needs to an over-powering sense of alienation, a feeling that – sometimes – the meaningless nature of the hook-up can be over-powering." - Clash Magazine -
  • "This latest cut continues their merging of genuine introspection with humorous flippancy on the subject of casual sex, all via the medium of pulsing electro-pop." - DIY Magazine -
  • "A bouncing queer-pop paen-turn-diary entry detailing the rollercoaster of emotions that is heading to a one night stand with someone you’ve met online." - Femme Music -
  • "Given the song’s title it’s little wonder that this comes from a very honest place from the electro-pop rising star." - Kerrang -
  • "Buoyed by an energetic electro undercurrent, the cheeky, vulnerable and highly amusing offering explores the intricacies of online hook-ups, taking us on a very real and unfiltered journey. Bursting with addictive vocal hooks and flashes of lyrical brilliance, that are sure to tickle listeners, the unforgettable banger comes accompanied by an equally frisky choreographed video." - The Most Radicalist -
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  • US
  • Our Culture | Brooklyn Vegan.
  • “Our (maybe mine) favourite artist just released a new song. Once again with a text in which humorous traits emerge and a production which always makes us want to dance. After NEW BOYFRIEND, Lynks explores a new aspect of romantic and sexual relationships. Moreover, Lynks will play in Paris on April 26 and in Antwerp on May 1”. - Sound of Brit (FR) -
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"A bouncing queer-pop paen-turn-diary entry detailing the rollercoaster of emotions that is heading to a one night stand with someone you’ve met online."

- Femme Music -

"Given the song’s title it’s little wonder that this comes from a very honest place from the electro-pop rising star."

- Kerrang -


'RIP LYNKS' - Memorial Show at The Social 09.01.2023



DIY Magazine - Neu Buzz Feed
  • "Ending the mock funeral on a promotional note, Lynks introduced ‘CPR’, a catchy single reminiscent of mid-2000s pop icons like Kelis, Missy Elliot, and Fergie. Accompanied by surreal visuals, the track delves into the theme of men with savior complexes." - Why Now -
  • "Surprise the second: Lynks has a new single. Yep, the funeral ended with some self-promotion, as all funerals truly should. Out now, ‘CPR’ is a hella catchy throwback to mid 00s pop – think Kelis, think Missy Elliot, think Fergie, even – and comes with some eye-catchingly surreal visuals. The song itself picks apart men with saviour complexes – we all know the type…" - Clash Magazine -
  • "Along with news of the LP, Lynks has shared their newest single from it, ‘CPR,’ a track with a trap-heavy, low-humming beat that has self-obsessed so-called saviours at its centre." - Far Out Magazine -
  • "As ever, Lynks' quick wit and wicked sense of humour shines through, resulting in yet another empowering self-aware banger." - The Most Radicalist -
  • "Lynks Is FINALLY Releasing An Album!" - Hard Beat -
  • "The single is packed with comedic lashings and lively metallic beats that hint towards what’s to come from the LDN artist. And anyone who is familiar with Lynks knows to expect an unadulterated, ravishing queer revolution.Written as a scolding critique of men with saviour complexes, the track, which is presented in their live shows alongside a gleefully excessive performance of resuscitation, fluctuates between catchy motifs and wry, expressive lyrics, emerging as a refreshingly uncategorisable sound that sits atop a bouncy, mid-2000s-informed pop beat." - Crescendo Magazine -
  • The Line of Best Fit | Kerrang! | Dork Magazine | NME Magazine | Our Culture | Stereoboard | DIY Magazine | Hash & Brew.



BBC 6 Music Playlist
'Obsessed' - New Music Fix
  • UK
  • Premiere: Lauren Laverne: 'New Music Fix Cut.' "Absolutely LOVE Lynks and thrilled to have that track as your New Music Fix cut”. (BBC 6 Music)
  • X2 plays Jack Saunders Future Artists (BBC Radio 1) "Wicked performer, wicked lyricist, and wicked producer, Lynks."
  • “This is the scorching hot new one by Lynks!” - Chris Hawkins (BBC 6 Music)
  • X1 play 'New Music Fix (BBC 6 Music)
  • New Music Fix Playlist (BBC 6 Music)
  • X2 plays Lauren Laverne (BBC 6 Music)
  • "As a performer Lynks is absolutely dynamite and as a recording artist just blows my mind! Put the two together you really have to watch the video for this song! The track is called CPR, it’s just come out, if you fancy it watch the video. This is Lynks and CPR.”….. "The very latest from Lynks and CPR, I hope you loved that as much as I did”. -X1 play Amy Lamé (BBC 6 Music)
  • X2 plays Jess Iszatt (BBC Introducing London)
  • X1 play Jess Iszatt + Interview (BBC Radio London)
  • X1 play Matt Wilkinson 'Breaking' (Apple Music) - “This is Lynks, and it was actually Lynks’s funeral last night live on stage at a gig at The Social, Ziggy Stardust style you understand. Yeah they performed in a coffin on stage stood up and at the end of it re-came back to life and announced the release of that single which is CPR, my final song in Breaking”.
  • X2 plays John Kennedy (Radio X)

- New Music Fix • Live Session -

BBC 6 Music
  • France Inter - nightly playlist (FR)

"Lynks is scorching hot"

- Chris Hawkins (BBC 6 Music) -


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"Underground sensation"

- Why Now -

"Lynks has been turning heads for years now with their exuberant and enticing sound that doubles up as meaningful, explorative and hilarious."

- Far Out Magazine -

'Tennis Song'


  • UK
  • Whereas most of Lynks’ songs are an intense dance-pop workout, 'Tennis Song' is a trilling and slightly twee little alt-pop bop. The arrangement features a simple drum machine click and chintzy synths glazed with lovey-dovey harmonies...A typically chucklesome Lynks tune with a different approach, it goes to show that Abomination is going to be packed with surprises." - Beats Per Minute -
  • "A slice of relative tenderness lifted from their forthcoming debut LP ‘ABOMINATION', ‘TENNIS SONG’ sees Lynks bemoan the pain of having an unrequited crush on their straight tennis coach." - DIY Magazine -
  • Dork Magazine | Kerrang! | The Line of Best Fit | Industry Biz
  • Stereoboard | Northern Transmissions | Hash & Brew | Brooklyn Vegan | Mystic Sons. (US)
  • “From vintage synths to vintage drum machines, British artist Lynks examines modern queer culture via “casual sex, references to Sean Cody, and - on their latest single - a one-sided love affair with a straight tennis coach”, set to a cute lo-fi bedroom pop production. The simple yet captivating music video sees Lynks take to the grass courts for a spot of tennis, donning an alien tennis ball head mask and getting beaten in the very literal sense of the word." -Pilerats (AUS)
  • Benzine Mag Playlist (FR)
  • Laut De. (GE)
  • "The single offers an intriguing mix of lo-fi bedroom pop, highlighting an engaging queer narrative. With his own production, Lynks promises an album that represents years of artistic and personal progress, exploring new sonic and narrative territories. Prepare to surrender at the altar of Lynks, with live performances full of electropunk chaos and camp excess." - Caderno Pop (BR).

"it’s game, set and match ready in the cheeky video."

- Brooklyn Vegan -


  • UK
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  • Plays: RNE Radio 3 (Spain), Polskie Radio (Poland) 

“Here’s the cute new one by Lynks”…..“Lynks and that is Tennis Song, and the video features Lynks with tennis ball head gear. It’s quite the thing.”

- Chris Hawkins (BBC 6 Music) -


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Piccadilly Records
midfots 2.0 - Spotify Editorial - Cover Feature



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  • "Lynks always takes me by surprise in the best possible way... for ABOMINATION the title track of Lynks' new album, their debut. The title track on the new record from Lynks, definitely one to watch!" - Lauren Laverne (BBC 6 Music).

"Lynks is proving something of a cult phenomenon."

- Why Now -

Resident Brighton

“Lynks’ witty and sexually frank studies of British gay culture, over muscular pop reminiscent of MIA and Peaches, have marked them among UK pop’s most exciting outliers.”


• UK •

- Lynks - Guardian Front Page Culture Feature -
  • “Brash, club-ready, industrial-tinged pop dominates this album, which often feels entirely made out of hard plastic, but its softer moments suggest something beneath the bravado." - The Guardian -
  • "Guestlist For The Armageddon: An Interview With Lynks" - The Quietus -
  • “It’s a rare skill to be able to shoehorn important and vital conversations into songs packed with absurd, filthy jokes, and Lynks hits the sweet spot perfectly. Their message — and their bangers — deserve to blow up in 2024.” - Future Artist, Rolling Stone -
  • "Lynks tells us all about secret shows, committing to the bit, recovering from a stolen laptop, the riff behind 'CPR' and what they first though the word GROAT meant.... "The Groat Podcast
  • "I'm doing something that's clearly fucking with gender and sexuality at a time when gender is an ammunition pack for the tories.” - DIY Magazine -
  • Lynks: “Being a queer person – being any person – is complicated. We have moments that are conflicting and challenging"..."When Lynks first started making music, their entertaining punky alt.pop was all about being “a total escape from life”. But things are getting much more real on debut album ABOMINATION." - Kerrang! Magazine -
  • "Behind the Gimp Mask, Lynks Eyes Pop Stardom." - Bandcamp Daily Feature -
Lynks - Future Artist - Rolling Stone

"A gender non-conforming, performance art-embracing pop maverick, Lynks has spent the early part of their career pushing every envelope available. With sexy, saucy and singular debut ‘Abomination’, they’re creating a space like no other."



"Tackling topics like queer liberation, religion and shame around sex, the London-via-Bristol star is telling it like it is – while finding power in this honesty…"

- Kerrang! Magazine -

- Kerrang! Magazine - Cover Story (website front-page) Interview -

"Lynks is burning bright, spreading like wildfire, and is hotter than ever."

- Dork Magazine -

Dork Magazine Feature
Bandcamp Interview

"Whatever the future holds, expect that the man behind Lynks will fill it with color and provocation—and a healthy irreverence for what has gone before."

- Bandcamp Interview -

Breaking Act - The Sunday Times
Midnight Chats - Lynks

- Ugg for PRIDE - Hunger Magazine pride cover -

- Hunger Magazine Pride Cover (UGG) -

"The candid yet playful artist is a breath of fresh air in a music scene often saturated with singer-songwriters that are taking themselves too seriously, and are easily boxed into genres."

- Hunger Magazine -

- Hunger Magazine - Lynks - Pride Cover (UGG) -


  • Tribu Move - Cover Star (France).
  • "Sassy humor and sexual confidence, Lynks indulges, exploring the complexities of queer pride. Through poignant lyrics, cutting humor and moments of introspection, Lynks shines a light on the social pressures and prejudices queer people face." -  Radio Nova Podcast (France, Radio)
  • “Although we are dealing with electro-pop here, ABOMINATION is also an activist work - and that's where “pop” turns into “punk”. Because this debut also takes you on a journey through modern queer culture, which aims to draw attention to the oppression and violence that the queer community experiences”. - Radio Q (Germany, Radio)
Tribu Move - France
Tribu Move - France
Lynks - TSUGI
Lynks - TSUGI


#30 at NACC Electronic.

US Radio Update


UK Dates
EU Dates

"There isn’t anyone making music like this”

- Jack Saunders - BBC Radio 1 -

This show is also really monstrously fun: with three dancers (voguing, jumping, twirling), Lynks flies through their repertoire, dirty electro punk with elastic beats in the spirit of Peaches.

- 3Voor12 - #6 Favourite Live Act at Eurosonic 2024 -


Lynks - Manchester, Academy 2

"This show is nothing short of a triumph, and there is nothing you can’t love about Lynks. Heart, soul, unabashed pride in sex and sexuality, and relentlessly good songs: Lynks has the potential to rise to the very top of the pop scene." - Overblown, Manchester Academy 2, Spring 24 -

"As the night runs on, tune after tune after leg-kicking tune, the best way to describe the happenings would be ‘unhinged’. In the right ways, in the most gimmicky and giggly ways...There will never be a show like a Lynks show, and that is the best thing. It’s fully unique, fully authentic, and full-on musical madness." - When The Horn Blows, Manchester Academy 2, Spring 24 -

Lynks Live at Eurosonic 2024

“After a full day of traipsing from venue to venue, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the vibe was slightly mellowed by exhaustion. With Lynks in the picture, however, there’s simply no option of that. It’s just fiery, infectious tracks and choreography that makes you breathless just watching it, spearheaded by one of the most innovative artists at work right now – it’s hard to imagine a better way to end Live at Leeds.”

- Dork Magazine - Live at Leeds 2023 -

"Lynks flies through their repertoire, dirty electro punk with elastic beats in the spirit of Peaches"

- 3Voor12 - #6 Favourite Live Act at Eurosonic 2024 -

  • More Eurosonic Highlights:
  • "A artist you should not miss" - KINK Magazine (NL)
  • “Elton John already had him on his hot list - Lynks makes queer synth-pop with a punk attitude, covers Courtney Barnett and provides the biggest headliner appearance of the festival with the crazy choreos. See you at the next big gig”. - Minute Musik (GE)
  • "The extravagant British artist Lynks - an hour with the most relevant European music of today." - LRT (Lithuania)


Live at Leeds - Dork Magazine



Standard Vinyl Edition
D2C Signed Print Edition
Resident Signed Print Edition


CD Edition



“I absolutely love it.”

- Sir Elton John, Apple Music -

"Keep an ear out for him, hotly-tipped, brilliant, and a pleasure to play him on the show again... love him!” “I am hoping for an album from them, so that I can already put it in my Top 10 for next year”

- Lauren Laverne, BBC 6Music -

BBC 6 Music Highlights

“Definitely one of my favourite discoveries on the show this year so far … There isn’t anyone making music like this”

- Jack Saunders, BBC Radio 1 -

BBC Radio 1

“Without doubt my most played artist on this show of 2020… undoubtedly one to lookout for for”

- BBC Radio 1’s Future Artists Show -

  • Gemma Bradley, BBC Radio 1’s Introducing Show
  • “Always entertaining” | X-Posure List (‘Pedestrian At Best’; ‘How to Be Successful’) | Big One (Song of the Weekend; ‘Pedestrian At Best’) | Hot One (‘Brand New Face’; ‘How to Be Successful’; ‘Str8 Acting’)
  • BBC Introducing with Emily Pilbeam
  • John Kennedy, Radio X - Radio X - Posure Playlist for 'This Is the Hit'


  • “Even if they don’t take themselves seriously, it’s clear that you ought to be” -NME
  • “Lynks is going to be iconic … bold, queer, unashamedly hilarious and stupid amounts of fun” -Time Out
  • “The kind of English eccentric we need now more than ever” - Guardian’s top 50 new acts
  • “He’s onto something fresh and ridiculously exciting … He’s struck gold” - DIY Magazine ‘Neu’
  • “Synth-heavy avant-pop, bold commentary and no small amount of silliness — a Lynks show is something quite fantastic.” DIY Magazine Class of 2021
  • “The doomsday realist we all need right now” - Notion Magazine, Internet Crush feature


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  • Spotify Editorial: Radar Featured Artist of the Week, Punk Unleashed (Cover), Rainbow (Cover), PRIDE UK (Cover), Bloom (Cover). New Music Friday UK, The Other List, New Music Wednesday, Alternative HIIT, Student’s Union, Out Now, Alternative Pride, The Dance List, Club Resistance.
  • Apple Music Editorial: Video Premiere "I Don't Know What I Want"
  • New Music Daily, Glitch, New in Alternative, Breaking Alternative, Resist!, Antidote, ALT CTRL, Elton John’s Playlist.


  • LIVE
  • Sold out Heaven London and UK headline tour in March 2022, Latitude Main stage, Reading Festival, DIY, Standon Calling, Get Together, Elsewhere Pride Party, No Mans Land, Mutations, Iceland Airwaves, Sonic Wave, Into The Great Wide Open.
  • Headline Shows
  • Sold out headline shows in Bristol (The Fleece, Crofter's Rights, The Old England, The Love Inn), Brighton (The Green Door Store,Rossi Bar), Margate (Elsewhere), London (Heaven, Windmill, The Social)
  • Supports: Christine and the Queens 'Meltdown Festival.' Metronomy, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Amyl & the Sniffers, Goat Girl, Sorry, Happyness, Oh My God It's the Church, Art School Girlfriend, Scalping and was booked for Confidence Man and Warmduscher until Covid kicked in.