Gorokan Public School Newsletter - Week 9 Term 1, 2024

Principal's Report

Welcome to Week 9 of the school term. We have had a productive and eventful two weeks with Year 3 and 5 participating in NAPLAN for Writing, Reading, Language Conventions and Numeracy. We have also welcomed parents, carers and community members into the school for a number of exciting and enjoyable events.

Gorokan Students Growing and Attaining

We are excited to share with you some of the evidence-based teaching strategies we've implemented at Gorokan Public School to enhance your child's learning journey. Our focus on daily warm ups aim to facilitate the transition of taught content from short-term memory to long-term memory, ensuring a deeper understanding and retention of key concepts.

Classes engaged in Explicit Instruction reading warm up moving knowledge from the short term to long term memory

Reading is the cornerstone of academic success, which is why we prioritise daily reading warm-ups for all students. These warm-ups involve short, engaging reading activities at the beginning of each day, designed to activate prior knowledge, improve reading and comprehension skills, and promote a love for reading.

Students learning during a numeracy warm up

In addition to reading, Mathematics plays a crucial role in developing students' analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our Math warm-ups are designed to review previously learned concepts and apply these skills through short, focused exercises.

We emphasise explicit Mathematics lessons that provide clear explanations and a gradual release through an I do, We do, You do lesson structure. This evidence-based approach ensures that students not only understand Mathematical concepts but also develop a deep conceptual understanding.

Mathematics learning leading to improved student retention of mathematical concepts

Research indicates that regular practice, combined with explicit instruction, leads to better Mathematical proficiency and long-term retention of Mathematical concepts. By incorporating hands-on activities, real-world examples, and collaborative problem-solving tasks, we create a supportive learning environment where students can excel in Mathematics with confidence.

Regular practice, combined with explicit instruction, leads to better Mathematical proficiency

We encourage parents to support their child's learning journey by reinforcing daily reading habits at home, engaging in Math-related activities, and fostering a positive attitude towards learning. Your involvement plays a vital role in reinforcing the skills and concepts taught at school, ultimately contributing to your child's academic success.

We have implemented daily comprehension lessons at Gorokan Public School to enhance your child's learning journey.

As we continue to implement evidence-based teaching strategies, we remain committed to providing a stimulating and nurturing learning environment that prepares all students for future challenges and opportunities. Explicit teaching is a priority of the NSW Department of Education and will continue to be a focus of the Gorokan Public School Improvement Plan 2024-2027.

Every class starts the day with a reading warn up.

Thank you for your partnership and support in ensuring that every child at Gorokan Public School achieves their full potential.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Teachers benefited from finding out extra information about our clever students at our parent/carer sharing interviews this week.

A reminder if you were unable to attend our afternoon sessions this week and have made an alternative interview time for after school hours you will need to enter and leave the school via the Suncrest gate. The Dudley Street gate is closed and locked at 3:15pm each afternoon.

Harmony Day

Harmony Day was celebrated at school on Thursday, March 21. Students were encouraged to wear mufti, traditional dress, or an item of heritage from their family. Parents, carers and friends enjoyed our whole school assembly and enjoyed seeing the wide representation of nationalities and cultures who make up the rich population of our wonderful school. Thank you to Mrs Morrow and her team of staff and parents who organised a thoroughly enjoyable, informative and entertaining assembly.

Choir and recorder group performing at the Harmony Day assembly

Dogs on School Grounds

Please note that dogs are not allowed on school grounds unless permission is granted by the Principal. If you walk your dog to school please wait away from the gates to allow students who have allergies or anxieties safe entry and exit. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Staffing Update

Mr Zammit returns from leave on Monday 2nd April. Thank you to Mr Gibbs and Mrs Farrell for supporting Mr Clenton in their relieving roles over the past two weeks. Thank you Mr Peebles for teaching 5/6G.

Miss Morris is continuing on 4G in Mrs George’s absence. Mr James and Mrs Antaw-Molloy with Miss Brooke are continuing to support K-6S.

Mrs Crook will be on leave from Week 11 Term 1 to Week 3 Term 2. Mrs Crook’s replacement will be communicated soon.

I hope all our Gorokan families have a restful and enjoyable long weekend. Week 10 will commence on Tuesday 2nd April following the Easter long weekend.

Jason Clenton

Relieving Principal

School News


Cross Country - Friday 5 April

The school Cross Country will be held on Friday 5 April. Students can wear their sports uniform or house colours :

  • Brooks A-E Red
  • Buck F-L Yellow
  • Gascoigne M-Q Green
  • Thwaite R-Z Blue

Students will need to wear joggers or suitable shoes for running on the course. Please wear sunscreen and a hat also.

Spectators can watch from the basketball courts at the top of the oval. Please bring your own chair.

The school gates will be closed while students are running.

All times are approximate and may change on the day due to weather or the pace of which the students run.


3km Cross Country run (5 Laps)

  • 9:30am - Helpers to checkpoint, runners to marshall areas, viewers to viewing areas
  • 9:45am - 3km 11 years boys and girls
  • 10:00am - 3km 12/13 years boys and girls
  • 10:20am - Stage 3 Fun Run
  • Finish 10:30am
  • Break 1

2km Cross Country run (3 laps)

  • 11:35am - Helpers to checkpoint, runners to marshall areas, viewers to viewing areas
  • 11.45am - 2km 10 years boys and girls
  • 12.05pm - 2km 8/9 years boys
  • 12.20pm - 2km 8/9 years girls
  • 12:35pm - Stage 2 and Year 2 Fun Run
  • FINISH 12:50pm
  • Break 2

K-1 Cross Country Run after lunch

  • 2:05pm - Helpers to checkpoints around the oval
  • 2:10pm - Kinder boys and girls Fun Run
  • 2:20pm - Year 1 boys and girls Fun Run
  • FINISH 2:35pm

Dates to Remember

  • Thursday 28 March - Fancy Hat Parade at 9:30am
  • Friday 29 March - Good Friday
  • Monday 1 April - Easter Monday
  • Tuesday 2 April - NRMA Science Show
  • Thursday 4 April - Local Aboriginal Curriculum excursion for Stage 3
  • Friday 5 April - Cross Country held at school.
  • Thursday 11 April - Friday 12 April - State Swimming Carnival
  • Friday 12 April - Last day of Term 1
  • Tuesday 30 April - First day of Term 2 for students
  • Wednesday 1 May - ANZAC Assembly
  • Thursday 2 May - PSSA Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Wednesday 8 May - PSSA Girl's Basketball Knockout at 9:00am
  • Thursday 9 May - Mother' Day Stall
  • Friday 10 May - Mother's Day Breakfast

Inclusive Education Team (formerly known as The Support Unit)

Current Learning

As the term is nearly over we have been learning about the different ways and strategies we can use when feeling worried or stressed. Sometimes there are changes to our routine with our teacher being away, RFF, moving our seat in the classroom or having to go to an assembly. It is good to know different ways we can calm our bodies before we start losing control.

The Echidnas (K-6H) and Turtles (K-6S) classes have been enjoying our weekly life skills cooking lessons, focusing on hygiene and teamwork. The students have been making a variety of different meals and learning all about procedures and kitchen safety.

Students in K-6H have also been engaged in creative arts projects that incorporate their technology lessons. We have created an Acknowledgement of Country for our class in our history lesson that included class discussions and the students' thoughts and ideas.

On Monday mornings Mrs Crook takes the Echidna students for RFF and after they have participated in their RWU and literacy lesson, she has introduced guided drawing instruction. The class, including staff, have loved this, as they follow instructions and produce some excellent artwork. It is a great way for the students to have a brain break after a busy morning.

K-6K were very excited by the arrival of the baby chicks, just in time for Easter. We went down to see how the eggs go from the incubator to hatching and now we can watch them grow. We were able to count 10 baby chicks and 5 in the incubator. Students were lucky enough to see one of the eggs moving, so we predict that it might hatch very soon. Next week we will visit again to see how many more chicks there are and how much they have grown.

Upcoming Events

Thursday 28 March at 9:30am - Fancy Hat Parade

Have a safe and happy Easter break 🙂


Toys at School

We have lots of toys at school, and would prefer for children to keep their own toys at home. When children bring their own toys from home to school there is a greater risk of it being lost, stolen or damaged. If toys do come to school, we request them to be no bigger than what fits in your child’s pocket, and limited to one toy.

Water Bottles

Please make sure students have a labeled water bottle with them everyday. We have a limited supply of spare drink bottles. Please ensure that all drink bottles are plastic as metal ones can be a safety hazard.


Celebrations of Learning

The IET Grade Gathering is now held on a Monday in the library, where the students can enjoy the larger space. All the classes have been trying their best to earn the Gorokan Gold awards, receive an ice block and go in the draw for an extra incentive.

Week 8

  • Turtles - Drew M and Benjamin B
  • Eaglehawks - Johnny C and Nicole P
  • Echidna - Zachery W and Dylan O
  • Frogs - Brock

Week 9

  • Turtles -Jaxon C and Beau B
  • Eaglehawks - Charlotte J and Atticus D
  • Echidnas - Braxtynn F
  • Frogs - Mark

Mrs Shauna Crook

Deputy Principal Support Unit and Wellbeing

Early Stage 1

Current Learning

We have had a busy couple of weeks in Kindergarten. In science, we are learning about living things and what they need in order to grow and survive. As a part of this program, we organised for the Henny Penny Hatching Program to bring an incubator to the school so that students could watch chicks hatch from eggs and grow. The students have thoroughly enjoyed watching the process and have loved looking after the chicks and giving them cuddles.

Last week we also celebrated Harmony Day. Kindergarten students have been learning about the many cultures and diversity in our school. They were excited to learn a song in Italian and performed beautifully at our Harmony Day assembly.

For sport, we have been improving our fundamental skills of balance and coordination. We have been participating in various games and tabloid activities to work on these skills.


Blue Folders

Please return the blue homework folders to your class teacher every Friday.


Please send in a set of headphones for your child to use with ipads/computers in the classroom. Make sure your child’s name is on the headphones and placed in a ziplock bag. Each child is required to provide their own personal set.

Fancy Hat Parade

The Fancy Hat Parade is being held this Thursday March 28 at 9:30am under the primary cola. We ask that students create and decorate their hats at home and bring them to parade on the day. Parents are welcome to attend and enjoy the parade.

Celebrations of Learning

Well done to all Kindergarten students for their amazing effort this fortnight. We would like to congratulate our:

Students receiving Merit Awards:

  • KB- Aurora M, Aria S, Sidney W and Declen D
  • KJ- Casper C, Cali B, Pretty U and Aadam K
  • KLF-Xavier B, Elijah S, Savannah C and Kaidyn C
  • KDT- Elarah B, Everly-Jayne M, Sienna B and Takari R

Students receiving Open Road Awards:

  • KB - Theo E, Hudson H, Ally S and River B
  • KJ - Cub M, Chelsea W, Kenzley H and Hayden D
  • KLF - Jackson H, Linkin P, Aiyana C and Sienna M
  • KDT - Riley A, Ashton H, Dimitri G and Zailey R

Congratulations to all our award winners this fortnight.

The eggs in the incubator
The first two chicks have hatched
Enjoying chicken cuddles
Enjoying chicken cuddles
Enjoying chicken cuddles
Enjoying chicken cuddles
Celebrating Harmony Day
Enjoying sport activities

Mrs Alicia Duke

Assistant Principal Early Stage 1

Stage 1

Current Learning

Harmony Day

During the Harmony Day assembly our Stage 1 students showed enthusiasm and pride while presenting their performances with Mrs Morrow. They also showed responsible and respectful behaviour while listening to the other performances and items that were on show.

Explicit Writing Lessons

During the term, Stage 1 students have been developing their recount writing skills. In 2J, we watched a demonstration on how to fold the perfect paper plane and then we went out to the oval to try them out. There were lots of different techniques shown and the students had lots of fun trying to get them to go as far as possible. The students were then asked to plan their writing around this activity.

Dhinewan Program

Students in Year 2 have been lucky enough to engage in the Dhinewan Program that visits the school. In this program they participate in cultural experiences and discussions to broaden their understanding of not only the local Aboriginal Darkinjung culture, but that of Aboriginal cultures from all over Australia. It is pleasing to see the respect the students have for learning about this important history.

In Maths we have been learning about multiplication and shapes. Students have particularly enjoyed the hands-on experiences that learning about shapes brings. They built patterns and pictures using the different shapes while describing the characteristics of the shapes they used.


Please ensure your child brings a piece of fruit for fruit break, a healthy recess and lunch, a drink bottle and a school hat to school every day. All students are also required to supply their own set of over the ear headphones this year (these can be purchased from Kmart, Reject Shop etc from approx. $6.00). All of these items need to be clearly labelled with your child’s name and class.

In addition to personal equipment we are asking all families to donate a supply of tissues, baby wipes, paper towel, handwash (pump pack) to their class.

Grade Sport

  • Year 1 Sport days will be on Fridays each week this year.
  • Year 2 Sport will be on Wednesdays each week this year. Students are required to wear their full sports uniform on their given sport day.

Library Days

Each student is asked to bring a Library bag and all students are encouraged to borrow books and read for 20 minutes every day.

Celebrations of Learning

A huge congratulations to these wonderful Stage 1 students who have been awarded with a Class Merit or Open Roads Award in the last fortnight (Weeks 7 and 8).

Week 7 and 8 Merit Awards:

  • 1AR - Koby and Evie
  • 1E - Spencer and Mason
  • 1M - Emily C and Lucas
  • 1Y - Sophie and Koorijai
  • 1/2K - Chloe and Siannah
  • 2D - Seanna K and Hannah P
  • 2J - Savannah and Shaq
  • 2S - Tamika and Willow
  • 2/3O - Glaiza Joy

Week 7 and 8 Open Road Awards:

  • 1AR - Zahra and Seb
  • 1E - Alexis and Octavia
  • 1M - Jakobi and Neveah
  • 1Y - Kora and Hazel
  • 1/2K - Jasper and Levi
  • 2D - Zayviah anbd Pipah T
  • 2J - Chloe and Avish
  • 2S - Kian and Athena
  • 2/3O - Dominic K

We are so proud of our Stage 1 award winners. Keep up the great work!

If you have any questions or concerns please phone your child’s class teacher. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Have a wonderful fortnight.

Mrs Kate Day

Assistant Principal Year One

Stage 2

I would like to congratulate the Year 3 students for their engagement in the NAPLAN assessments (writing, reading, language conventions and mathematics) this past fortnight. They approached each assessment with a positive attitude and tried their best. Results will be shared with parents when available. A big thank you to the teachers for dressing up each of these days to make students feel more relaxed and supported.

Current Learning

Harmony Day

It was lovely to see so many family members at our Harmony Day assembly last Thursday. The students who performed in the Aboriginal dance did an amazing job.

Baby Chickens

Stage 2 students have enjoyed watching the chicken’s hatch and grow and holding the chicks was a special opportunity.


Year 4 has begun learning about Procedure writing and enjoying the opportunity to read recipes that involve eating and drinking. The teachers have more of these fun activities planned for the remainder of the term.


This fortnight students further understood how artefacts help us to learn more about our history. Harrison enjoyed sharing his hobby of metal detecting and some of his discoveries including old coins and possibly the buried mast of a ship. Students were thrilled to try the metal detector and many children wanted to begin an archaeological dig immediately!


Students have been learning to balance, climb, catch and throw balls of various sizes including to learn to play handball. Our Cross Country run is in Week 10 so the students will be practising for this event this week.

Open Roads Project

This week our school will focus on the Supporting Road. The affirmations we will be making are:

  • I am my own best friend.
  • I am kind and patient with myself.
  • I work at being the best I can be and I am helpful to others.

Students will plan for getting back on the Open Road with the affirmation:

  • I will do something kind for myself, and something kind for another person.

Please support these messages at home.

Gorokan Golds

Students have been keen to receive Gorokan Gold awards for displaying outstanding behaviour and dedication to learning. They have been collecting their ice block once five Gorokan Golds have been awarded. Keep up the great work Stage 2!


Please return any technology permission notes and student information sheets. These forms contain important information for teachers to support your child’s learning and wellbeing at school. Please contact the office if you require another form.

Important Dates


  • Monday – 4H, 4G, 3/4J
  • Tuesday - 3B
  • Wednesday – 2/3O
  • Thursday - 3S

Parent/Teacher interviews - Tuesday & Wednesday Week 9 - Bookings via School Bytes

Fancy Hat Parade - Thursday March 28 - Please help your child to make a fancy hat for the Fancy Hat Parade

Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) and Personalised Learning Pathway Plans (PLP) will be discussed at the parent/teacher interviews if not already done so.

Applying for placement in an opportunity class – a webinar for parents of Year 4 students

Year 3 excursion to Blackbutt Reserve Newcastle - Wednesday 19 June - Week 8 Term 2. Details will be available shortly on School Bytes.

Year 4 Great Aussie Bush Camp Morisett - Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 June - Week 7 Term 2

The Year 4 students have a wonderful opportunity to attend the Great Aussie Bush Camp for two days and one night at 30 Nentoura Rd Morisset NSW. This excursion provides quality outdoor teaching and learning experiences in an authentic Australian setting.

Students will be participating in a minimum of six outdoor activities (such as orienteering, rock climbing, problem solving and team work activities, archery, high ropes, and giant swing). Students will be staying overnight in cabins with all meals prepared onsite by a fully qualified catering team. Meals are fully catered with ample availability of nutritious and tasty food and special dietary requirements will be considered.

All camp staff have high safety standards and are fully qualified in first aid and resuscitation. The activity instructors are energetic, enthusiastic and trained to run all activities.

The main aims of the programs are to provide enjoyment and to challenge students in a safe and encouraging environment. All accommodation, amenities and associated facilities are clean, comfortable and well maintained.

The Year 4 teachers and camp staff aim to provide students with memorable and authentic lifetime experiences and hope that your child can be a part of this wonderful excursion. Permission notes with further information and the payment link will be sent out through School Bytes shortly.

Celebrations of Learning

Congratulations to the following students who have displayed safe, respectful and successful behaviour this fortnight and received class awards in Weeks 5 and 6. We are extremely proud of these students.

Week 7 Open Road Awards

  • 2/3O - Ace and Nakia
  • 3B - Shakaya and Morgan
  • 3S - Cooper and Ayden
  • 3/4J - Cooper S and Marley D
  • 4G - Evie B and Malakai H
  • 4H - Lilly H

Week 7 Merit Awards

  • 2/3O - Max and Noah
  • 3B - Jaxon and Bella
  • 3S - Ivy and Sophie
  • 3/4J - Harrison B
  • 4G - Myles O and Oliver H
  • 4H - Riley P

Week 8 Open Road Awards

  • 2/3O - Samara
  • 3B - Karlaruby and Chase
  • 3S - Amity C
  • 3/4J - Fletcher and Jonah
  • 4G - Noah G and Nixon H
  • 4H - Ruby S

Week 8 Merit Awards

  • 2/3O - Mackenzie F
  • 3B - Zach and Maddison
  • 3S - Olivia J
  • 3/4J - Oliver V, Wyatt and Braxtyn
  • 4G - Maddison W and Mia C
  • 4H - Phoenix C

Have a wonderful fortnight.

Mrs Di Jeanpierre

Assistant Principal Stage 2

Stage 3

The teachers would like to acknowledge the efforts of our Stage 3 students who have shown persistence throughout these past two weeks, particularly to the Year 5 students who have participated in NAPLAN assessments. We would like to thank all parents for your ongoing support and encourage you to reach out to your child’s teacher at any time to keep lines of communication open. We are looking forward to chatting with those parents and carers who are coming along to the parent/teacher interviews this Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.

Current Learning

Stage 3 students have been listening to the story “The Wild Robot”. Students in 5/6F looked at dialogue in story writing and wrote a conversation between Roz the robot and a goose.

Time for a robot movement break.

These are some images of Roz created by the students.

5/6F also took on a maths challenge to create a robot which involved working out factors, area and perimeter.

Harmony Day

In support of Harmony Day, our Stage 3 classes have spent time learning about cultural diversity and respect towards others as we celebrate what makes each of us unique. These posters were created as part of the Creative Arts Program for Harmony Day.

Local Aboriginal Culture

As part of our commitment to a holistic education, Stage 3 students are actively engaged in learning about the rich heritage of the local Aboriginal culture. This week focused on understanding the concepts of Men's and Women's business in Indigenous Australian cultures, comprehending the impacts of racism on Indigenous communities, and how these factors contributed to the Stolen Generation.


  • Sun-safe hats need to be worn at school out in the playground during breaks and Sport/PE. Please make sure all clothing is labelled.
  • Could you send a bag in with your child for library borrowing on their library day. We are hoping all students in Stage 3 will work towards gaining a PRC certificate.
  • Our LAC Excursion to Bateau Bay Beach is coming up soon. Kindly return the permission slip promptly, indicating your consent for your child's participation and permission for them to view PG-rated materials.
  • Homework and Matrix - Stage 3 students are given homework each week on Monday. Please return the completed matrix signed on the following Monday for the previous week's work. It has been fantastic to see the fantastic learning happening at home!

Celebrations of Learning

Congratulations to all students who received class awards this fortnight. It is wonderful to see such dedication to learning.

Week 7 Open Road Awards

  • 5/6G - Alyssa and Chelsea
  • 5/6C - Anna and Ethan
  • 5/6P - Mikayla J and Millie W
  • 5/6F - Molly and Robert
  • 5/6R - Aiden P and Bronte G
  • 5/6M - Aiva and Dakota

Week 7 Class Awards

  • 5/6G - Lily and Oliver
  • 5/6C - Beau and Lorana
  • 5/6P - Aliyah M and Aliyah Y
  • 5/6F - Kayden and Jayden
  • 5/6R - Lielani SD and Charlie C
  • 5/6M - Skylah and Shayanne

Week 8 Open Road Awards

  • 5/6G - Ava and Scarlette
  • 5/6C - Brock and Kal-El
  • 5/6P - Aleeyah L and Jakhiel H
  • 5/6F - Jasper & Amelia
  • 5/6R - Aiden P
  • 5/6M - Harrison and Indigo

Week 8 Class Awards

  • 5/6G - Angelena and Phoenix
  • 5/6C - Blayden and Jasmine
  • 5/6P - Skye R and Havana B
  • 5/6F - Emily and Jayla
  • 5/6R - Daniel D
  • 5/6M - Bella

Mr Mitchell Gibbs

Stage 3 Assistant Principal

Parenting Ideas

Defusing Explosive Children

In 1998, Dr. Ross Greene wrote a bestselling book titled 'The Explosive Child'. I interviewed him on The Happy Families podcast, and our discussions became some of our most listened-to conversations.

His philosophy: “Kids do well if they can.”

In my words: Competence. A challenging situation presents itself. Capable kids navigate it, often with confidence. If they’re not quite there but believe they can do it, they’ll go for it. But if they’re incompetent, they pull back. Feeling incompetent can lead to withdrawal or explosions. And they don’t do well… because they can’t!

Greene describes incompetence in a gentler way: lagging skills.

Lagging skills are the missing pieces in a child’s skill set, hindering their ability to meet the demands of the moment. These lagging skills are flexibility and adaptability, frustration tolerance, problem-solving, and emotion regulation.

Let’s break them down:

Flexibility and Adaptability

A disrupted routine or inadequate time to prepare for a transition to a new activity (leaving the park, taking a bath, or switching off a screen) requires this skill. So does a change in plans. But it’s a skill that takes time, practice, and support to develop. Its opposite: rigidity and tunnel vision.

Frustration Tolerance

When the bottom drops out, expectations are unmet, or delayed gratification is required, frustration tolerance is what stops an emotional outburst. It’s recognising things didn’t work frustration tolerance is what stops an emotional outburst. It’s recognising things didn’t work out according to my agenda, and then managing the frustration, expressing it appropriately, and thinking clearly.

High emotions = low intelligence. Frustration tolerance keeps emotions level and stable, and allows us (or our child) to sit in that emotion without acting rashly.

Problem Solving

Unpredictability, randomness, and volatility are inescapable realities of most of our lives. Being flexible and adaptable and having frustration tolerance keep emotions stable and facilitate creative, broad thinking so we (and our kids) can solve problems effectively.

A parent’s fundamental job, besides keeping their child safe, is to help them learn to solve problems. How do they resolve a problem with a sibling? How do they navigate a friendship challenge at school? What is the best way forward with an academic question?

Emotion Regulation

Frustration tolerance is a crucial component of a much larger challenge: emotion regulation, which means expressing and suppressing emotions appropriately.

Our words matter. They shape our perceptions and build the world we live in.


Your child isn’t ‘naughty.’ They have some lagging skills that we can develop.

Your child isn’t trying to ruin your life. Kids do well if they can.

Your child isn’t an idiot or a pain. Your child doesn’t have the competence to get it right… yet.

Even if they’ve done it right before. Even if they’re laughing about it and you sense they’re being malicious. Even if they’re being disrespectful. Even if they’re insisting that they ‘can’t’.

When they’re stuck:

  • 1. Soften your eyes. Look upon them with compassion and kindness. Remember that kids do well if they can, so if they can’t right now, there’s something going on. Hungry? Angry? Lonely/Disconnected? Tired? Stressed? Sick? Overstimulated?
  • 2. Say what you see. If you can name it, you can tame it.
  • 3. Ask if they want you with them or if they want space.
  • 4. As emotions subside, explore their world and their challenges. Explain what you are looking for. And empower them through problem-solving. Support those skills of flexibility and adaptability, frustration tolerance, problem-solving, and emotion regulation.
  • 5. Make a plan so they can try to do better next time.

Dr. Greene’s ‘Collaborative and Proactive Solutions’ framework teaches parents to help children develop these skills (which often lag) in order to solve problems.