Branding Adobe Express

Create consistent branded content quickly & easily in Adobe Express.

Get Started

  1. Login to Adobe Express here, using your University email credentials for free, premium access.
  2. From the Adobe Express dashboard, go to: Your stuff > Brands > Create brand.
  3. Add a brand name.
  4. Add your brand elements: logos, colours, choose a font from Adobe Fonts library, and upload graphics.

Manage shared brands in Adobe Express

Create consistency across branded content with shared brand kits.

Share a Brand:

  1. Go to Your Stuff > Brands
  2. Select the brand you want to share
  3. Select Invite People from the top right of your screen
  4. Enter the name/email of the person you're sharing the brand with.

Access Shared Brands via:

  1. Email: Check your inbox for an invite to access a shared brand.
  2. In-app notification: Check for the bell icon on the upper right corner of your screen & accept invite.
  3. Link: Based upon the access permission granted, you should be able to view only or edit.

Projects: Apply your brand kit

Now that you’ve created a brand, you can...

Apply your branding to a project:

  1. Open your project
  2. Go to Your Stuff (left of the screen)
  3. Select Brands & Libraries
  4. Select the brand you want to view the previously added brand components.

Make & Save a Brand Template:

  1. Go to Brands & Libraries > Select the brand you're working with
  2. Click Create a Template
  3. Give it a name & save it either to the same brand library, or choose/create a different brand.

For more support, check out the support pages below:

Please send your finished projects and/or feedback to: