CEI is a community-based organization serving new and existing community schools. Our role within community schools is to raise academic achievement and transform communities through an equity lens. We like to look within the students, families, and the community to properly assess how we can provide resources based on everyone’s needs. We do this by providing academic assistance and tutoring, STEM and STEAM programming, Clinical Resources (mental and physical) and overall assessing the needs of the school.
Welcome! As a brief introduction, my name is Janelle Robinson. I come from Brooklyn, New York where I started my education career as a digital arts teacher for a Brooklyn based CBO. I now serve the wonderful organization, P188X, who has the most amazing students and the most devoted staff members. My goals are to be able to learn the needs of my community and provide resources based on their needs and to provide students with equal access to academic assistance, clinical and developmental assistance, and even fun programs to participate in.

ELT Programs- ELT stands for expanded learning time. In community schools ELT can be offered before, during and after school. Sometimes on weekends and often times during the summer. The type of ELT programs we will be providing this year are STEAM based programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). The 3 main programs we will have at P188X are: Esports, Robotics, Arts

  • Esports
  • Robotics
  • Arts


CEI believes the school should be the center and driving force of public education, innovation and reform. Every child deserves a quality education.


With a focus on equity and innovation, CEI works directly with school leaders, teachers, students and families to create high performing schools in under-resourced communities to help children succeed.