Introducing the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (FLAS) Student Appreciation Month (SAM) February 2024

This February, FLAS is proud to launch its inaugural Student Appreciation Month.

Our launch event on February 5th, 2024 was a success! Thank you to all faculty and students who helped make SAM's kick-off so vibrant!

This event marked the beginning of semester-long celebrations, during which FLAS will roll out a series of initiatives:


Indulge in a diverse range of edible snacks and delights. Food will be available at the North Campus, 5fth floor of the LRC, from 11:00am to 2:00pm. Check out the FOOD DAY dates listed below to learn when FREE FOOD will be provided.

February 13th

March 6th

March 21st

April 5th

April 15th


Engage in fun and interactive challenges for a chance to win exciting prizes, like a $25 Amazon Gift Card and more! FLAS Challenges will occur weekly during the month of February. Click on the buttons below to access the FLAS Challenges. Winners will be contacted shortly after each Challenge closes.

Happy SAM!