Get to know Adobe Express Free & simple tutorials and tips by Dr Tim Kitchen

Adobe Express is an all-in-one creative web & app based tool for the classroom.

The new Adobe Express mobile is now available.

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  • A seamless editor that allows you to switch between graphics, animation and video in moments, all within the same project.
  • Entirely browser-based editing options for video and PDFs
  • Real-time collaboration, allowing for simultaneous creativity
  • Animate from Audio: a new feature which allows creators to effortlessly lend their voice to any project
  • A new drawing tool
  • Incorporating Adobe's Gen AI tool Firefly within Adobe Express

All of the above features are included with Adobe Express and are free for K-12 education right now!

This is the first in a series of short clips that explains the new re-imagined Adobe Express.

Logging into Adobe Express

The Adobe Express Dashboard

What is the Animate from Audio quick action?

Have a look at this short demo of the Animate from Audio quick action.

Making a poster with Adobe Express

Creating video with Adobe Express

Adding music with Adobe Express

Adding a photo to a video with Adobe Express

Adding a video scene with Adobe Express

Adding a title to a video in Adobe Express

Collaborating & exporting with Adobe Express

Gen AI - Adobe Firefly in Adobe Express

How to Get Started with Gen AI Text-to-Image in Adobe Express

How to Get Started with Gen AI Text Effects in Adobe Express

10 Things Beginners Want To Know How To Do with Adobe Express - Terry White

Here is the official intro video from the global Adobe in Education Team (1 min 54 sec)

What is Adobe Express?

Available on web and mobile, Adobe Express is a collection of simple to use digital creativity & collaboration tools. What was Adobe Spark, is now Adobe Express (and more).

Designed with students and teachers in mind, who may not have the time or the inclination to learn the high-end professional tools that are part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Express is about getting great looking digital content made quickly and simply without needing to worry too much about the design or the tool.

Is Adobe Express free?

What was the free version of Adobe Spark is now the free version of Adobe Express with the added bonus of extra quick editing features for images, videos and PDFs such as:

  • resizing an image
  • removing an image background
  • converting to a JPG or PNG
  • trimming a video
  • resizing & cropping a video
  • merging videos
  • changing video speed
  • reversing video content, and
  • simple PDF conversion, editing and content organisation.

There is a Premium version of Adobe Express that also includes other apps and services such as Premiere Rush, Photoshop Express and Adobe Stock. The Premium version is not free and access to the free and Premium version of Adobe Creative Cloud Express required to user to be 13+ and have either an Adobe, Apple, Facebook or Google ID. Students under 13 and all K-12 schools should take advantage of the new Adobe Creative Cloud Express for Education.

What is Adobe Express for Education?

Adobe Express for Education is everything students and teachers need to create standout graphics, photos, presentations, web pages, and videos to express themselves inside and outside the classroom.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express for Education is free for K–12 schools. It includes the Creative Cloud Express apps and services as well as mobile apps including Adobe Premiere Rush, Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Spark Video, and Adobe Spark Page. It also includes features designed to support student learning and safety, such as premium creative assets, student-friendly Adobe Stock images, safe search for images and videos, the ability to create and export PDFs, and an option that enables IT admins to restrict sharing, and more.

You can contact the Adobe Edu Team and subscribe to the monthly Australasian Adobe in Education updates via

Managing your projects (the dashboard)

Use Adobe Express to make great looking infographics, flyers and other images with the support of wonderful templates, royalty free pictures, icons, design assets and more.

The following three videos are from the Adobe for Education YouTube Channel ...

Below is an example of an infographic made with Adobe Express. Click here to access the template and re-mix it.

Collaboration is highlighted by the World Economic Forum (The Future of Jobs Report 2020) in the top 10 skills of 2025.

Adding, duplicating and organising multiple pages in a project

You can add multiple pages to a graphic project in Adobe Express. These can be different sizes, ratios, as well as duplicates of existing pages. You can also preview all pages in your project and organise them. This includes changing their order in your project and deleting them.

Video coming soon.

Sharing and publishing a graphic

Making web pages

Use Adobe Express to make great looking web pages to communicate with the person next to you, your class or (if you want) to a global audience.

The following two videos come from the Adobe for Education YouTube Channel ...

Starting a Web Page with a title

Adjusting the look and feel (theme) of a web page

Working with Premiere Rush

Introduction to Premiere Rush

Starting a Premiere Rush project with the desktop/laptop version

Timeline tools part 1

Timeline tools part 2

Other editing tools

Editing tools