Monkton Park Newsletter Friday 2nd February 2024

Children's Mental Health Week - 5th- 10th February

Next week is Children's mental health week, we are running various activities during the week in class and assembly. We are kicking off the week with a 'Dress to impress' day on Monday 5th February. Children are encouraged to wear their own clothes and show off their voices and styles. We will not be collecting money in school but please fee free to support children's mental health through the following link.

Reading Workshop - Tuesday 6th February

Mrs Contardi will be hosting a Reading Workshop for all of Reception and KS1 parents and carers to come along and learn about our new reading scheme. The session will run 0900-1000 on Tuesday morning in the Hall.

Outdoor Day - 9th February

Our next Outdoor day is nearly here. The children will be partaking in a variety of outdoor activities during the day.

Children can wear own clothes all day with boots/outdoor shoes. Please send clean shoes that can be wore inside or slipper socks, plus clean clothes will be handy.

We will need firewood on the day and are making bird feeders if anyone is able to help with any donations of bird seed and firewood.

Also children can collect small sticks and pinecones ready to be used on the day.

Parent Resource - online safety

On Tuesday 6th February it is Safer Internet Day and it's a chance to talk to children about how they use devices online. In a recent survey with pupils in Y3-Y6 we found that lots of children have very active online lives. Many use apps such as WhatsApp or Snapchat and we would recommend regular checks with your child to see which groups they are part of. Some groups can contain over 100 people and can lead to children being exposed to inapproriate language. This is always best done in a supportive way with your child and the recording below has lots of advice. Other children said that they use games which are not age appropriate e.g. Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.

Please see links below to the parent resources and recording of the Online Safety talk

Parents resource pack

Recording Link (please do NOT to share this link publicly online / social media etc)


Foxes class would like you to collect sweet/snack wrappers that they may have ready to bring in over the next week. Not individual sweet wrappers but actual packets e.g. the packet from a bag of Haribos or the packet from a bag of crisps or skittles etc.

We have a large number of library books outstanding on children's accounts. Please can you check at home and return any library books or let us know if you no longer have any

Please can Fieldmice Class have any shoes boxes you may have over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you

Weekly Achievement Awards

Achievement certificates

Achievement certificates are awarded to one child per class every week in our celebration assembly.

Congratulations in week 19 to: Woody, Sebastian, Teddy, Louie D, Jack, Freddie O, Georgie, Stanley & Niamh

Hot Chocolate Friday

Congratulations to this weeks hot chocolate winners.

This weeks achievers are: Lily-Faye, Tommy, Eva, Seb, Anna, Bianca, Jenson, Leo & Chloe

Star Writer

Our Star Writers this week are: Clara, Kian, Luna, Martha S, Nat, Finlay, Belle, Tilly & Eleanor

Class Assemblies

Thank you for attending Pine Martens' Assembly this week.

Class assemblies will take place on Tuesday mornings at 9.05am. Family and friends are welcome, tea and coffee will be served after.

Foxes - 5th March 2024

Otters - 12th March 2024

Hedgehogs - 19th March 2024

Squirrels - 30th April 2024

Owls - 11 June 2024

Fieldmice - 18th June 2024


We are looking for people to join our lunchtime/play leader team. This would be Monday - Thursday 11.40am - 1.00pm. If you would like to apply or would just like to know a bit more about the role then please do email.

Online Art Gallery



Dear Amazing Parents,

FOMPS is our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA): the heartbeat of our school community. Together, we make magic happen – from supporting educational initiatives to creating unforgettable memories for our kids. Now, it’s time to put our thinking caps on and brainstorm some fantastic fundraising events for 2024! Every pound we raise directly benefits our children’s education and experiences. Collaborating on fun events strengthens our bonds as a school family.

Which kinds of events would your family and friends attend? Do you have a unique idea? A quirky twist on a classic event? A passion project waiting to bloom?

Please email your fundraising ideas to by the 18th February - that's by the end of the half-term holiday.

What's On?

Remember to donate to FOMPS by doing your online shopping through The Giving Machine

Follow FOMPS on Facebook for information and reminders on events.


Following a display this week in Assembly, please find the flyers below.


Pick up and play

If you have never played a musical instrument before, but fancy giving it a go, why not come along to Wiltshire Young Musicians' Pick Up and Play groups? You can choose to learn either a trumpet, trombone or horn (Brass) or what about a violin, cello or double bass (Strings). With WYM’s Pick Up and Play workshops, you don’t even need an instrument as one will be provided for you.

Wiltshire Young Musicians

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