CNPS Bulletin 2024 | april

CNPS SCHOOL VISION: To build a community of curious, creative and engaged learners who are empowered to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world. Collectively we will work with our students to become responsible global citizens who have the skills, knowledge and personal attributes they need for their future.

Welcome to Term Two at CNPS! We're excited to embark on a term packed with engaging activities and special events. From our school cross country race to exciting incursions, and from celebrating Mother's/Special Person's Day to participating in World Environment Day, we have something for everyone. Some of our musical students will be participating in the "School of Rock" and take note of the last curriculum day, which will wrap up our work on the Berry Street Education Model.

Yesterday morning marked a poignant start to the term as I attended the Anzac Day Dawn Service with our school captains. This event is a time to reflect and honour those who have served our country. Under the quiet early morning sky, we gathered to listen to moving tributes and remember the brave sacrifices of our soldiers. Our school captains participated with great respect, laying wreaths on behalf of our community.

The Dawn Service serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of respect, a core value at our school. It teaches us to appreciate the courage and sacrifices of others and inspires us to practice respect in our everyday interactions. As we continue through the term, we will carry this spirit of respect into every event and interaction, whether we're cheering on our peers at the cross country race, or learning about environmental stewardship on World Environment Day.

I encourage all students to show respect and support for one another every day, contributing to a positive and inclusive school environment. Let's make this term one of growth, learning, and mutual respect. Here’s to a fantastic term ahead!

Cross Country

On Friday the 26th of April our Grade 3 to 6s competed in Cross Country. The under 9-10 year olds ran 2 kilometres (4 laps of the school) and the 11-13 year olds ran 3 kilometres (6 laps of the school). Everyone did an amazing job, but special shout out to the top 7 from each age and gender that got through to Districts. Congratulations to these people:

12/13 years:


  • Ruby A
  • Rose O
  • Matilda A
  • Georgia B
  • Annabelle D
  • Louise H
  • Ellisa Y


  • Kai S
  • Riley D
  • Jake S
  • Bernie L
  • Xavier T
  • Kurtis K
  • Oliver K

11 years:


  • Vivienne R
  • Athena M
  • Emmi T
  • Pearl R
  • Evie H
  • Ayla C
  • Florence S


  • Gus O
  • Arthur L
  • Harry P
  • Sammy K
  • Reuben C
  • Charlie M
  • Elisandro M

9/10 years:


  • Dot H
  • Chrysanthi T
  • Layla D
  • Evie F
  • Juliet C
  • Tess M
  • Berlin G


  • Ivan L
  • Jonas N
  • Freddie B
  • Gus A
  • Oliver R
  • Arda K
  • Brandon D

Also an honourable mention to Leo C in Grade 2 who came 5th, but unfortunately was too young to advance to districts. Thank you to everyone who competed and thanks for your time!

Zoe, Riley, Georgia & Francis

PE and Sustainability Captains

Foundation and Grade 5 Buddies

​Last week, our Foundation students had a picnic lunch with their Grade 5 buddies. They were very excited to receive their Buddy Bear, which will provide loads of fun for the rest of the year!

Grade 1 Community Walk

Last Tuesday the Grade 1s went on a Community Walk around our local area. Linking to this terms Inquiry Big Idea of 'Community' the students identified their favourite places to visit as well as creating a shopping list of items they would buy from each place.

JSC Good Friday Easter Appeal

The Coburg North Junior School Council would like to say a big thank-you to our Coburg North Primary School families for all their support with raising money for the Good Friday Easter Appeal in Term One.

Through our combined efforts, we were able to raise $2172 for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Thank-you for supporting the JSC with their fundraising efforts!

We are thrilled to announce some exciting developments in our commitment to promoting wellbeing and fostering inclusion within our school community.

Firstly, please join us in extending a warm welcome to Kiran, who has joined our wellbeing team. Kiran will be taking on the vital role of supporting our school's transition to the Disability Inclusion Model, while also teaching our specialist area of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) alongside Kristin. Kiran's expertise and dedication will undoubtedly enrich our efforts to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all students.

In line with our ongoing efforts to enhance our understanding and practices related to wellbeing, all our staff recently completed Day 3 of the Berry Street training. This training equips educators with valuable insights and strategies for promoting positive behaviour and supporting students' social and emotional development. We commend our staff for their commitment to continuous learning and growth in this important area. Looking ahead, we're looking forward to Day 4 of the Berry Street training which is scheduled for May 10th.

Additionally, we're delighted to unveil the opening of the Parent Hub for the Resilience Project. This resource hub will serve as a valuable source of information and support for parents interested in promoting resilience and wellbeing within their families. We encourage parents to explore the resources available and engage with the materials provided.

Furthermore, we're introducing the Transcend resource for teachers, aimed at supporting them in effectively addressing the diverse needs of our students. This resource provides practical tools and strategies to create inclusive learning environments where every student feels valued and supported in their learning journey.

We believe that by fostering a culture of wellbeing and inclusion, we can create a more supportive and enriching educational experience for all members of our school community. Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to this important work.

Warm regards,

Pat Lynch

During April, two large shade sails were installed around the pirate ship playground. These sails will provide some additional shaded areas during warmer months. A large shade sail was also installed in the Foundation playground in term 1.

Term 1 has seen the roll out of The Resilience Project in all classrooms across the school. Students have been engaged in their weekly lessons and activities around all things Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness, and we are working hard to create a GEM culture throughout our school.

Now that we are in Term 2, we are proud to introduce you to the Parent and Carer Hub, that is a key part of The Resilience Project!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing the Parent & Carer Hub with you. The videos are 5-10 minutes long and will walk through the key pillars of resilience: Gratitude, Empathy & Mindfulness. You’ll hear stories and be introduced to activities to show how these strategies can support our kids' learning and development, and also support you as parents and carers.

This program is an important part of our school’s effort to look after the mental health of our community.

View the first presentation of the series here:Part 1: Meet Martin and learn about The Resilience Project

We will be in touch fortnightly to share the remainder of the program, including research and wellbeing activities to integrate into day to day life.

For mental health resources and support information, visit The Resilience Project’s Support Page.

In March we welcomed three new parent representatives to the CNPS School Council and formed the council with office bearers and members for each of the sub-committees and working parties.

CNPS is off to a flying start in 2024 and it is great to see the positive and collaborative approach continuing within the school council and the committees. From school policy reviews and updates to volunteering for P&F or school events to gaining grant funding, there is much to do so every hand helps.

With the many projects, initiatives and fundraising activities to undertake and deliver this year, we encourage and welcome all parents and guardians to join our passionate and driven teams in our various school committees and working parties (listed below). To find out more about what each group does and how you can directly contribute, please reach out to our office staff at so we can connect you with the relevant chairpersons.


  • Finance
  • Education
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Parents and Friends


  • Grants
  • OSHC
  • Active Transport

Paul Cavicchiolo

CNPS School Council President

P&F are holding their next monthly meeting at 7pm on Monday 20 May. Everyone is welcome to join the meeting and get involved, or just come along, meet new faces and learn more about P&F. Meetings are held in the Italian Room at the rear of the hall, enter via the Bishop Street car park.

Volunteer, make, bake or donate for the Mothers’ and Special Persons’ Day Stall

On Thursday 9 May, P&F will be hosting the Mothers and Special Persons Day stall. We need lots of items to sell and volunteers to help run it on the day.

Not feeling crafty? Can’t bake? No worries, volunteer your time or materials instead. We need volunteers to help on the stall for an hour or so on between 9am-1pm.

Sign up for a shift on the stall:

On the day, please send your child to school with a $$ and a carry bag for their purchases. Prices will range from $1 - $10

Money raised from the stall will go towards a new PA system for the outdoor covered area (COLA). If you have any questions, please email

Week 3

  • Grade 3 & 4 Swimming - Wednesday, 1 May & Thursday, 2 May
  • Whole School Assembly - Friday, 3 May

Week 4

  • Grade 1 & 2 Swimming - Monday, 6 May - Thursday, 9 May
  • Mothers Day/Special Personal Stall - Thursday, 9 May
  • Curriculum Day - Friday, 10 May

Week 5

  • Foundation Swimming - Monday, 13 - Thursday, 16 May
  • 2025 Foundation Information Night - Wednesday, 15 May
  • Grade 6 Interschool Sports (away) - Friday, 17 May

Week 6

  • Grade 3 Excursion Scienceworks - Friday, 24 May
  • Grade 6 Interschool Sports (home) - Friday, 24 May
At CNPS we believe that by being respectful, responsible and resilient we can succeed and thrive as a community.