Dungog Public School Newsletter Monday 13th November - Term 4, Week 6 2023

Calendar of events

  • Monday 13th November - Monday Morning PBL Assembly
  • Monday 13th to Sunday 19th November - National Recycling Week
  • Tuesday 14th November & 21st November - Learn N Grow Playgroup
  • Tuesday 14th November & 21st November- Breakfast Club
  • Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th & Friday 17th November - Stage 3 Adventure Camp
  • Wednesday 15th November - Kindergarten Field Trip, Pevan and Sarah Concert
  • Friday 17th November & Friday 24th November - Kindergarten Transition
  • Wednesday 22nd November - School Musical
  • Thursday 23rd November - Canteen Special Day - Burgers
  • Friday 24th November - Hunter PSSA Primary Rugby 7's Gala Day
  • Friday 24th November - Kindergarten Transition Graduation
  • Tuesday 28th November - High School Orientation Day
  • Thursday 30th November - Youyoong AECG Deadly Awards Ceremony
  • Friday 1st December - Presentation Day
  • Monday 4th December - Year 6 Farewell
  • Wednesday 13th December - DPS Mini Fete
  • Friday 15th December - Last Day for students of Term 4

Principals MESSAGE

What a WONDERFUL couple of weeks of learning and celebrating we have had. It has been great seeing everyone working so hard and enjoying the engaging lessons that are happening across our school.

All students had a wonderful time at the Dungog Show Junior Farmhand Schools Program at the end of last week. The Animal Nursery was a hit again this year. Well done to all students who participated in the Show. We had many students participate in the pavillion sections and also in the livestock sections. Congratulations to those that were successful in gaining an award or prize.

Our School Remembrance Day service was a significant occasion last week. Thank you to Miss Muddle and our student leaders for coordinating. Stella, one of our Prime Ministers represented our school at the Local Remembrance Day Service.

All Permission Notes are currently being sent home in paper version and emailed. We have been transitioning to only emailing the Newsletter and Permission Notes during 2023. From 2024 we will only be emailing Permission Notes and the Newsletter. Please ensure we have your most up to date email to ensure you are receiving Newsletters and Permission Notes. Permission Notes and the Newsletter can also be found on our Parent Portal.

It was great to see our students and families enjoying the Outdoor Movie Night and the Halloween Disco.

The new NSW Department of Education Plan is the Department of Education blueprint and commitment to transform lives through learning and sets the direction for the next 4 years. The plan will help all Government schools deliver an equitable and outstanding education system where every student learns, grows and belongs – where we can transform lives through learning. You will find the new plan below.

Congratulations to all Year 5 students who recently participated in the Leadership Speeches for our 2024 Leadership Positions. All students did a wonderful job and should be very proud of what they have achieved. All Leadership Positions for 2024 will be announced on Presentation Day.

Together in Partnership, the NSW Department of Education and P&C Federation NSW have recently renewed their partnership. The new partnership is from 2023 to 2033. In the partnership it has been agreed to work together to support schools, P&C Associations, and all parents/carers of students in NSW Public Education.

Stage 3 are off on their excursion this week to the Adventure Camp at the Central Coast! I’m sure they will have a fantastic time.

National Recycling Week (Monday 13th to Sunday 19th November 2023) is a campaign launched by Planet Ark, that provides an important opportunity for everyone to improve their recycling knowledge, build better recycling habits and build trust in recycling.

KM have their Field Trip to the Pevan and Sarah Concert this week. They have been so excited about the concert, I'm sure they will have a super time.

As 2023 is quickly coming to an end, you will find attached to the newsletter the 2024 calendar. This will help you plan return to school dates each term.

Ms Kylie Pennell - Principal

Principals Award



WEEK 4 & 5 - 90%


km with miss mowbray

It’s Week 6 already! KM are SO excited, it’s finally time for the Pevan and Sarah concert! This Wednesday we will be leaving at 8:30am on our adventure to Newcastle, please make sure you are at school on time. We are super ready to have a dance and boogie to some of our favourite songs! Look out for the photos on the school Facebook page! We had a wonderful time at the Dungog Show last week. KM are ready for the Musical, we love our rehearsals and we know you are going to love our dance! Have a super week!

1O with Mrs Olsen

We have had another busy fortnight of learning. Congratulations to all DPS students who participated in the Dungog Show in either the livestock classes or pavillion entries. We are busy practicing for our Musical item and keep an eye out for notes regarding this soon. Did your child explain how we see different phases of the moon? They were very excited to take home a 'moon' and show you all. Halfway through the term already, those elves will be out soon!

1G with Miss Gilmour

Welcome to Week 6. We had a wonderful time at the Dungog Show last week, it was awesome to see the animals and all our artworks on display! The Musical is also fast approaching, we have been practicing on the stage and can't wait to show you all our performance. Keep an eye out for notes with further details including costumes soon. We have been busy working on our Multiplication and Division in Mathematics and even got to model arrays and groups using skittles and M&Ms - yum! Have a fabulous week everyone, we are on the home stretch now.

release from face to face with MRs windebank

This week in Stage 3 we have been examining the way energy forces can change from one to another. We have enjoyed using the egg incubator and baby chickens in our school to model and talk about heat energy transforming to thermal energy. We are beginning to use our knowledge now to design and build our own incubator. We can't wait to share our results!


dhurrumiri room with miss duncan

Welcome to Week 6 everyone! What a busy term we are having already. Last week, we went on an excursion all the way to Newcastle to watch the World of Magic show at the NEX! It was a fabulous show with illusions, juggling and of course magic. In English, we have been working super hard on creating imaginative stories using writing prompts. Our students have used a variety of nouns, verbs and adjectives to make sizzling sentences to capture their readers. In Mathematics, we have made Fraction mobiles to show our understanding of whole, half, quarter and eighths. We had a wonderful time at the Dungog Show, it was super exciting to see our amazing artworks on display. I can't wait to see what else we have in stall this term. Have a top week!

barrangga room with miss wallace

Last week Barrangga and Dhurrumiri went on an exciting excursion to see a Magic Show in Newcastle. Students had a great time watching brilliant illusions and juggling acts. In our latest cooking lesson we made taco bowls in cooking and they were delicious. We are continuing to build our literacy skills and have been focusing on the 't' sound.


2C with Mrs Curry & Mrs Morgan

2C have been enjoying their experiments in Science exploring heat, forces, shadows and static electricity. In Geography, we have been learning about people’s perceptions and protection of places, including World Heritage Sites which are located in Australia. We had a great time watching the ring events and looking at the exhibitions and artwork at the Dungog Show. A big congratulations to all the entrants and award winners! Don’t forget your money and swimming gear on Friday. Have a fabulous week!

2V with Mrs middlebrook

Welcome to Week 6, 2V Families! We're delighted to share the fantastic participation and effort our students showed during Friday's swimming session. It's a joy to see them diving into this important life skill with such enthusiasm. In our English lessons, 2V is actively exploring the origins of words with Latin and Greek roots. This journey into etymology not only expands our vocabulary but also enhances our writing tasks. We're excited about the depth it's adding to our communication skills. In the world of Mathematics, we've been busy calculating volume using litres and millilitres. Now, our focus is shifting towards Data. Our students will learn how to create graphs and, even more importantly, how to use the information gathered from these graphs. Our Science explorations continue with a look into shadows and the fascinating forces of push and pull. The students are learning the why’s and how’s of these concepts, which has ignited their curiosity. In our Geography lessons, we are diving into the perspectives people hold about different places and how these viewpoints affect the maintenance and development of areas. This is a great opportunity for our students to understand the world around them. We are strong advocates of the growth mindset. Our students are encouraged to maintain a positive attitude, never give up, support, and encourage others, and always strive to do their best. It's a fundamental aspect of our educational journey. We hope our families had a wonderful time at the Dungog Show over the weekend. Our school display was amazing, and we're especially proud of our students' artworks that were on display. It's fantastic to see our community coming together to celebrate our students' achievements. Wishing everyone a fabulous week ahead. Stay curious, stay engaged, and keep up the fantastic work!

2/3S with Ms Carter

Welcome to Week 6, how have we already made it halfway through the term? It was fantastic to see the students practice their dance sequence on stage for the first time. I can’t wait to see everyone dressed up and performing at this year's Musical. The students have now been put into groups for Friday swimming, fingers crossed for nice weather. In Mathematics we have been collecting data, creating graphs, and making statements based on the findings, with some interesting results.


3J with Miss Muddle

Musical, Musical, Musical! Over the past few weeks we have been working hard to create and perfect our dances. Everyone is very excited to be able to perform at the fast approaching Musical. In class we have been working on designing and developing an egg incubator in Science and in English we have been experimenting with exciting vocabulary in our Imaginative writing. Stage 3 camp is this week, so don't forget to pack your gear!

3P with Ms Palmowski

Welcome to Week 6! It's been a busy term already. We had a wonderful time at the Dungog Show looking at the pavilions and the ring events. We are busy practicing for the Musical and are very excited. Keep an eye out for the costume notes that will be coming home soon. In the classroom we are learning about Bush fire Mitigation and learning to identify fire hazards and how to minimise risk. Our Year 6 had a wonderful time at their last High School Transition day and are excited for the other days coming up. Our school camp is this week. The camp will be full of adventures and we are all looking forward to all the memories we'll make.

3L with Mrs long

Welcome to Week 6! Last week was extremely busy again ending in a visit to the Dungog Show and swimming in the afternoon. We all enjoyed the Halloween Disco and some students will also be looking forward to the Stage 3 Camp this week. Our Year 6 students have been participating in transition visits to the High School which is preparing them for High School. Goodness, somewhere in there, there has been some teaching as well. In English we have been learning to write different forms of poetry such as cinquain, diamante and tanks poems. In Mathematics, we have been learning how to read a map and to use coordinates on a map. Our Geography unit is quite well suited to our summer as it is about Bushfire Mitigation. Stay safe everyone.

Library/STEM with Miss Donnelly

This week the library has seen some new books added to our collection. Students can borrow a first nations dictionary of words as well as some great first nations novels. We've also added the new Dharma the Llama book, Dharma the Christmas Llama's which has a special appearance by one of our beloved characters.... Macca the Alpaca! His best friend Al also helps to save Christmas. We've also got some great new graphic novels, one about a Narwhal and a Jellyfish, one about bubble tea, and the new tree house book! Make sure you come to the Library to check out our new books and do some borrowing!


KM - Chloe Masson
1O - Crystal Cottom
1G - Violetta Papamau
Dhurrumiri - Abel
2V - Gracie Watkins
2C - Tamryn Matheson
2/3S - Abigail Hayman
3J - Seb Schumacher
3P - Eli Fenton
3L - Georgia Norville
RFF - Ollie Berry


Evie & Abel (not pictured)

chaplain news - Positive Parenting Tips

Being a parent comes with its share of challenges and woes, BUT it’s also the most rewarding and important job you’ll do. The 5 positive parenting skills are to: be encouraging, be open and caring, set a positive example, set boundaries, and be communicate – be available when your kids need/want to talk. 5 Things All Kids Need to Hear from Their Parents: 1. “You're special and unique. There is no one else like you”. 2. “You're intelligent and have what it takes”. These words spoken repeatedly will build your child's identity and self-worth. 3. “I'm proud of you”. Kids need to know that you see them as a worthwhile & valuable human being. 4.“I love you”…3 simple words make kids feel secure and boost self-worth. 5. “You can change the world”.

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