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Key Dates

Monday 13th May – Sunday 19th May: Mental Health Awareness Week

Friday 17th May: International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

Support at College

As exam season is fast approaching for many students, Halesowen College is aware of the pressure and stress this can cause for many learners. Halesowen College wanted to take this opportunity to provide some information on the support that Halesowen College could offer students who may wish to begin studying with us.

Halesowen College wanted to share some key tips that we have shared with our current students that may also be useful for your young person starting their GCSEs/ BTECs in year 11.

• Create a plan: break down everything that needs revising into small topics and just revise one topic at a time.

• Set targets: identify when there is time to revise each topic. Place a time limit for when to complete each topic.

• Check progress: check progression to ensure information is being learnt and set a new time limit if necessary. Once a target is met, set a new one.

• Create a Revision Timetable: Creating a schedule will help to cover everything. A revision timetable is a calendar of topics to revise on a particular day. In the timetable make sure regular breaks are built in to prevent being overwhelmed by work.

Learning Support

At Halesowen College we are proud to provide a high level of support based on your young person’s specific individual needs. With such a diverse range of students, the students’ needs will be identified, and the right support provided, at the right time. The Learning Support Team will support your young person, whatever course they are on, working with their current Education, Health, and Care Plan (EHCP).

The Learning Support Team consist of experienced, friendly, and approachable staff who are here to listen to your young person.

This could include:

  • Support from a Learning Support Assistant in class.
  • Adapted technology and resources.
  • Use of accessibility software.
  • Access to college wellbeing and counselling service.
  • Regular tutorials, twice a week, with your Personal Coach.
  • Support from your Head of Student Support.
  • One to one mentoring.
  • Meet and greet.
  • Support to access college coaches (see Fitness to Travel Policy here)
  • Personal care support, including medication.
  • Break and lunch time support.
  • Exam access arrangements.
  • Mental health and well-being checks.
  • Pastoral care.
  • Self-calming.
  • Enrichment activities organised in the SEND facility, The Hive in 5.

For more information, please click on the button below:

Wellbeing and Mental Health Support

At Halesowen college we recognise that well-being and mental health concerns can have an impact on anyone at any time. We have a dedicated team of well-being advisors and counsellors who will: listen, find a safe space and time to talk, show kindness and compassion, be respectful, be open and inclusive and offer support and guidance to support success. Where it is appropriate, we will refer to external services.

The college also has several Mental Health First Aiders who are available to support your young person during their time at Halesowen College.

Personal Coach

Everyone will belong to a tutor group which, wherever possible, is within their principal subject area. The Personal Coach is your direct link with the College. You can contact them if you have any concerns or queries.

There will be a structured programme of group tutorial sessions covering topics such as personal safety, career progression, employability skills, equality & diversity, health, well-being, and financial awareness.


Preparation for employment is an integral part of everything we do at Halesowen College. Whether you want to go to university or straight into employment, our friendly, award-winning careers staff are committed to helping students get on the right career path. We hold the Quality in Careers Standard, Quality Award CEIAG, and Matrix Accreditation, so students are assured of a warm welcome and expert advice.

We aim to prepare our students to go on to further or higher education or skilled employment and enable them to make a significant contribution to society. While qualifications remain important, with few exceptions, they are no longer the only consideration. We recognise that employability or work-readiness is becoming more important when potential employers’ look for people to fill vacancies. We do everything we can to ensure Halesowen students develop these skills and attributes so that they get ahead in the workplace.

We support students by:

  • Holding careers seminars.
  • Giving students individual careers advice.
  • Working with business mentors.
  • Encourage A Level student to organise work experiences relevant to their higher education and career aspirations.
  • Hosting an annual careers fair.
  • Giving individual careers guidance.
  • Helping students to write effective curriculum vitae and personal statements.
  • Arranging interview training and mock interviews.
  • Providing guidance regarding different career pathways, including information on apprenticeships.
  • As well as ensuring that students understand how they will be able to apply the skills and knowledge they have gained in school when they go out to work.

Care Experienced Students

At Halesowen College we recognise that students have different living circumstances. Some may live with parents, family members, carers or may be living independently or with support. We want to make sure that our students are given the right support from the moment they apply to study with us.

We recognise that this might not be something all young people want to share, as they may be worried about who will know they are care experienced.

At Halesowen College, we pride ourselves on making sure all young people feel they can share in a safe place. Only the key people at college will know that a student is care experienced this will include our Safeguarding team link here. Your young person’s Student Support Manager, Personal Coach, and key members of the Learner Hub. All they will know is that the student is or has been care experienced, but they will not know details of their individual journey unless they choose to share.

For more information about how Halesowen College can provide support for care experienced students please visit our website: