Since meeting in Berlin in 2022, we’ve been exploring the concept of time through our powerful sound, captivating visuals, and relatable lyrics 🎵

We bring a modern twist to Alternative Rock with Grunge & Metal influences, while navigating diverse musical landscapes to keep our repertoire fresh and engaging ⭐

We are part of a thriving community aiming to connect with all generations of rock fans, and we’re eager for you to join us on this ride 🤘🏻

Our music has been described as Savage Rock, Modern Grunge, and our personal favourite: Tierisch laut.

Our self-produced debut EP Minds Unloaded came out in September 2023, accompanied by our first music video 👇 rapidly accumulating over 10k organic streams on Spotify

Moving into 2024, we evolved our release strategy and set ourselves the goal to release a song every month, starting with In Noir and following with Youth Forlorn

We rocked many stages in this poor but sexy city, but we're always hungry for more!

Our streaming & social media figures prove our appeal to a widespread audience. We are ready to play for 45 - 90 min on stages of any size.

We rely on straightforward and prompt communication: if you wish to collaborate with a professional & ambitious band, you're in the right place!

Jerry / Guitar / Berlin - Jelle / Vocals / Amsterdam - Martin / Bass / Faenza - Levin / Drums / Berlin