Renaissance By Sheeba Pathak

This is one of our entries for The Stag x LitSoc Creative Writing Competition. First up, Sheeba's beautiful tribute to guide dogs.

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I could feel her tug at my sleeve as I lay, her breath on my face and licking me. The warmth breaking me free from the daze I was in. She knew I needed her and I definitely did. She was concerned as I did not respond, lying motionless on the floor.

She walked around me in circles, trying to engage me but in vain. She reached for my trouser. The pocket that had the buzzer. She pressed it.

It sent an intimation and before I knew it there were alarms sounding around me of the ambulance. Marbles barking in the background. A stray mongrel, Marbles, was my guide dog. I had been knocked off in an accident and she was with me trying to revive me and was trained to reach out to the buzzer in any case of an emergency which this clearly was.

I had lost a lot of blood. In the hospital as I lay fighting for life, Marbles had done what she was trained to. A better companion than a human that I could ask for had just pulled me out of the clutches of death. With years of growing together, having her since she was a puppy she was the best thing I could have asked her. And she was quite a miracle. On a cold winters night, raining and thundering I found her on my porch whimpering and shivering. All of a month old and clearly separated from her mother, I took her in immediately and before you know it she was running playing fetch in my backyard. I was soon diagnosed with an optic nerve damage was unable to see, leading to blindness. My bundle of joy stood by me through thick and thin and was trained to be a guide dog for service. I took her with me everywhere-for morning walks, to work, to the grocery store, to the bar. She was a part of my life an extension in itself, giving unconditionally.

Her life revolving around mine and leading the way, guiding me to safety she had found her purpose. Taking care in each step of the way she was the best companion I could ask for fulfilling my need for a bundle of life and energy.

Not leaving my side and refusing to eat, she stayed beside me in the hospital as I battled life and death, patiently knowing that her master would call out to her and play fetch any moment. With earnest eyes and a resolve to ensure it become a reality she sat there into the wee hours.

Well there is always light at the end of the tunnel and my condition improved. I was out of danger and now getting better with each passing day. The driver who carried out the accident was arrested. Doctors were surprised with the miraculous recovery and Marbles knew we had pulled through yet another blinding obstacle in our lives. Together. Side by side.