Artists: Illia , KIND OF DUSK, LOTA, baerk., MAHENDRA, Juno Lee, Negisa (top left to bottom right)

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Alumni/Friends: Joules the Fox, Luis Schwamm, Maria Del Mar Ribas, SÆM, PØLAR, Marlena Käthe, monoslug. uvm.

Raufaser Musikgruppe is a collective comprised of its own label and booking agency, which promotes and releases artists and music from its own large network. We are musicians, producers and visual artists between pop, indie, electronic, folk, post-punk and neo-classical music.

Raufaser is an international network with a huge DIY spirit and the aim to do things like we want to - rather than doing them like everybody else does. We organise concerts and label tours, guerrilla showcases, artist summer camps and do everything to ensure everyones well being.


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