FALL FASHION IN ALEDO sophee wheeler

OMARI DIN-MBUH, freshman: "I like the color schemes you can put on for an outfit," DIN-MBUH said. "At school I just put on whatever depending on the weather because the weather switches up during the days and at home I usually dress comfy like ex:pajamas and when i'm with my friends i just dress how I would at school."
Mia Jaramillo, sophomore: I love That i get to wear cozy clothes. my cozy outfit would be Sweat pants and long sleeve shirt with boots. my outfit changes like At home change 2 times depending, and when out i don't really.
Jazlynn Moreno Wheeler, junior: "What I love about fall fashion is sweaters and sweatpants," Wheller said. "My perfect fall outfit is a sweater and leggings . At school I would wear a hoodie and sweatpants. At home i just wear anything and to go out i just try to match with my friends for fall weather."
Tony Madera, senior: "I love the The fact I can wear long sleeves and not burn up," Madera said. "My perfect fall outfit is Jeans and flannel."
Austin Krall, sophomore: "The weather is perfect and I am very fashionable," Krall said. "My perfect fall outfit is Nike Shorts and a T- shirt. It doesn't change at all."
Djay Williams, senior: "I love the pumpkins and the warm colors associated with fall," Williams said. "My perfect fall outfit is two options are either a pair of black Nike shorts with a navy Sherpa and my tan 270’s or a pair of jeans with flannel and a hoodie. My outfits at home and school are the same but if I go out with my friends or somewhere nice I will wear a pair of jeans, some tan 270’s and a black dri-fit hoodie."
Hailey Esparza, sophomore: "I love fall fashion because I can be comfortable and cute at the same time," Esparza said. "My perfect fall outfit is a hoodie and sweatpants. At school I would normally wear something comfortable and cute, but at home I wouldn't care to wear something cute instead I would be comfortable, and when hanging out with friends I would wear something cute."
Judith Garcia, sophomore: "What I love about fall fashion is love the cute outfits and being comfortable in them," Garcia said. "My perfect fall outfit is a cardigan with jeans and pink top. At home I would wear pajamas and a hoodie, but at school it would change to something more casual."