KINGYSPIRIT Newsletter ISSUE 4 | TERM 2 | WEEK 8 | 17 June 2024


Pinnacle Program 2025

Many thanks to Mrs O’Keeffe, Mr Hunter, Ms Beauchamp and Ms Engel Pryer and the many parents of prospective Year 7 students who attended their interviews as part of the Pinnacle program application process last week. Families can expect to receive offers of placement in the Pinnacle Program for 2025 from Monday of the last week of this term.

Elevate Education

This week Years 11 and 12 have continued to build their capacity to achieve success in senior study through workshops conducted by Elevate Education, facilitated by presenters who are quite close in age to our senior students and who have been successful themselves in high school and university studies. These workshops are always well received by students.

The all important follow up for our seniors will take place on an ongoing basis through Years 11 and 12 Homeroom lessons. Many thanks to Mrs Rosser and Mr Matthias, Deputy Principals for Years 11 and 12, and to Mr Ella and Mrs Hejduk, Year Advisers for Years 11 and 12, for their coordination. I look forward to hearing about how students put the key pieces of advice from these workshops in to place, and encourage Year 11 and 12 parents to do the same.

Big Picture Exhibition Week

Congratulations to our Big Picture students, their parents and their Advisory Teachers for the demonstrations of learning in both school and real world settings which will be in evidence during this week’s student led exhibitions.

Current Year 8 students and their parents can look forward to finding out more about Big Picture 2025 next term. Enquiries should be directed to Mrs Rosser.

Safe on Social

This week our Year 8 and 9 students will be hearing from the team at Safe on Social about the many dangers involved in accessing social media – a topic that is getting a lot of media coverage at the moment. The intention will be to both acknowledge that social media is now part of young people’s reality while also building their capacity to access on line platforms in a safe, responsible and well informed manner.

Parents with any questions about Safe on Social should contact the Deputy Principal for their student’s year group.

Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) Winter Collective

Preparations for our highly anticipated end of term student performances begin Thursday and Friday next week with the “bump in”. Thanks in advance to all of our hard working CAPA staff and all the best to the many students involved, both on stage and behind the scenes.

Aboriginal Community Meeting

Our next Aboriginal Community Meeting will be next Wednesday, 26 June 2024 in our Library from 5:30pm. All are welcome.


With more regular colder weather comes the need for warmer garments. Most of our students manage this very well with uniform jumpers and jackets, or at least a plain, dark sloppy joe worn under their school shirt.

Jumpers with patterns on the front, back or sleeves, as well as “hoodies” (with the exception of official school sports hoodies which can be worn on Wednesdays) are not part of our uniform. Repeated breaches will result in a detention.

Thanks to the majority of our students and their families who ensure appropriate uniform is worn to school.

Wishing all of our school community a great week.


Australian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Model Car Race

Coastal Learning Community STEM excellence high school and primary students had a great time at the Australian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Model Car Race on the Gold Coast on Wednesday.

The students had the opportunity to make and race a mini sprint car version of the older students remote controlled endurance race vehicles. They also got to sit in a Hyundai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car that the QLD Government brought to the event.

Year 9 Ski Trip

The Year 9 Ski Trip is now fast approaching with our departure on Sunday 4 August 2024 coming soon after our return from the school holidays.

The season has started with some great natural snowfall and excellent conditions for snow making. We are all hoping this continues over the coming month.

Just a friendly reminder that the final payment instalment of $460 is due by Friday 21 June 2024.

These payments can be made in person at the front office or via School Bytes.

If you have difficulties meeting this schedule please contact Mr Jovaisa before the due date to organise alternative payment times.

A detailed permission note, including "what to bring" was sent home last week, so please ask your child to return the permission note as soon as possible.


Mr A Jovaisa - Year 9 2024 Ski Trip Coordinator

Coastal ASE Maker Fair

Year 7 parents and families are invited to attend an upcoming major evening event for Coastal Learning Community Year 6 and 7 students. Students will be showcasing projects they have been involved with. There are also opportunities for students, parents and younger family members to participate in different hands on activities, including activities run by Year 9 Child Studies students. Year 7 students will earn points towards sponsor prizes for showcasing projects and participating in activities.

Students need to register their Humanities Water Project entries with Mrs Wright this week and obtain a permission note. Parents are asked to be present with students for duration of the event.

If you have any further questions please contact Mr Wiggins, Coastal ASE Secondary STEM Project Officer.

PowerWells Group 2 - Workshop

There will be a free workshop at the Maker Fair for students to make a solar power controller using EWaste to donate to a remote overseas country in need, Students will also participate in a second workshop on Friday 28 June in period 1. There are 20 new places for this workshop. Students must register their names with Mr Wiggins or Ms Mann this week. Students will go in the entry for sponsor prizes for participation in the event.

Parents are asked to be present with students at the Maker Fair for the duration of the event. Parents and families are encouraged to participate in the different activities on offer.

Students who participated in the Powerwells Group 1 - Workshop will participate in the second workshop on Friday 28 June. Please see Ms Mann or Mr Wiggins for more information.

2025 Year 7 Pinnacle Program

Year 6 students are currently completing the interviews and selection assessments for the 2025 Year 7 Pinnacle Program. We have met some amazing and inspiring students in the interviews and have started to review the selection assessments submissions.


Congratulations to one of Kingscliff High Schools Sports Excellence students, Milly Ella who was recently selected in the U18 Queensland Women’s AFL team after a successful campaign with the Gold Coast Suns.

Milly has the opportunity to play 3 games for Queensland over the next two months. She plays Victoria and Allies (mixture of NSW, Tasmania and Northern Territory players) in Brisbane before travelling to Perth to play Western Australia at Optus Oval before the West Coast Eagles V Gold Coast Suns men’s game.

We wish her all the best.


TERM 2 2024

We have a variety of exciting activities planned, so keep an eye on our school calendar for all the latest events. You can access our Calendar via the School’s website at:

JUNE 2024

  • Every Tuesday 7 May-25 June: 7UP group - REALskills
  • Every Wednesday from 8 May-26 June: Kingy High Hip Hop Program – Contact Clary Golder
  • Every Wednesday from 8 May-26 June: Fit for Life PCYC Program (Year 8) – Contact Clary Golder
  • Every Thursday from 9 May-20 June: YES TAFE at Kingscliff TAFE – Contact: Mr Haddon
  • Every Monday from 13 May-17 June: The Buttery AoD program Year 10 – Contact the Student Support Officer
  • 17 June: Year 12 Assembly/Meeting during Homeroom: Careers Adviser Mr Ella will be providing information about Uni.
  • 17 June: P&C Meeting 6pm
  • 17 June: Elevate Education Program – Year 11 (Period 2) and Year 12 (Period 1)
  • 17 June: Years 7 and 8 Boys and Girls Touch Carnival - Ballina
  • 17 & 18 June: U16 Boys and Girls Queensland School Futsal Cup (17 & 18 June) at Coomera Indoor Sports Centre. Contact: Mr Bassingthwaighte / Mr Hunter / Ms Shackell
  • 17-19 June: Big Picture Exhibition Week: Kim's Advisory – Contact Kim Rodenburg
  • 18 June: School Captains Meeting with Principal
  • 18 June: Safe on Socials - Year 8 and 9 - Period 1 and Period 2
  • 18 June: Years 9/10 Boys/Girls Touch Carnival and U13 and Open Country Cup Rugby League in Ballina. Contact: Mr Ella
  • 18 June: Take a Stand – Peer Leaders Training. Contact: Mrs Mann
  • 19-21 June: Big Picture Exhibition Week: Will’s Advisory – Contact Will Spry
  • 20 & 27 June: Year 9/10 Child Studies at Kingscliff TAFE Childcare from 8:45-12:05 (Ms Fitzhugh class - Thursday 20 June 2024 / Ms Rowles class - Thursday 27 June 2024)
  • 20 & 27 June: Take a Stand Year 8 - Contact: Mrs Mann
  • 20 June: First Aid Course 11PDHPE1 from 8:45am-3:15pm. Contact: Mrs Rowles
  • 21 June: Year 11 Earth and Environmental Science - Task 2: Depth Study - due Period 1 – Contact Mrs O’Keeffe
  • 21 June: Year 12 Mathematics Extension 2 - 3D Vectors Assignment Due - 8:00am – Contact: Ms Engel Pryer
  • 21 June: HTA NSW Ancient and Modern History Study Day at University of Sydney – Contact Ms Mansini
  • 21 June: First Aid Course 11PDHPE2 from 8:45am-3:15pm – Contact: Mr Haddon
  • 24 June: Year 12 Biology - Task 3: Practical - due Period 1
  • 24 June: Coastal ASE - Maker Fair 5-8pm in the MPU at Kingscliff High School – contact Mr Wiggins
  • 24 June-28 June: Year 10 School to Work Program – Contact Mr Ella, Careers Adviser
  • 26 June: Aboriginal Education Team Parent and Community Meeting 5:30pm – Library
  • 26 June: Coastal Academy of STEM Excellence - STEM Excellence Program Contact Mr Wiggins
  • 27 June: Inclusive Education T5 Inclusion Day at Jack Evans Boat Harbour. Contact: Mrs Ruddock
  • 27 June: Big Picture Info Evening at 6pm – for further information contact Mrs Rosser
  • 28 June: Year 12 - Historical Analysis task. Contact: Ms Mansini
  • 28 June: Take a Stand – Peer Leaders -Contact: Mrs Mann
  • 28 June: T5 Mathematics HSC Study Day at Tweed River High School – Contact: Ms Engel Pryer / Mr Dent
  • 27-28 June: Big Picture Exhibition Week: Zac’s Advisory – Contact Zac Spring
  • 28 June: Powerwells Battery Recycling Workshop 2 from 9-11am (Yrs 7-10) – Contact Mr Wiggins
  • 28 June: Year 12 - Historical Analysis task – Contact Ms Mansini


  • 1-3 July: KHS NAIDOC Week Celebrations
  • 2-4 July: CAPA Winter Collective – Rehearsals (all day)
  • 2 July: CAPA Winter Collective performance - Drama (Evening)
  • 3 July: CAPA Winter Collective performance – Music (Evening)
  • 4 July: CAPA Winter Collective performance – Dance (Evening)
  • 4 July: Year 9.5 Home Room Hike at Springbrook National Park – Contact Mr Stevenson
  • 1-3 July: ASSRL 15s Boys & 16s Girls Rugby League Port Macquarie – Contact Mr Hillard
  • 4 & 5 July: ASSRL 18s Boys & Girls Rugby League Coffs Harbour – Contact Mr Hillard / Mr Ella
  • 5 July: ASSRL 15s Boys & 16s Girls Rugby League Port Macquarie - Contact Mr Hillard / Mr Ella
  • 14-20 July 2024: Senior Ski Trip during the school holidays – Contact Mr Matthias

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P&C Uniform Shop

The Uniform shop regular hours are Tuesdays and Fridays 8:00am – 10.30am. The price list and any additional information can be found here:

  • Payment at the P&C Uniform Shop is by cash, cheque, and EFTPOS.
  • The P&C Uniform Shop is located near our Science block on the left-hand side of the ramp.
  • For more information, you can contact the Uniform Shop. Email: or Phone: 02 6674 9762

Administration Updates

Updating contact details – are your contact details up to date?

Sometimes we will need to contact you, including on the day that your child is absent if you haven’t notified the school with a reason for your child being away.

If your contact details are out of date or if you’re not sure, please contact the Front Office staff so we can update our records and can contact you quickly when we need to.

Please include parent/carers name, address, phone numbers, email address and emergency contact details. Please remember to contact the school if any of these details or your circumstances change.