2023 ANNUAL IMPACT REPORT WGU Advancement | July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023

We are grateful to our amazing alumni, faculty, students, staff, foundations, corporations, and friends for making WGU a philanthropic priority in 2022-23.


The infographics below reflects gifts made between July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023.

The beginning market value for our WGU Endowment portfolio as of July 1, 2022, was $1,066,687. The ending market value as of June 30, 2023, was $2,550,824 with 16 new separately named endowments, for a total of 30. Performance for the 2023 fiscal year was 8.5%, net of all fees and expenses.

We invest for the long-term and are confident that our endowment will continue to provide scholarship support to our students. As our endowment continues to grow, we will be able to help more students.

Note: Endowment distribution is the approved amount available to be spent in a current fiscal year. Awarded illustrates the actual amount awarded to students.


"The inspiration behind establishing four endowed scholarships in honor of our grandchildren was to teach them about being good philanthropists. Every year, a WGU student will be supported by each of these scholarships. We chose to create endowments because they keep on giving for many years, and many more students will benefit over time."

Robert "Bob" Frankenberg | Former Member of WGUA Board of Directors


"As someone who received the Jane Chung and Allen Owen Scholarship that was made possible through your generosity, I am more than grateful for your aid, your kindness, and your selflessness. The financial assistance I received covered a chunk of my tuition and alleviated some stress surrounding pursuing a degree. Your act of kindness allowed me to complete a semester without worrying about tuition. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" Rashonda S. | Guam | School of IT


“Since 2007, we have awarded over $6 million in scholarships throughout the state of Utah, ensuring access to quality education for students in need. Together with WGU, we are proudly supporting our workforce and fueling economic growth in our state and region.”

Crystal Maggelet | Founder | Call Foundation

Scholarships change lives at WGU.

Scholarships are a philanthropic priority at WGU. Your generous gifts helped us to advance our mission and provide scholarship support to our students. Whether you donated to our Fellow Night Owl Scholarship or created an endowed scholarship, YOU impacted the lives of our students, their families, and communities. Thank you!


Jamie Swann and her husband, Ron, made a very special decision to fund a scholarship in honor of their daughter, Becca, who has epilepsy. They wanted to make sure students with epilepsy had access to a WGU education. Early on in her own studies, Jamie saw the value in WGU's competency-based model. She appreciated how WGU could accommodate its students, especially those with disabilities or who may have difficulty learning in traditional academic settings. She believes WGU is a perfect fit for students who require flexible schedules and special accommodations to be successful in their learning environment.

“Ron and I both feel it’s important to give back. I probably would not have gotten my degree without scholarships and some help, and I don’t think there are enough resources for people with epilepsy.” Jamie Swann | Director of Special Programs | Anthem Healthkeepers, Inc.


This scholarship provides WGU students, who reside in Ohio and are pursuing a career in information technology, with financial assistance. More than 20 students have received the AT&T Ohio IT scholarship.

“Thank you for helping make college affordable and assisting the future leaders in tech and supporting military members.” Mitchell C. | Ohio | College of IT


The MindEdge Scholarship provides much-needed emergency funds to current WGU students to help them cover non-tuition expenses that could potentially disrupt their academic journeys.

"I am very, very grateful for the MindEdge Scholarship. It gave me peace of mind, allowed me to pay my bills, feed my kids, and focus on my schoolwork.” Laura Z. | Texas | College of Business


The Greater Texas Foundation provides need-based scholarships to WGU Texas students across all four schools and disciplines. This partnership is critical to ensuring Texas students have access to a postsecondary education.

"This scholarship allowed me to focus more on my studies and complete my final semester in the prelicensure nursing program. As a result, I have earned two excellence awards for my work in my community/public health and organizational systems/quality leadership courses, and I have successfully secured a spot in my most desired graduate nurse residency program. I humbly and fervently ask that you continue to award this scholarship to those in need so that our society, our world, won’t be deprived of brilliant minds and compassionate hearts due to financial need. Thank you." Jalissa F. | Texas | Leavitt School of Health


"I really believe that education at WGU from the beginning has been about impacting the individual at scale. When you think about the whole university, it's built around the individual and their achievement in whatever college they decide to be a success in. I wanted to promote the success of females in technology and this was a great way for me to create a lasting impact to individuals over time."

Dr. Therese "Terry" Crane | Former WGU Trustee

"I would like to express my gratitude to the Miller Bullen Hansen Scholarship donors. I am close to achieving my dream of being the first college graduate in my family because of this scholarship. I would not have been able to afford this semester if it were not for their generosity. I look forward to creating better opportunities for future generations in my family." Bryce G. | California | Leavitt School of Health

Annual Giving harnesses the collective power of many. Each and every gift goes directly to our students and provides them with support when they need it the most. Every gift, big or small, makes a difference.

This is the lifetime of our Annual Giving program.

Employees Give Back Campaign Supports Student Scholarships

This year, more than 590 WGU employees donated to our annual Employees Give Back Fundraising Campaign, which helps current WGU students facing financial hardship "cross the finish line" to graduation. Since its inception in 2019, WGU employees have helped more than 270 students.

Philanthropy Cord Program

The WGU Philanthropy Cord is a blue and gold cord for graduates to wear with their cap and gown on commencement day. The Philanthropy Cord is a physical symbol of their academic accomplishment and their commitment to "pay it forward" for current and future WGU students.

With a $25 donation, WGU graduates are helping their fellow Night Owls "cross the finish" line to graduation. To date, the Philanthropy Cord program has raised more than $288,000 for WGU students.

WGU has proven that disrupting the standard higher education paradigm is not only possible, but successful. But we know that isn’t enough. There are systemic societal problems that need to be solved, and we can’t afford to rest.

That is why through our innovative agenda and in partnership with our generous donors, WGU is "Meeting the Moment."

Nurses: The Heart of Healthcare

WGU awarded more than 350 Julie Aiken Hansen Scholarships to students pursuing their dreams of becoming nurses.

“I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity that I get to pursue with this scholarship. I am so excited to be starting my path to become a registered nurse. This scholarship has made that journey a lot easier and will allow me to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. Thank you.” Anne P. | Utah | Leavitt School of Health

Invigorating Virginia's Healthcare Workforce

Thanks to our partnership with Sentara Health, we awarded more than 20 scholarships to WGU students residing in Virginia this year.

"I am so grateful for this Sentara Scholarship because it has given me the opportunity to plan for my future. I am a full-time employee and active mom, so finances are important in my household. As much as I wanted to go to college, I also needed it to be affordable. Thanks to this scholarship, I can now let my guard down and breathe knowing my finances are covered!" Kasey M. | Virginia | Leavitt School of Health

Fueling The Science of Reading

Thanks to a generous grant from Indiana's Lilly Endowment, Inc., WGU's School of Education will be able to align and expand the use of evidence-based instructional methods in the Science of Reading Teacher Preparation Programs. Not only will this grant impact Indiana, but it will lift literacy across the country.

Empowering Teachers in the Classroom

We awarded more than 290 students with the Belva Hansen Demonstration Teaching Scholarship to help them complete their demonstration teaching.

"I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for receiving such an incredible scholarship. Thanks to this wonderful scholarship I was able to afford to pay my bills, including gas, to get to my demonstration teaching assignment. I hope that I can make those who donated to this scholarship proud by being the best teacher I can be." Cody A. | Washington | School of Education

Diversifying the Tech Landscape and Leadership

The goal of WGU's partnership with Reboot Representation is to double the total number of Black, Latina, and Native American (BLNA) females achieving bachelor's degrees from the College of Information Technology by the end of 2025. We are well on our way!

"I never thought a career in technology was possible for a person like me. Knowing there is an organization, like Reboot, that invested in me and my future, inspired me to do something I never thought I could do. Thank you WGU for partnering with Reboot and giving me this amazing opportunity in IT." Marcia H. | Louisiana | College of IT

WGU Advancement hit the road to meet and celebrate our alumni, donors, and corporate and foundation friends. From Raleigh to Denver to Indianapolis to Chicago, we enjoyed visiting with you and hearing your WGU stories.

National Alumni and Commencement Celebrations

Our WGU family continues to grow! This year, we welcomed more than 45,000 alumni to the Night Owl family. Special thank you to everyone who traveled and celebrated with us.