St John Vianney R.C. School Newsletter 22.12.23

Assistant Headteacher's Message

Miss Nesbitt

Hello friends and family of SJV,

I am very excited to share this final Newsletter of 2023, as we head towards Christmas and New Year. We have had a fantastic final week in school with all classes enjoying some social time on Monday with an array of trips out into the local community. I was not envious of trips to Rudy’s Pizza and watching the new Wonka film at all (Oh yes, I was!). All of the pupils and staff had a wonderful memory making day!

We carried on our annual tradition of Christmas mass, followed by a wonderful Christmas dinner on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Fr Nick led two perfect masses and the students participated so well! I don’t think any other school does Christmas Dinner quite as well as we do here at SJV and our Kitchen staff really did us all proud with a fantastic, freshly cooked dinner that is hard to beat! 2023 has been a wonderful year here at SJV; looking back over the year we really have achieved a lot and our pupils continue to make great progress. Their excellent attendance at school is testament to them feeling safe and secure in their environment and loving their learning opportunities.

As we look towards 2024 we have lots of changes happening with the school build as demolition is finalised on the Rainbow building. It has, personally, been quite emotional watching the demolition process, as I spent 9 years based in the Rainbow building and it holds lots of memories for me, but I am so excited for what the future holds here at SJV and we will keep you updated of the next steps in the new build progress.

Finally, can I remind you please that the Spring Term starts on Monday 8th January 2024 at 9am. On behalf of all the governors and staff I want to wish you all the happiest of holidays and we hope that 2024 will bring you good fortune and peace.

God bless, Kirsten Nesbitt.

Dates For Your Diary

  • Monday 8th Jan @ 9am - School re-opens for the Spring Term.
  • Tuesday 30th Jan @ 9:30am - 10:50am - College Morning

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week!

  • Class 1 - Aidan - For a postive week and managing well with lots of changes.
  • Class 2 - Neo - For doing well in Lego Therapy.
  • Class 3 - Adnan - For an excellent Drama lesson.
  • Class 4 - Mikail - For great effort with English work and making some really sensible decisions with his behaviour.
  • Class 5 - Rome - For being kind and helpful.
  • Class 6 - Chael - For performing in the choir and trying hard in lessons.
  • Class 7 - Roger - For being an always pupil.
  • Class 8 - Jason - For having a positive attitude and working well in all lessons.
  • Class 9 - Dylan - For excellent participation in class.
  • Class 10 - Nesrine - For being an always pupil.
  • Class 11 - Aliya - For always trying her best in lessons.
  • Class 12 - Megan - For choosing and reading the end of day prayer each day and taking pride in her work.
  • Class 13 - Dylan - For working hard all week.

Employees of the Week

Congratulations to Mrs Griffin and Mr Moloney!

Mrs Griffin - for organising a range of Christmas events for lots of classes. Supporting parents and pupils and her amazing record keeping in Safeguarding which ensures that records are up-to-date and easily accessible when needed. Thank you Julie
Mr Moloney - his role is one that carries the weight of us and he doesn’t always get the accolade he deserves. We only see a small part of the work he has to do to keep this school running and the issues that land on his desk day in day out. Thank you Aidan.

End of Term Awards

Headteacher Awards

This award recognises the contribution made to the School this term and is a small way of showing our thanks for the fantastic approach displayed every day at school. When nominating pupils for these awards I asked staff to consider those pupils who best reflect the School’s ethos and mission statement; through always giving of their best and being patient, kind and loving.

Pupil of the Key Stage : Adnan, Sana, Harley P and Tyler. Pupil of the Term : Aidan, Kian, Zack, Mikail, Maisy, Cormac, Isabella, Heaven, Leon, Nesrine, Finlay, Tomasz and Renee.

Staff of the Term

Teacher of the Term: Mr Dumville, TA of the Term: Miss Ratcliffe, Support staff of the Term: Mrs Chan, Newcomer of the Term: Mrs Yar.

Attendance Prize Draw Winners

Congratulations to our Attendance Prize Draw winners.

Anyone who achieved 100% attendance in at least 1 week this term was entered into a prize draw, the lucky winners received a £10 voucher!

Our Winners: Adnan, Bailey, Miya, Alex, Aidan W , Shawn, Ayla, Will, Jenna, Sean , Heaven, Daniel, Joseph, Andrew, Tomasz, Curtis, Amanda, Danny and Danny M.

Highlights Gallery

Lots of Christmas celebrations!
Congratulations to Heaven for winning the Christmas card competition! What a fantastic entry!

Our Catholic School

What a busy final week at SJV and now is the time to relax and prepare for Christmas.

Within our Catholic school, we all got together as a staff on Monday at Father Byrne’s house, our Chair of Governors. It was lovely to spend some time together, relaxing and being able to reflect on our first term.

The Chaplaincy Team helped to prepare two Christmas Masses during which, we celebrated pupil achievements as well as Christmas. After the service we enjoyed a lovely Christmas meal together, prepared by our hard-working kitchen team, it was such a wonderful occasion.

Within RE this week we have been focussing on the Nativity Story and the real meaning of Christmas. We have looked at what we should be grateful for and what gives us hope for the future.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and hope you have time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas with Jesus’ love and enjoy this special time with your families.

This week's Wednesday Word will take us through until after Christmas:

  • 20th Dec - Mary
  • 27th Dec - Family
  • 3rd Jan - Guidance

Mrs Garfin

Poetry Corner

Christmas has arrived here at SJV and what a wonderful term of poetry and verse it has been for all our young poets! Lots of exciting workshop and competition news to share in the new year! To celebrate the festive period here is a poem by our poet in residence Mr Lomax inspired by attending a church service to collect toys for the Wood Street Children’s Mission, celebrating the surreal and beautiful sight of all those Christmas gifts being placed on the altar. Please click on the link below and you can here him reading a version of the poem with musical accompaniment taken from his latest spoken word album. Have a poetic Christmas everyone!

Toy Service, by Oliver James Lomax & Northangerland

Useful Information

Christmas can be a difficult time for adults, children and young people. Here is a list of helplines that offer advice, support and guidance:

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Mrs Griffin

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