Few things feel as good as sharing your smile and getting another in return!

This simple act connects us to each other–if only for a moment. A smile is something we can share freely and never run out.

What if your smile brought ridicule, embarrassment or shame?

Everyone should have a healthy smile that they’re happy to share!

Together, we can build awareness of oral health inequities that plague disadvantaged communities across the U.S., the effect it has on children as they grow, and what people can do to help.

Share Your Smile!

This June join us to spread awareness about oral health disparity and the importance of a healthy smile. We'll have free educational resources, a jumbo-sized social media kit, and other fun ways to get involved.

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Share Your Smile is an Oral Health Month campaign of America's ToothFairy. Learn more about our mission at America's ToothFairy.org.