The Brownsville initiative 2022 Kashif Incubator

Dear Filmmakers,

Welcome to Kashif. You are a part of we. Kashif is better (and incredibly inspired) because of your participation in our inaugural Brownsville Initiative. We are deeply grateful and honored by your participation and making this first workshop a success by bringing a love and level of commitment to your creative aspirations (and your fellow filmmakers) that was demonstrated through your hard work and your spirit of collaboration. Together, we did it! You must feel proud of what you accomplished in such a short period of time, because we share that pride with you.

"AVA" Directors

Angel King, Jesse Roman, Madison Black

"LAYLA & DOMINICK" Directors

Michael Etienne, Ketriana Yvonne, Tyjee McKay, Paullie Bentsen

"XYN'S TRUTH" Directors

Shaniyah Coull, Marc Malloy, Irene Joseph

You may be wondering, what’s next? How do I move from here towards actively pursuing my filmmaking goals? In the pages that follow and in the months that follow, Kashif will provide resources for continuing the journey and unveil new workshop and mentorship opportunities. You are on our radar and we are forever connected.

Photo Credit: Myron Mitchell, NeON Photography
Photo Credit: Kashif Incubator

The films you made are living examples of your work.

Photo Credit: Keith Major

Your portraits are yours to use in whatever way you choose, through social media, to sharing with family and friends, and in promotional and professional spaces. (kindly provide credit to the photographer when appropriate)

In kindness + kinship,

Kashif Incubator

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