I started writing in the 4th grade when I wanted to do a poem for the school talent show. The poem, “Can I have a Soulmaker”, was the start in my relationship in poetry.

I used rhymes and rhythm to express my deepest thoughts that I could only share in private. Then over the years I learned to be vulnerable with my poetry privately and publicly, with my first book, “I Have Secrets, Does He Love Me Too.”

Poetry is my first love but I enjoy short stories or just journaling. I am a big advocate for writing to acknowledge self and all it’s creations.

Let's Take A Moment

So many entities in this world influence the mind, and we struggle with knowing what we feel, who we are, and what we want or need. When we separate ourselves and go within, we tend to find the answers we have been looking for. I will work with you to find and trust that intuition (“inner voice”) that has been guiding you along.