Martin Ricardo Cisneros

Oct 14, 2023


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The Innovator’s Classroom: Tools and Techniques for Creative Pedagogy

Welcome to "The Innovator’s Classroom", a transformative workshop designed for educators who aspire to break boundaries and spark creativity in their teaching practices. Dive into the convergence of education, AI, design, and creativity to foster environments that not only educate but inspire. Equip yourself with the tools and techniques to evolve from traditional pedagogies and shape the innovators of tomorrow!!!

Unlock Your Creative Potential with Adobe Express!

Get excited and ready to learn! Empower students' creativity with Adobe Firefly, the family of generative AI tools, now available for K-12 educators and students!!!

Adobe Express Creative Challenges

Challenge 1 - Intro to Creativity in The Classroom

Click on the template button and remix it by switching out your photo, changing the shapes and icons, and personalizing the design.

Challenge 3: Creating Animations from Images to Movies!

Video with All in one Creator

Challenge 3 - About Me Animation
Challenge 4: Let your Creativity come to Life with our Generative AI!
Challenge 5: Drawing with Express Challenge

In this activity, students and educators are invited to interpret the "arc" into an idea unique to each creator and complete the drawing with their idea using the all-new Drawing with Express feature. Available now on Chrome browser and Chromebooks.

Empowering Imaginative Minds