The work of the YMCA of Greater Louisville would not be possible without the support of our incredible volunteers.

Each year, our branches nominate an outstanding volunteer to be recognized for their dedication and volunteerism. Learn about this year’s Volunteer of the Year recipients.

Debbie Wesslund

Association Services Offices

Debbie Wesslund, a seasoned civic volunteer, brings extensive governmental and organizational experience to the YMCA. Serving on the Jefferson County Board of Education from 2007–2014, including a two-year tenure as chair, she now aids the Kentucky School Boards Association in member training. Active on boards such as the League of Women Voters and the YMCA of Greater Louisville, she excels in advocacy, particularly for children, education, and health funding. Just yesterday, she returned from attending YMCA National Advocacy Days in Washington, D.C., showcasing her dedication to nationwide public policy efforts. Debbie’s leadership extends to the YMCA’s Annual Campaign and Development Committee, showcasing her multifaceted contributions.

Kayla Bradshaw

YMCA Camp Piomingo

Kayla was unable to attend the event. Brooke Guest accepted the award on her behalf.

Kayla Bradshaw has volunteered her time and expertise as a nurse at YMCA Camp Piomingo over the last year. She aided in preparing the health center for a busy summer of campers, dedicating two weeks and several weekends to helping campers feel welcomed and cared for during their stay. Additionally, she has assisted YMCA Camp Piomingo with several programs during the off-season. Kayla greets everyone with a smile and embodies our values in everything she does. We hope to have Kayla at camp for many seasons to come!

Cordelia Chandler

Chestnut Street Family YMCA

Cordelia Chandler, head of the Teaching and Learning Magnet at Central High School, is a vital volunteer at the Chestnut Street Family YMCA. She connects Y programming with the school, notably supporting Love Notes and the Peer Facilitator Model. Cordelia champions initiatives like Find Your Roots and YMCA Black Achievers, both in the classroom and community. Graduating from the YMCA Black Achievers, she now leads education clusters, deepening her ties to the program. Cordelia’s commitment transcends classrooms, enriching our YMCA family with her enthusiasm and dedication. We extend heartfelt gratitude for her impactful volunteer work.

Sherry Griffin

Clark County Family YMCA

Sherry's family proudly accepted the award.

Sherry was a beloved figure in the Clark County Family YMCA community. Beginning as a housekeeper, she became a spokesperson for the YMCA. Even after her employment, Sherry remained an active member and advocate. Known as the “Mayor of the Y,” she led the “Coffee Mafia,” acting as their PR representative. Sherry joyfully shared her YMCA experiences, fostering connections for the Annual Campaign. She cherished community, bonding over shared moments and coffee. Sherry’s life embodied love, laughter, and deep connections. Her outgoing nature endeared her to all, leaving a void in our Y. Our Y will not be the same without her, and I will miss our weekly conversations and her go-get-it attitude when it came to campaigning-Sherry was one of a kind. She will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her.

Gaylee Gillim

Downtown Family YMCA

Gaylee Gillim, an active YMCA member for over 40 years, serves as a board member for both the YMCA of Greater Louisville Association Services Office and the Downtown Family YMCA. As Advisory Board Chair, she brings risk management and law experience, along with a genuine passion for our cause. Gaylee’s knowledge of the amusement industry and her commitment to safety led her to playing a significant role in revising the KY Department for Public Health’s Lifeguarding guidelines. Despite her achievements, Gaylee’s true impact lies in her daily volunteerism at the Y, offering advice, spearheading fundraising efforts, and embodying our mission with kindness and care. Gaylee is recognized for her extraordinary dedication and inspiration.

Amanda and Dale McCoy

Floyd County Family YMCA

Amanda and Dale McCoy, New Albany High School faculty, have volunteered with the Floyd County Family YMCA for over a year, aiding the Indiana YMCA Youth and Government program. As advisors, they bring experience and dedication to after-school meetings, guiding students beyond bill writing to develop debating skills. Their creative icebreaker games foster a comfortable environment, ensuring students feel cared for. Leading by example, they help students refine proposals during practice debates, fostering growth within the New Albany High School delegation and expanding opportunities for youth statewide. Their tenacity and commitment, evident even after international trips, are truly commendable.

Lauren Sherry

National Safe Place Network

Lauren Sherry has dedicated nine years of service to the National Safe Place Network (NSPN). Serving on the Board of Directors and chairing the Strategic Initiatives Committee, Lauren, also the Community Relations Manager at QuikTrip (QT) Corporation, expands youth safety nets nationwide. Actively fostering Safe Place partnerships, Lauren visits agencies, emphasizing youth needs. She seeks to make connections in communities, whether a Safe Place program currently exists or not, personally visiting agencies and discussing the need for the Safe Place program. Lauren supports individual Safe Place entities through grants, demonstrating a commitment to NSPN’s vision of youth safety. Her invaluable contributions embody NSPN’s mission, ensuring a safer world for all youth.

Nicole Feld

YMCA at Norton Commons

Nicole Feld has been an integral part of the YMCA community since the mid-’90s. Starting as a camp leader at the CAL location, Nicole has since dedicated countless hours to various YMCA programs, including teaching swimming lessons and coaching sports for children. Passionate about education and community service, she has spent over two decades teaching in JCPS and actively supporting school fundraising campaigns and service projects. Beyond the classroom, Nicole champions causes such as literacy, homelessness, helping young families, and volunteering for many organizations. Nicole’s dedication to serving others embodies the spirit of giving back and has built their Feld family motto to “Show Love, Serve Others, and Give Thanks.”

Carol Krebs

Northeast Family YMCA

Carol Krebs has made a huge impact within the Northeast Family YMCA and the YMCA of Greater Louisville community. She has since become a campaigner, and a board member for the Northeast Family YMCA. During the 2023 campaign, she graciously offered to host a joint-branch fundraising event at her home, which raised just over $34,000 towards our overall association goal. She volunteers her time during early mornings and late evenings for events such as cycle-thons and Turkey Trots! Her vivacious personality, go-getter mindset, and unwavering support to continue our mission have earned her this year’s Volunteer of the Year award!

Anthony Sieg

Oldham County Family YMCA

Anthony Sieg embodies dedication and community spirit, earning the Volunteer of the Year at the Oldham County Family YMCA. His unwavering commitment shines through diverse contributions, enhancing the YMCA experience for all, from meticulously maintaining the disc golf course and clearing trails for summer camp to creatively enhancing the Mud Run course. As a stalwart in grounds maintenance, Anthony ensures YMCA facilities are pristine, fostering a positive atmosphere. His selfless dedication and positive impact, inspiring others, and fostering a sense of belonging throughout the YMCA community, make him a deserving recipient of this year’s award.

Amanda Mabson-Payton

Republic Bank Foundation YMCA

Amanda was unable to attend the event. Freddie Brown accepted the award on her behalf.

Amanda Mabson-Payton has dedicated 21 years to volunteering with the YMCA of Greater Louisville. Active on the Branch Advisory Board, she’s known for her rapport with staff and members. Amanda readily volunteers for branch needs, from assisting with events like the Halloween Candy Crawl to conducting mock interviews for Leaders Club teens. Her support during busy times is invaluable, brightening the Y with her smile and fostering community through attentive listening. For Amanda, the Y is more than a gym—it’s a hub for collaboration and empowerment, where she tirelessly advances the mission of growth and thriving for all.

Bev Coleman

Southeast Family YMCA

Bev was unable to attend the event. Board Member, Dr. Peggy Hardman accepted the award on her behalf.

Bev Coleman has been a dedicated YMCA member since 2009 and a board member since 2021. Exemplifying YMCA values, Bev’s unwavering dedication enriches our community. She organizes and participates in various events, particularly group fitness classes, where she inspires healthy lifestyles. Bev’s contagious enthusiasm creates a positive atmosphere. Additionally, she drives fundraising initiatives, ensuring the sustainability of YMCA programs. Bev embodies community, wellness, and philanthropy, shaping a vibrant and supportive environment for all. Her commitment makes her an invaluable part of our YMCA family, and we are grateful for her ongoing dedication.

Hannah Fitzgerald

YMCA Safe Place Services

Hannah Fitzgerald radiates beauty both inside and out, finding volunteering at YMCA Safe Place Services to be not just a commitment but a therapeutic and creative outlet. Her journey within our community showcases unwavering dedication and pursuit of greatness. When Hannah sets her mind to a task, she tackles it with unparalleled passion until success is achieved. Witnessing her transform our Children’s Book Corner into a masterpiece has been awe-inspiring. Hannah’s artistic prowess breathes new life into spaces, creating a fabulous atmosphere for Safe Place clients. Her generosity in sharing innovative ideas fosters creativity and growth among Youth Development Center clients. Hannah’s talent and compassion make her an invaluable asset, uplifting others with her creativity. We applaud her dedication and look forward to her continued brilliance at YMCA Safe Place Services.

Ken Cundiff

Southwest Family YMCA

Ken Cundiff, a member at the Southwest Family YMCA since 2013, discovered the power of giving back after participating in the LiveSTRONG® program in 2019 with his wife Sue, both are cancer survivors. Enamored with group fitness opportunities and the camaraderie with others at Southwest Family YMCA, he frequents spin and other classes, Ken also volunteers with the LiveSTRONG® and Total Movement with Parkinson’s programs weekly. You will even frequently see him helping participants from the car into the facility. Ken’s dedication to helping others stems from his own journey as a survivor. His commitment serves as a beacon of resilience, inspiring others to persevere.

Culee Jennings

YMCA Youth Sports

Culee has been part of the YMCA Youth Sports program since 2021, coaching soccer and basketball. After his first season, witnessing the value sports brought to his child’s life, he has volunteered each season since. While hundreds of coaches help for a season or two, few match Culee’s dedication. He stands out for his commitment to coaching and investing in his son’s and others’ lives on the teams he serves. YMCA Youth Sports programs everywhere would benefit from coaches who, like Culee, profoundly impact their teams.

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