Athens A solo traveller's adventures

Hi, my name is Roger. I work as a musician but call myself a hobby photographer as well. I have been solo travelling for many years and want to share my stories with you.

November is not my favourite month. As I live in Sweden I am used to Mordor darkness and Arctic cold this time of the year. So to ease my autumn blues I took a trip to the historical capital of Greece; Athens.

Akropolis with Parthenon

The hero shot of the city is of course the Akropolis. The famous rock in the middle of the city with temples dedicated to the Godess Athina. I was fortunate to have a spectacular view of the famous landmark from the roof top terrace of my hotel. If you are interested in how I captured the images there are videos on my YouTube channel to check out. (link at the end of the page).

As you all know there are other places to explore in Greek Capital. One place that I was curios about is the Panathenaic Stadium that hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. Originally it was built 2600 years ago but it was renovated and modernised in the end of 19 century. I took the chance to, the only one I will ever get I guess, stand on the podium as an olympic winner :-). I haven't decided what sport I won though...

I can't hold myself from trying to capture beautiful interiors whenever I can find them. Most often religious buildings like churches and mosques are the most colourful and spectacular. Here are few jewels I found in Athens.

Changing of the guards that protect the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of the Hellenic Parliament is very unique and a fascinating experience to watch. They change every hour and on Sundays at 11am there's a bigger ceremony with a parade.

Thank you for stoping by. More pics you can find on my Instagram @rogerradstromphoto