A Shot in the Dark New work from old

Here are some images rendered off student work. In this instance Linoblocks from Year 7 students. These blocks are about 20 years old and their respective owners are well into their mid 30’s. A simple matter to photograph the block, crop them to true square and load them into the software / app and you have something that can be used as is or used to develop work in other media areas.

The original image is the first included in the photo grid.

This grid has images from two output options. Simply an example to encourage exploration.

In the following series drawings from Year 7 students have been used as source material to generate output. I’ve kept the same settings as for the Linoblocks. In the below it’s a lot easier to see how the neural network preferences colour, shape and tone over line. The main features of each drawing are pretty well maintained and the txt prompts are used to fill in shapes and the background. Again these drawings are from students who would now be well into their mid thirties.

In each of the following grids the original student work is the first image.

These images were generated using Wombo AI.

If you are using the free web application at the above link; to upload an image, scroll down to ‘image input’, upload your image and then place your txt prompts in the box above the style grid.