Sheriff Ward By Caroline Schlieker

"I have had a lot of family who rodeo in the past, and I've always heard stories about them. My dad was a roper and road Broncs here and there, and my uncle was Rick Chapman the World Champion Bullfighter of 1989. I thought that maybe I could leave my own legacy in this amazing sport."

"My event is chute dogging. The permise of it is to lead up in a shoot with a 400 pound plus steer and one the gate flys open, you run out and throw him to the ground."

"I have gone to Rope Myers steer wrestling camp and it helped me so much. I have won six rodeos and have gone to finals as well as a scholarship rodeo."
"I love the community and lifestyle around Rodeo. You will meet some of the most friendly people you've ever met at a jackpot or practice. In my opinion, the lifestyle is second to one getting to wake up early in the morning to get on the road, from town to town you get to meet even more people who visit more places and get to do what you love."
"I have a 2009 Chevy Silverado. It was my uncle's, and he passed away a few years back. We bought it from my Aunt. It's very sentimental and the license plate the "law." I've had it since I've been driving. It's sort of like one of my little nicknames in the family. I even have it tattooed on me."
"You will end up having some of the best conversations going down the road at 2 in the morning with your best friends next to you in the middle of nowhere, and it's like nothing else."