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Thank you for being here!!

I know I'm bias, but I think you've found the right place!

Photographers usually have a signature style. Some photographers do very 'posed' photography, some are very artsy with dramatic vibrant colors, some are more model-type, some resemble pics taken on Instagram and some are photojournalistic. Me, I'm a bit of it all and then some!

My goal with my photography style for my seniors to capture your authentic self, capturing all sides of, serious, silly, happy, dramatic, spontaneous, shy, outgoing, athletic, and everything else! My end goal though does end with you receiving your portraits. I stay away from photo trends in editing that will never go out of style. My end goal is that when you pull your senior pictures out of the memory box to show future grandchildren--that the images are still bright, authentic, and have not faded. I'm guessing that's a reason you've come here! 

Package A


This is perfect for the senior who just needs the basics! Some wallet hand outs, yearbook image, a great headshot for the wall, and a few other options for family.

  • 30-45 minutes
  • 45+ page prep guide to make sure you're all set for session day
  • 1 outfit
  • One location spot in the city of Chilton
  • 20+ previews for your choosing
  • Fine art editing, dedicating 5+hours to your senior portraits.

Package B


This is for a full senior experience for those wanting more outfit changes and may have a hobby or sport to show off!

  • 2-3 hours photo time during the golden hours
  • 3-6 outfits, but as many outfits we can fit in during our time
  • On-Location sessions matching your style
  • 60+ previews for your choosing
  • 45+ page prep guide to make sure you're all set for session day
  • Fine art editing, dedicating 20+hours to your senior portrait experience
Carter wanted some poses with his football jersey! These are done on location where ever we do your session. This is included in Package B.

Package C


The whole Shabang! This is also the full senior experience for the senior who wants to focus on lots of outfits AND their sports/hobbies.

NOTE: While this is a "new" package, the price has actually not changed. The price used to be the same session fee and have specific add-ons. Now, they are just all included.

Look, I know how much parents spend on sports, but most importantly, I know how hard you've worked for all these years!! The hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears in practices and games/meets/events! Late nights getting home just to finish homework. Learning each and every technique, getting injured, getting scolded from mom cos you forgot your jersey at home, etc...!

So let's document it!

  • Includes 3-4 hours of photo time utilizing part of the session for your regular outfits and the rest other for your hobbies/sports.
  • Price includes 1-3 sports/hobbies
  • Creative lighting effects
  • Action shots and exclusive poses that NO one else will have the same of (even of other seniors I photograph from your school!)
  • Includes an 11x14 custom artistic montage of your choice of sports images from your session
  • 150+ previews for your choosing (with action shots--there's 100s to view!)
  • 45+ page prep guide to make sure you're all set for session day
  • Fine art editing of your final choices

**NOTE: This package cannot be offered for Niagara location sessions unless you choose 2 Package B Sessions-One for in Niagara and the 2nd session for sports on a different date

Allie | Fond Du Lac High School

The BuddySession!

Even though my seniors are fully aware of all that is involved, it's not unusual for them to arrive nervous, but within the first 10 minutes of me guiding them through the process, their nerves are settled. I already am bias in thinking my seniors do have fun and have a memorable session (even those guys who are forced by mom to get them done!) BUT..... Do you want a REALLLLLLY memorable experience---BOOK YOUR SESSION WITH A FRIEND!! They are a flippin blast and you will talk about it the rest of your lives!...literally.

Cami and Jess's session were at the same location. It was obvious they were very comfortable with each other!
Each senior gets a $50 credit towards their prints for doing their session together!

How It Works

  • You do NOT get less pictures/poses with a friend! While one person is changing, VLP is photographing the other person. The ONLY difference is I'm working harder cos I don't stop!
  • VLP has plenty of options for locations (unless we do it on your property) where it's next-to-impossible to tell we are at the same place because I know exactly what outfits and poses each are doing because we are doing them at the same time.
  • Poses are completely different!! Bet you can't tell who did sessions together from previous years! ;)
  • If you want in on this, find 2 dates that work for both of you. One of you books one date, the other books the other date. We use the first date as your session. The second date is our rain date if we have to cancel.
  • If you want Package C and your friend does not, you book Package C and she books B. If you book want Package C, then both of you book C. Questions? Just shoot me an email or text!

Here is the Senior Product Catalog to view the portrait prices.


VLP does NOT photograph seniors from the same school at the same locations (unless you're doing the buddy system!) You WILL have your own unique experience from your entire class! No comparing here ;)

  • VLP will ABSOLUTELY honor your personal property for a location!
  • VLP chooses locations within an hour driving distance of Chillton
  • Most locations include all of the following: water backdrop, bridges, grass, trees, fields, rustic buildings, trails, etc...
  • Locations are chosen based on outfit selections and style (VLP sees your outfit selections prior to your session) and also what package you've chosen
Anna | New Holstein High School

Niagara, WI

I am fortunate to be able to have an oasis for my family to get away to throughout the year and even better... offer it to my clients during specific dates. My parents have a beautiful home and 100s of acres for me to photograph at just outside of Niagara, WI. We do them on their property, in Niagara, and in Iron Mountain. Because this has been such a hot spot for senior sessions, I just keep offering it.

Image taken just outside of Iron Mountain, MI in a natural stream water fall.

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All these styles/poses/locations are included in Package C

A Senior Session Guide will be sent to you with TONS of information regarding your session. Make sure you open that email and SAVE it so you can view it as much as you'd like in the future. The Session Guide will give lots of information as well as tons of pictures and locations. If you change your mind on locations (other than Niagara), NO problem.

Custom Montage included in Package C

ONE more VERY important thing.....

  • 95% of our communication is email (and text.) As you likely know, I'm a one-person team. You will be viewing your proofs online, choosing your proofs online, and receiving very detailed emails to guide you through every process...again for 95% of our communication.
  • It is very important for ease of communication and understanding that you check your emails regularly and that you or someone in your home has basic knowledge of computer use to open links; retrieve, read and reply to emails, and navigate web links.
  • If in-person proofing and ordering is the only option you can do, please let me know this before you book your session. We will need to set aside 2-3 hours for you to view and choose your images and to order your final choices.
  • If reading emails thoroughly or writing emails is not going to be convenient for you, VLP may not be a good suit for your senior portrait experience
  • You can pay the retainer fee (non-refundable) or pay in full when booking. (If you pay in full and need to cancel for any reason, you will be refunded the remaining.)

​I do not bribe, persuade, or try to convince clients to purchase anything. I treat you just like I'd want to be treated, getting the best bang for my buck! I will not tell you what you want to hear either! I will be as open as I can! If there is anything you need, just let me know! Please feel free to text or email me any questions I have not clarified or something I've missed.

Niagara session dates will be from June 25-July 5th. Madison will be from July 15-19th.