Cal State CREATE: Future Ready in the CSU April 8-15, 2024

What is Cal State CREATE?

Cal State CREATE is a CSU-wide creative event and competition in collaboration with Adobe and Apple. Similar to Adobe Creative Jams, CSU students of all majors have the opportunity to explore creative tools and design unique, personal projects eligible for prizes.

This year's theme, "Future Ready in the CSU", explores areas of emerging technologies, career readiness, and what it means to be prepared for our evolving world. How does healthcare use virtual reality to help with patient care? How does agriculture use predictive algorithms to help with harvests? How do creatives use generative AI to supplement their creations? To kick off Cal State CREATE events, a panel of professionals from various industries shared their experiences of how technology and digital literacy shape their work and help with their success.

Following the kick off session, Apple and Adobe professionals hosted sessions talking about trends in the workplace, how to best leverage AI, and how to maximize current tools in each product suite. If you had class, work, or other commitments and could not attend Cal State CREATE sessions, you can watch the recordings on the Cal State CREATE YouTube Playlist! Please note that sessions with Apple employees were NOT recorded.

The Design Challenge

Students also participated in a visual design challenge to create assets and artifacts with Adobe and Apple tools to demonstrate their digital skills and to develop their professional persona.

Every participant had the opportunity to engage and potentially earn prizes. Participants followed a road map of challenges that ranged from preparing for internships and the workforce to experimenting with innovative Adobe and Apple tools to create useful assets that can benefit students for their future.

For each challenge submitted in accordance with the specifications, participants received an entry into the raffle to win a set of Apple AirPods Pro or informational interviews with Apple and Adobe professionals!

Highlights from the Design Challenge

See some of the work submitted by design challenge participants! Submissions include AI-augmented profile pictures, digital calling cards, vision boards, and AI-generated ideas of the future.

Work created by CSU students: Michael Butorac, Tammy Cao, Ava Cenizal, Ronna L. Del Rosario, Adrienne Liang, Shelby Matthews, Isaiah Molina, Shazid Shaik and Kristina Solomita

Continue Learning and Experimenting

Our speakers imparted valuable wisdom and left some interesting resources to encourage future learning and enhancing skills.

The Future of Work - Opening Kickoff

Emerging technologies are shaping the future of work and the knowledge, skills, and abilities people need to enter the workforce, sometimes in unexpected ways. In this panel, speakers from the CSU and beyond discussed the changing technology landscape and how they see their fields, from entrepreneurship to agriculture, shift and change in response to technological forces.

Cameron Brock from SDSU's ZIP Launchpad shared a AI-generated, rapid prototyping tool to help deliver visual prototypes to teams and stakeholders in the start-up/app sector. Play around with your ideas using Uizard!

"iMovie on Mac"

Apple Campus Leader at CSU Channel Islands, Kenzie Kuras, provided a tutorial on how to master "iMovie on Mac"! We learned the basics like adding/editing clips, adding audio, inserting text, and creating transitions for movies or trailers. These skills helped students complete the informational interview during the design challenge; they also are beneficial in current campus life for class projects and promotions for co-curricular activities. She left us with some resources to continue creating on iMovie.

"Creativity & AI: Navigating the Wave of Change"

Does the idea of generative AI intimidate you? Do you get excited to experiment with AI? Regardless of you familiarity, Donna Caldwell from Adobe shared more about Adobe's ethical approach to developing AI workflows while maintaining the human element of imagination and creativity. Read up on Adobe's commitment to responsible content creation and sharing through the Content Authenticity Initiative and Adobe's Content Credentials feature. 

"Conversation with Apple: Trends in the App Economy"

The app economy is at the intersection of several mega trends, from AI and machine learning to augmented reality, which are transforming industries and opening new career pathways for students. Dr. Andrew Currah from Apple led a conversation about some of the latest innovations across the app economy and an overview of free resources and curriculum from Apple.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” — Alan Kay, computer scientist
See you next year!