A Man of Myths By:Ariel

It all started with the war in Troy

And my fight to get home to my little boy,

A mad race across the sea

To get home to Penelope,

Though the great war was won

And we all assumed that we were done,

The gods themselves had other plans

To keep me from my beloved lands,

To the Cicones we first arrived

so very few made it out alive,

We then found a great cave

In which Polyphemus laid,

he snuck up on us when we were weak

and he made our situation feel all to bleak,

But when my men he started to fry

We stuck a stake straight through his eye,

Luckily most escaped

That most horrid fate,

Yet we later made our way to Calypsos great abode

As stunning as all the stories have told,

We then came upon Calypso the beautiful beast

She drew all my men in with a delectable feast,

But once we managed to escape

we were forced to follow our fate,

And by the end

I had lost all my men,

So finally I alone

came upon Circes beloved home,

For 10 years I stayed

And for my sins I then payed,

At last once free

I sailed the sea,

20 years later I returned home from Troy

to the women I loved and my child no longer a boy