The Farley Foundation 2022-2023 ANNUAL REPORT

The Farley Foundation supports the relationship between pets and people by generating and allocating resources to subsidize veterinary care for Ontario families in need.

Letter to donors

From its humble beginnings, the Farley Foundation has grown to have a remarkable impact. Since 2002, more than 14,000 pets have received care, with more than $6 million distributed. These numbers represent numerous families who have remained together with their pets, thanks to the foundation's dedication and the support of veterinarians and donors.

With these achievements in mind, the foundation's board of directors and longtime supporters wondered about additional possibilities, and in late 2022 the board conducted a review to determine the foundation's future direction. Throughout the review process, the board remained committed to understanding the Farley Foundation's driving force, its donors and its team. Establishing a clear sense of purpose would guide the way forward. With that in mind, the foundation has a bold new vision: Every pet deserves access to veterinary care. This belief is unifying and recognizes the enduring bond between humans and animals. By its nature, it also rejects any barriers to pet ownership. While we can't enable change overnight, we can be resolute in our actions, as outlined in the foundation's new mission statement: We support the relationship between pets and people by generating and allocating resources to subsidize veterinary care for Ontario families in need.

How do we accomplish this? Simply put, in the next four years the Farley Foundation will double its impact and double the funds it raises. More specifically, we will:

  1. Increase our impact by doubling the disbursement funding across Ontario. Over the past years, on average the foundation has supported an average of 1,000 pets annually. We'll grow this to help 2,000 pets per year by 2027.
  2. Provide proactive support to identified communities in need.
  3. Grow the Farley Foundation donor base and community of supporters. We'll double our fundraising in the next four years.
  4. Deepen engagement with and support of OVMA members to increase veterinary participation rate.
  5. Invest in the foundation's near-term infrastructure for long-term growth and community impact.

For more information about the future of the Farley Foundation, view our Mission & Impact Study. We hope you share this excitement for what lies ahead!

Yours in philanthropy,

Dr. Gwen Jeun, president, and John Stevens, executive director


This is the best organization to contribute financially. It's helped so many animals and people, especially when people do not have the financial means to save their beloved pets. A big shout out to all the veterinarians who make this possible." ~ Margaret

Your impact: who we helped

Sharing our lives with an animal helps us treat stress, depression, high blood pressure, and increases social interaction and physical activity. The simple act of petting an animal has been shown to lower your heart rate and increase a sense of well-being. Looking after our pets also contributes to our sense of purpose. For many who are elderly or have a disability, or who are struggling financially, this is critical to their well-being.

Olive & Amanda

Olive didn't have a veterinarian and had never had a checkup. Understanding the importance of preventive care but lacking the financial resources for it, her owner, a recipient of the Ontario Disability Support Program, contacted a local veterinarian to inquire about the Farley Foundation's Pets to Vets program. The veterinarian applied for Pets to Vets funding to welcome Olive as a patient, and she received her first exam and needed core vaccinations for free. However, Olive's exam revealed that she was suffering from severe periodontal disease and required surgery for a full-mouth extraction. Since she was now a patient, Olive's veterinarian was also able to apply for Farley Foundation funding to help cover the cost of her surgery.

"Thank you to the Farley Foundation for helping Lacey enjoy her life. Lacey has an advanced heart condition that was getting worse with severe infections of all her teeth. Her condition required a full mouth extraction with long courses of antibiotics and heart medications. Thanks Farley Foundation for making it possible to treat and care for Lacey. She is a happy and healthy dog again." ~ Julian

During the 2022-2023 fiscal year, the Farley Foundation paid for veterinary care for 1,450 pets, including:

  • 831 dogs
  • 577 cats
  • 22 rabbits
  • 9 birds
  • 6 guinea pigs
  • 2 rats
  • 1 hamster
  • 1 chinchilla
  • 1 reptile
"I am deeply thankful for the generosity and kindness that has been extended to Dumpling and myself. The emotional support and love Dumpling gives me keeps me going. Sometimes our pets are the closest family we have in life. I'm so grateful that you have given me the ability to provide her with the quality care she needs and deserves. There will never be enough words to express my gratitude to you." ~ Myrie

In 2022-2023, the Farley Foundation assisted:

  • 836 Ontario Disability Support Program recipients
  • 164 Ontario Works recipients
  • 177 pet owners earning less than $25,000/year
  • 136 seniors receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement
  • 108 Canada Pension Plan Disability recipients
  • 29 participants in the SafePet Ontario program*

*SafePet Ontario helps to find temporary foster care for the pets of individuals seeking safety from domestic violence.

"You have no idea how grateful I am that you took the time to help me out, as I'm having my own issues and feel overwhelmed at times." ~ Catherine

Rose & Ashley

"Rose is a gentle and kind 10-year-old rottweiler who developed a mammary mass. The mass began to grow rapidly this winter. Her owner (Ashley) really wanted to do her best to take care of her, but she was struggling with surgical costs. We were able to assist her by applying to the Farley Foundation on her behalf. The foundation covered a large portion of her surgical fees to remove this large mass. Rose has recovered well and is back to her old self again!" ~ The veterinary team at Orillia & District Veterinary Services

Special events

The Farley Foundation held two fundraising events in 2022-2023:

  1. Summit Veterinary Pharmacy Ride for Farley
  2. Fundraise for Farley Month

The 2022 Summit Veterinary Pharmacy Ride for Farley took place in September as a hybrid event, with participants riding in-person or participating in an activity of their choice at home. More than $31,000 was raised with 100 per cent of the proceeds going to people and pets in need. Of special note was Dr. Matthew Richardson, the Farley Foundation’s past-president, who raised almost $19,000. Thank you to everyone who participated and donated—every dollar raised will help change the lives of a person and a pet!

2022 Summit Veterinary Pharmacy Ride for Farley.

In October 2022, more than 240 veterinary clinics participated in Fundraise for Farley Month, the Farley Foundation’s largest annual fundraising campaign, raising more than $170,000 to help low-income pet owners in Ontario. Events included dog washes, raffles, point of sale donations, bake sales, dog walks and more. The top fundraisers were Mississippi Veterinary Services ($16,100), Orillia & District Veterinary Services ($8,650) and Lake Country Animal Hospital ($8,031). Thank you to all the clinics, donors and supporters for making this event such a success!

2022 Fundraise for Farley Month
My vet told me that Baxter needed surgery to remove his eye to prevent infection and additional issues. I felt sick. Not only because I was so worried for Baxter, but also because I didn't know how I would be able to pay for the operation. The Farley Foundation saved Baxter! He had his surgery and is now fully recovered. He's more happy and he enjoys things more, like going for walks. Baxter is my best friend. He is family. He has been always there for me through good times and bad, and I can't imagine what life would be like without him. You don't know what this means to me." ~ Matthew


It pleases me to know that most of my donation will actually go to helping beloved pets who need medical care. My granddog Chloe always received the best medical attention whenever she needed it. I can't think of a better way of honouring her memory than making a donation to the Farley Foundation." ~ Ermine


Because the Farley Foundation is administered by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association, its overhead costs are very low. That means that more of every donor dollar goes towards assisting pets and pet owners in need.


Instead of giving to a massive charity with ridiculous administrative costs, I'm giving to you. People need this kind of support. ~ David

2022-23 Board of Directors

Thank you to the Farley Foundation board of directors:

  • Dr. Gwen Jeun, President
  • Dr. Albert Wimmers, Vice-President
  • Dr. Sue Dorland
  • Dr. Sally Moran
  • Dr. Barb O'Neill
  • Dr. Ellen Shapiro

Every pet deserves access to veterinary care.