Riverwood middle school Honor & Symphonic Band spring Concert May 10th, 2024 6:00pm


Before we kick off this great night of music we wanted to briefly remind you of some things that you, the audience, can do to help make us sound great.

Please silence your cellphone or any other soundmaking device. Let this concert be a chance to take a break from texting, email, Facebook and other things we do on our phones. Please sit back, relax and enjoy our hard work.

Please refrain from talking while our groups are performing. Try to completely immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of our musicians.

If your child seated with you gets restless during the concert, please feel free to take them out in the hallway for a short break.

For tonight let's transform this space into a great music hall. Please don't wave at us while we are performing, or call out our names during the concert. A big hug after the concert is much more appreciated than an embarrassing wave or yell. A trip for ice cream after the concert is even better. Thank you for being here with us tonight and we hope you enjoy the performance.

Symphonic band

Symphonic Band Songs

  • High Impact - Loest
  • Scream - Standridge
  • Man of Steel - Story
  • Into the Arctic - Balmages


Honor Band Songs

  • Music for a Darkened Theatre - Brown
  • Tripwire - Hall
  • Stay - Standridge
  • Sun Cycles - Balmages
  • Pixar Movie Magic - Brown
  • Seven Nation Army - Murtha


An essential part of any successful band is a strong private lessons program. During class, we are not able to give your child as much individualized attention as we would like to. Private lessons are a chance for your child to have one on one time with a specialist on their instrument to help them excel faster inside and outside the classroom. Private lessons are typically held at Kingwood High School, depending on your private teachers schedule. If you are interested in having your student start private lessons next school year, please let one of the band directors know and they will send you the information that you need.


Thank you to the RMS Administration: Mr. Roser, Mr. Young, Mrs. Peter, Mrs. Fontenot

Thank you to the KM4B directors Mr. Morrison, Ms. Scott, and Mr. Guardiola for all of their continued support of the RMS Band.

Thank you to the Fine Arts Administration: Mr. Balch, Mr. Winson, Ms. Olges, Ms. Newton and Ms. Lovato

Thank you to our amazing Band Booster VP committe for all of their help throughout this school year

Thank you to the Kingwood Band Boosters for all their support!