SAM MILLNE & the Virants

Sam Millne is a committed singer-songwriter, popular with crowds, and ready to take the next leap on his musical journey.

With his live backing band, the Virants, Sam is looking for opportunities to support bands and artists after his latest sold-out headline show.

As a journalist on Merseyside, Sam has plenty of musical connections and his recent single Rockstar had a successful release.

Catchy riffs and timeless melodies (La's pun intended) make Sam's performances instantly memorable for people with a variety of music tastes.

Whether it is passionate commentary you want or fun-filled ditties, there is something for everyone in Sam's sets.

Liverpool Noise - “A hint of The Smiths’ energy though slightly edgier than that of your standard song.”

Liverpool Sound & Vision - “An inspired piece of musical art that sets up its own bubble of creation.”

The Beat Liverpool - “Perfectly encapsulates that feel-good indie sound.”

Soul Crew Records - "Another diamond in the music industry".