Sacred Renewal A Women’s Retreat for healing, reclaiming, AND celebrating the divine feminine

Welcome to this retreat space for women...

A sacred container for celebrating the divine feminine through our connection with the wilds of nature, the holy temple of our body, our spirit, and a community of divine sisters. This experience is about soul work. It will be rich in symbolism, creativity, ritual, and self-reclamation. It’s meant to awaken and restore the feminine principle - a fundamental part of us. It’s time to heal and reclaim our deep connection with the divine goddess within ourselves, with other women, and with the Earth Mother, as a fundamental energy on the planet at this time. It's time to rise together!

A weekend experience: APRIL 19-21, 2024


A lovely secluded estate situated on a picturesque point overlooking Dog Lake, just a short drive from Kingston, ON. Privacy is a paramount consideration as we move into the heart of this retreat. Accommodation details will be forwarded upon acceptance.


A place where the inner and outer world intersect.


Each day will begin in noble silence as we attune mindfully and sensually to our bodies and ourselves, through meditation and mindful movement. Spacious mealtimes, as well as time in nature, and integration opportunities are part of this experience.

DAY 1: Friday, April 19

  • Arrive between 9-10 am ET
  • Breathing and letting go: Have some tea and settle in
  • Welcome circle: Creating our sacred container together
  • Lunch
  • TALK: The Divine Feminine, followed by a nature-based activity.
  • Creative Expression: Connecting to self
  • Deepening through integration and personal time
  • Dinner: Cultivating community
  • Fire Ceremony

DAY 2: Saturday, April 20

  • Meditation & Movement: An intentional practice
  • Breakfast
  • TALK: Ceremony overview & preparation: What to expect
  • Light Lunch
  • Sacred plant medicine journey with Cannabis or Cacao (New*)
  • Integration begins. Closing of ceremony space
  • Dinner, then time for processing and self-care

DAY 3: Sunday, April 21

  • Meditation & Movement: Connecting with the heart
  • Breakfast
  • Deepening the integration process: Meaning making
  • Personal time and 1:1 time with facilitators: Deepening the integration process
  • Lunch
  • TALK: Returning to the world: Considerations & practices
  • Personal time and more 1:1 time with facilitators: Intimate moments
  • Wrap-up, closing the container
  • Departure around 5:00 pm ET


Delicious and homemade vegetarian meals will be a supportive feature of this retreat. Participants will be provided with a range of healthy snacks, as well as a variety of teas, coffee (as requested), and fresh fruits.

Please note: It can be difficult to accommodate a wide range of dietary needs. Gluten free and lactose free options will be provided. Other specific dietary needs will be noted in the Application Form. Participants are encouraged to bring any foods that meet their unique needs. Please inform organizers for planning purposes.

"You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together" ~Anthony Bourdain


  • A variety of beautiful room options are available. A link will be provided to participants upon acceptance to this retreat. These will be shared spaces with a king bed. If this is a concern, please inform organizers. If you're attending with a friend, please note this on your application form.
  • All rooms are priced equally and will be allocated by organizers.


This event includes a sacred plant medicine ceremony featuring either Cannabis Sativa or Cacao. To take part in this offering, the following is required:

  • Complete an Application Form
  • Schedule a meeting: After submission of the completed form, an intake meeting with Shannon and Denise will be scheduled. Together, we’ll review important safety questions to establish suitability for this type of offering. NOTE: In joining this offering, you are consenting to take part in sacred ceremony with Cannabis or Cacao as a plant allies.
  • Upon acceptance, you will be invited to hold your spot by 1) Completing a follow-up form that includes a review of a policies and disclaimers document, and payment options, and 2) Paying either a non-refundable deposit, or the full fee.
  • Deadline: All applications and interviews must be completed, and deposits paid by March 15, 2024. If you're interested and the deadline has passed, please contact organizers to inquire about space. Contact details are listed below. See "about the facilitators".


Throughout history, women have worked with Cannabis Sativa as a sacred plant ally in spiritual ceremonies. This is ancient women’s medicine. The oracular smoke of Cannabis supported women’s bodies during transformative periods in their lives. Participants of this retreat will be guided - through ceremonial use of Cannabis - into an altered state of consciousness where deep healing and self-reclamation is possible.

Cacao is another powerful plant medicine. When used ceremonially, it connects us deeply with life on the planet through a practice of gratitude, intention, and reciprocity . "Cacao is a teacher that is skilled at helping us reconnect with our own hearts, tend our relationships, and walk through life purposefully and guided by clear vision" (Ora).

Either medicine will be a powerful plant ally to work with as we deepen into the theme of Sacred Renewal. Preparation and Integration sessions will be an essential part of this experience. Participants who choose to work with Cannabis, will be required to bring their own medicine to the experience. All details regarding the purchase of Cannabis will be reviewed during the intake interview.


  • All prices include luxurious accommodation overlooking Dog Lake, beautiful shared room with ensuite, breakfast (2), lunch (3), dinner (2), snacks, tea and coffee, Cacao, and retreat facilitation for 3 days / 2 nights.
  • $950 per person
  • EARLY BIRD RATE: $900 if paid by March 15, 2024.


Two weeks before the retreat - on April 4, 2024 - an information session will be held for all registered participants (those who have been accepted and paid for the retreat). This will be an online offering and will introduce some key concepts central to this experience. Time: 6-8 pm ET. A Zoom link will be provided in advance of this event.

"A pre-retreat sampler" is CANCELLED!

Interested in the retreat but either uncertain or unfamiliar with Cannabis as a sacred plant medicine? A Sacred Cannabis Circle "sampler" will introduce participants to Cannabis as a sacred plant ally used to create altered states of consciousness for deep transformative work.

  • Date: March 10, 2024 from 1-5 pm ET
  • Fee: $100
  • Maximum: 8 persons
  • Location: Neuma: The Centre for Social Wellness, 623 King St. W., Kingston, ON
  • Register here. Completion of a Safety Questionnaire is part of the registration process, and is required to attend this experience.


Shannon Brown

SHANNON BROWN, Sound Therapist, Spiritual Coach, and Plant Medicine Guide is a true creative force, a magical being who effortlessly weaves together diverse artistic and healing traditions to help people tap into their soul’s purpose and sacred dream. With her gentle guidance and innate sensitivity, Shannon is a beacon of light for those seeking transformation, healing, and growth. Her multifaceted approach to healing combines the power of sound therapy, expressive arts therapy, plant medicine guiding, and shamanic healing, creating a unique and deeply immersive experience. During her sound therapy sessions, you'll hear the otherworldly sounds of traditional shamanic instruments and futuristic frequencies, as Shannon's angelic voice guides you through a journey of self-discovery and healing. Shannon is certified in Sound Therapy with Toronto’s ITM and is a Psychedelic Guide, having trained with the Centre for Medicinal Mindfulness and in Trauma Informed Plant Medicine facilitation and somatic integration with Atira Tan. She has University degrees in Fine Arts, Artist in Community Education and Human Psychology. With Shannon as your guide, you'll unlock the full Potential of your creativity, intuition, and inner wisdom, and emerge from each session feeling renewed, empowered, and inspired.

Denise Neumann-Fuhr

DENISE's work is grounded in transcendent realms of thought and practice stemming from graduate work in Transpersonal Psychology and Shadow Work, as well as years devoted to her own psychospiritual journey. As a certified Transformational Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Psychedelic Cannabis Guide, and RN, Denise helps others cultivate a greater sense of their own divine wholeness. Trainings that support this work include Hakomi, Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, Compassion cultivation, Internal Family Systems for coaches, as well as various wisdom, energy, and mystery school trainings. More recently, a deep and evolving exploration of the Divine Feminine, the Dark Goddess, luminous darkness, and the impacts of the patriarchy on the sister/witch wound is informing her practice with profound results. Work with plant medicines augment this further with training completed through the Centre of Medicinal Mindfulness, Therapsil, and Gathering Groups with breathwork, and Psychedelic Harm Reduction, important adjuncts. Under-scoring all of this is a deep resonance with indigenous spiritual worldviews.

Denise works in private practice where she offers 1:1 coaching sessions as well as a variety of workshops that focus on the transpersonal dimension of life. She also leads a mindfulness meditation Sangha and participates as a Sitter and Guide in Psychedelic Cannabis offerings (Neuma, Kingston) where she invokes the Divine Feminine as a guiding force in journey space.

“When we can notice, and then shift the internal dialogue that prevents us from living from our deepest and wisest Self, we realign our inner compass. We come home."

Revised January 2024