Cobs Bread: fresh baked goods, quality service By Talia moskowitz

Cobs Bread recently opened at 374 Post Road East in Westport. It has over 160 locations across Canada. Before its Westport location, only two other Cobs Bread establishments existed in the US. Both are in Connecticut, with one in Greenwich and the other in Stamford.

Cobs Bread prides itself on the freshness of its products. Across two walls are breads and baked goods that were baked that morning.

Jake Ronne, the new manager at Cobs Bread, had only good things to say about the company.

"I didn't think it was quite possible to find a place like this that bakes fresh every single day, " Ronne said, "and is just full of really good people who want to delight everybody who comes in through the door."

A variety of products are sold. Sourdough, wheat, and white bread, as well as baguettes are baked daily.

Cobs Bread is partnering with local charities to collect donations and support the community.

"Join us in spreading love, one donation at a time! Together, let’s make an impact that truly matters," the Cobs Bread website says.

The community, Ronne said, has been an integral part of his posivite experience at Cobs Bread in Westport.

"The community has treated us very well, and we try to treat them the same."

Alex Gordon '24 enjoys the new bakery, especially for its proximity to other popular spots around town.

"It's super convenient when you go to Trader Joes or Poke Works to have a bakery right there," Gordon said.

Cobs Bread organizes its products into six categories: simple, healthy, artisan, sweet, savory and family favorites.
Cobs Bread, as part of their month-long dough-nation day campaign, is raising money for Nourish Bridgeport. The nonprofit is centered around food insecurity and helping those in need.

Cobs Bread has plans to expand all across Connecticut.

"In the next five years there are going to be locations from here all the way down to New London and beyond," Ronne said.