Real Estate Prep Preparing your house for real estate pictures

Following these simple suggestions will help in the prep of your home for sale. We want to capture your home at it's very best.

General Areas

  • Open all curtains/drapes. We want to see all that beautiful natural light spilling in.
  • Turn off lights around house. I like to use mostly natural light to light a space.
  • Hide cords!
  • Put away all pet items (beds, dishes, scratching posts, toys etc..)
  • Declutter surfaces. Keep surfaces decorated very minimally.
  • Remove rugs if you have hardwood flooring. Especially door mats at the entrance**
  • If anything is blocking the windows please remove.
  • Put away shoes, shoe racks, coat racks etc..
  • Make all beds, tuck everything in nicely for nice clean lines.
  • Clean mirrors and TV's as best as you can.


  • Completely declutter/remove all items on counters. Keep it simple.
  • Close toilet seat lid.
  • Put a fresh neutral hand towel on hook. Remove all things with bright colors or patterns.
  • Remove the garbage cans, toilet bowl cleaner, plungers etc..
  • Close the shower curtain or leave partially open to showcase the tile.
  • Remove mats.


  • Remove all personal items.
  • Clear outside of fridge completely.
  • Remove trash cans.
  • Remove ALL appliances from counter tops.
  • Remove all items from around and in the sink area.
  • Clean shiny areas very well (fridge, stove, over top, microwave etc..)


  • Hide garbage containers completely out of sight.
  • Move all vehicles, trailers, toys from driveway/front of the house.
  • Clear snow.
  • Cut grass, rake any dead grass, water well.
  • Remove pet items/mobile kids toys.



If you have any questions about the prep of your house please get in contact with your Agency North Central Alberta Real Estate Agent. They will help you prepare things to sell your home as quickly as possible.