The Stinger December 15, 2023

Good afternoon Stinger families!

As a reminder, here is next week's schedule. Please pay close attention to the start/end times and the days for each day of finals. We have spent the last few weeks preparing for finals and have no doubt that our students won't knock these finals out of the ballpark!

You will not receive a newsletter from me next week. Enjoy the long winter break. We look forward to seeing our students back on campus on Thursday, January 4th. I cannot thank you all enough for all of the support this first semester together. Whether it was through your partnerships in supporting your child academically or donating to our PTO, your love of the work that we are doing for our kids was felt. The second semester will fly by with scheduling already starting in January for the 2024-2025 school year. 8th grade parents, be sure you have marked your calendars for Falcon Night at CSHS on January 17th. 7th grade parents, we will be communicating to you information about schedules in late January.

Thank you to all of you who gave to our holiday gift fund! The staff is going to be so excited on Tuesday when PTO gifts them! Your kindness is amazing!

As we approach the winter break, I wanted to take a moment to extend my warmest wishes to you and your families. May this season bring you joy, laughter, and cherished moments with your loved ones. It truly has been a pleasure to witness the growth and achievements of our students throughout this first semester and with your continuous support, you have helped make this possible. Thank you for entrusting us with the education and well-being of your children.

Wishing you all a happy holiday and wonderful winter break!


Jill Sarraino, Principal


Main Line Phone Number: 480.272.8600

Attendance: 480.272.8604

Health Tech: 480.272.8602

Upcoming Dates

December 18-20: 1st Semester Finals

January 4: School Resumes- HAPPY 2024!

January 10: Cultural Festival

January 17: Falcon Parent Night (make note of the date change 8th grade parents)

This is for 8th grade parents only!

January 20: Run the District- how much fun would it be to have a bunch of our STMS families run in their Stinger green? See below links for the flyer and registration.


Theme Days

As a part of PBIS, we celebrate and do fun "things" with our kids. Every Friday, we have a school theme day. We will share these days with our students during announcements, but you can also find them in this section of the newsletter. Please encourage your child to participate. We can still have fun while learning. Go Stingers!

December 5-December 20: "12 Days of December to Remember"- watch the dates closely

Outstanding STAR Students

There are students out there who continue to do the right thing, don't always get recognized for their efforts, or just might need a little pick me up. We invite you to write up a nomination. Please revolve your answer around Safety, Trustworthy, Accountable, Respectful. Student names will be read on announcements OR they will get a special visit in one of their classrooms. When completing, you can remain anonymous if you so choose.

More great news about our our Stinger students! Last week, Nixx competed in the ROTAX Grand Finals in Bahrain. This is the Olympics of karting with 72 drivers in his class from 60 countries. Prior to leaving, Fox 10 did a follow up story on him as they 1st met him when he was 9 years old and wanted to show how far he’s come as he’s now competing at the national and international level. Way to go Nixx!
Congratulations Ryder~ our STMS Superintendent Student of the Month. Keep working hard buddy!!!
Festive Day! We love these theme days as it gives us an opportunity to showcase our kids being kids! They are such amazing human beings and our biggest hope is that you are enjoying seeing a small piece of our everyday life at STMS with great kids and a wonderful staff!

Stinger Shining Staff

This is an opportunity (and part of our PBIS system) for you to share your words of appreciation to any staff member on our campus- and it is FREE. The form below will take less than a minute to complete. We appreciate you in advance for letting our staff know the great joy and success that they bring to our campus, students, and community!

Stingers of the Month

Stinger of the Month lunch!


Office Hours are by appointment only. Every teacher will have a google form that students will complete prior to attending their office hours. This ensures safety and also allows for our teachers to appropriately prepare for the many needs that our students have when they come to get additional support in office hours.

Students creating a working model of a hinge joint in 7th grade Science.
Great job choir!!!
Students had an exciting time exploring the intricacies of anatomy through hands- on dissections of pig and chicken hearts. This activity brought a fun and engaging conclusion to the study of body systems for the students


Parents play a crucial role in supporting middle school students during finals. Here are some ways parents can provide assistance and create a positive and conducive environment for their children:

  1. Establish a Supportive Routine: Help your child establish a routine that includes dedicated study time, breaks, and sufficient sleep. Consistency can help reduce stress.
  2. Create a Quiet Study Space: Provide a quiet and well-lit study space free from distractions. Ensure that necessary supplies, like textbooks and notebooks, are readily available.
  3. Encourage Effective Study Habits: Support your child in developing effective study habits, such as summarizing information, making flashcards, and using active learning techniques.
  4. Communicate Openly: Maintain open communication with your child. Ask about their progress, listen to their concerns, and offer guidance when needed.
  5. Monitor Screen Time: While technology can be a useful tool for studying, monitor your child's screen time and ensure that it is used productively. Limit distractions during study sessions.
  6. Provide Healthy Snacks: Offer nutritious snacks and meals to keep energy levels up. Avoid excessive caffeine and sugary snacks, as they can lead to energy crashes.
  7. Encourage Breaks: Remind your child to take short breaks during study sessions to avoid burnout. Physical activity during breaks can help refresh the mind.
  8. Celebrate Efforts, Not Just Results: Recognize and celebrate your child's efforts and hard work. Positive reinforcement can boost their confidence and motivation.
  9. Be Available for Questions: Let your child know that you are available to help with questions or provide guidance. Offer assistance without taking over, allowing them to build problem-solving skills.
  10. Model Stress Management: Model healthy stress management techniques. Children often learn by example, so demonstrating effective ways to handle stress can be beneficial.
  11. Connect with Teachers: Stay in touch with your child's teachers to understand the expectations for each subject and identify areas where additional support may be needed.
  12. Provide Emotional Support: Recognize that exam periods can be stressful, and provide emotional support. Encourage a positive mindset and remind your child that exams are a part of the learning process.
  13. Balance Expectations: Set realistic expectations and encourage your child to do their best rather than focusing solely on achieving high grades. Emphasize the importance of learning and growth.
  14. Offer Encouragement: Offer words of encouragement and express confidence in your child's abilities. Remind them that it's okay to face challenges and that mistakes are opportunities for learning.
  15. Plan Relaxation Activities: Plan relaxation activities or breaks together as a family to help your child unwind and reduce stress.

Remember that every child is unique, so it's essential to be flexible and adapt your support strategies based on your child's needs and preferences. A balance of encouragement, structure, and understanding can go a long way in helping your middle school student navigate finals successfully.



Goooooo Stinger wrestling!!!
Good job to our Robotics team. They won the Connect Award in Flagstaff this past weekend.

Yearbook Information

Are you interested in submitting photos to our yearbook? Please click on the link below!

Are you ready to purchase your child's yearbook? Please click on the link below!



  • Sarah Fairfield, President
  • Bethany Flower & Annie Schwartz, Vice Presidents
  • Mollie Sutherland, Secretary
  • Virginia Sierra, Treasurer
  • Kelly Clary & Jessica Cammarata, FunShine Chairs
  • Ashley Renie & Kelly Groth, Snack Shack Chairs
  • Kelly Harkins, Web & Technology
  • Jessica Spencer, Social Media Chair and Site Council

Future Stinger Night

Please share the below information to any 6th grade parents that you may know! We cannot believe we are already talking about the 2024-2025 school year!



There are just so many wonderful things happening each and everyday on our campus. To ensure you don't miss out on anything, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for daily updates.

Around CCUSD


CCUEF is going to have a Rally the District with the Suns, March 7th, 2024. They only have until Jan 31st to sell tickets. CCUEF will also be the Community Partner for the Night! They will be showing a short video from Grant the District on the Overhead Screens. They have 350 seats set aside in 6 different price ranges. 30 CCUSD students (16 yrs and younger) will get to be on the court during the National Anthem with the teams. CCUEF will randomly pick students who have tickets. Plus, we get early entrance to watch warm-ups sitting in the lower level.

$5 per ticket will go to CCUEF and any donations received will as well. CCUEF will have a table on the lower level concourse. This will help CCUEF fund grants for 2024.




November 5, 2024