Hello MBFS-

Our annual PTSA FALL FESTIVAL is 10.20.23

Who says you need chilly weather to celebrate fall? Dive into Florida's unique spin on the season at our annual Fall Fest! Experience the magic of Fall at the beach with trunks to get treats, a haunted house to get creeps, food trucks to fill your tummies, sweet treats to cool you down, and games and inflatables to jump around! Whether you're joining us as a patron or willing to help as a volunteer, there’s a piece of fall for everyone to savor and we appreciate you! Embrace the blend of summer warmth and autumn spirit, only in Florida! Join us for an evening of smiles, coastal breezes, and the unmistakable charm of a Florida Fall on October 20th. 🌊🎃🍁

Presale wristbands and limited edition Fall Festival tees will be available for purchase beginning October 1st!

For this event to be successful for your kiddos, we need volunteers! Please follow this link to sign up to help and earn October meeting credits! 

There are several positions that will need to be filled. You can choose whatever position works best for you. Attending the Fall Festival gives you your general membership meeting credit for the month of October. You do not have to be a Level II volunteer, but you must be a registered and activated volunteer. If you have questions, please contact Erin Osburn via email at president@mbfsptsa.org.

Mr. Ateek, Principal


Welcome to our October student newsletter! This newsletter was created, designed, and edited by our 8th grade AVID students.


With our Tampa Bay Rays in the playoffs let’s do a round of Rays Crazy spirit dates this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Tuesday: Rays throwback

Wednesday: Rays hats

Thursday: Any style shorts and Rays jersey


Lockers are not required but are available to those that would like one. Students must have a school purchased lock. Locks for purchase, and a 2023-2024 Student Locker Use Agreement form can be picked up from the front office. If a student has a school lock from last school year, they can use the same lock again this year. If using a locker, please know that we only have 4-minutes of passing time between classes. Students will need to work out a schedule of when the best times to go to their locker will be. Students will not have enough time to go to their locker after every class.



NO SCHOOL 10.16.23



Attention 8th grade families: Some of the high schools in our district have started shadowing opportunities. Please cruise the websites of the programs you’re interested in for more information. Every program does shadowing differently. We will also have our annual Magnet Fair here at Madeira Beach on October 10th. If you’re able to attend, it’s a great opportunity to learn about the different high school programs in our district. Our school counselors will also be going over these programs with your child through their science classes on Friday, October 6th. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your counselor if you have any questions or concerns.


Shadowing at Osceola Fundamental High School will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning October 17th – December 5th from 7:30am -1:40pm. Seats are limited and are available on a first come first serve basis.

We will be using the link below to facilitate sign ups

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, please direct your families with questions to our front office at 727-547-7717.


We are excited to be hosting school tours for families and students interested in joining our program.

These sessions will take place on Wednesday mornings at 8:30A.

The dates for these tours are:

October 18, November 8, November 29, December 6, and January 10

Please call us at 727.547.7697 to register to attend one.


Learn about us, November 14, 530P


Red Ribbon Week Below:

  • 10/23-Monday – Be Drug Free: wear Red
  • 10/24-Tuesday – Drug free from head to toe: Crazy hair, hat (head) and/or crocs or flip-flop day (toes)
  • 10/25-Wednesday – Better Together! Drug and Bully Free: Twin/Friend Day
  • 10/26-Thursday – Your Future is Bright when you’re drug Free: Wear bright clothes or wear pink in support of Breast Cancer awareness.
  • 10/27-Friday – Dream to be Drug Free: Pajama Day

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from Sept. 15 - Oct. 15.


We are excited to announce that our school has been awarded a number of TAKE STOCK IN CHILDREN (TSIC) scholarships. These scholarships offer children college tuition with the Florida Prepaid College Scholarship program. Please see the attached for additional information. Applications are completed online and the number of requests always exceeds the number of scholarship opportunities. While the deadline is November 1, 2023 for this year’s opportunity, why wait? Apply today!

This is a great opportunity! There is NO RISK, only the opportunity to secure prepaid tuition (NOT a loan) voucher for college at any state university, college, vocation or technical school.

For more information, please see the attached or visit: www.pinellaseducation.org/tsic


Did you know that we have wonderful mentoring programs here at MBFS? TAKE STOCK IN CHILDREN is a scholarship program for students in grades 6-8. Who would not benefit from a positive and encouraging mentor?! If you would like more information and be a mentor, please contact our Assistant Principal Brooke Crandall at crandallb@pcsb.org

Online Back-to-School Forms

The district has compiled all 2023 Back-to-School forms, so parents can fill them out in one place - online. Families will be prompted to fill out forms as soon as they log into Focus. Forms are also available at www.pcsb.org/backtoschoolforms or by clicking the link below.


  1. Parent Acknowledgement of Student Code of Conduct
  2. Media Release
  3. Directory Information Opt-Out Letter
  4. Network/Internet Acceptable Use Agreement
  5. School and Classroom Library Material Student Access (New this school year)
  6. Technology Equipment Acceptance and Responsibility
  7. Residency Questionnaire
  8. School-Based Healthcare Services
  9. Student Clinic Card
  • 10-10 High School Mini Magnet Fair 5:30P
  • 10-20 PTSA Fall Festival 530P-830P
  • 10-24 SAC Meeting/ Parent University 5:30P
  • 11-1 NJHS Induction Ceremony 530P
  • 11-6 Community Partner Night
  • 1-16 SAC Meeting/ Parent University 5:30P
  • 1-22 PTSA Meeting 5:30P/ 7P
  • 1-29 Community Partner Night
  • 2-5 PTSA Meeting 5:30 P/ 7P
  • 2-9 Tall and Small Ball 6P-8P
  • 2-20 SAC Meeting/ Parent University 530P
  • 2-26 Family Fun Night – Sky Zone
  • 3-5 SAC Meeting/ Parent University 5:30P
  • 3-23 PTSA Fish Fry (12P-5P)
  • 4-8 PTSA Meeting 5:30 P/ 7P
  • 4-9 SAC Meeting/ Elementary Jump Up 5:30P
  • 4-13 Fish Fry Rain Date
  • 5-6 PTSA Meeting 5:30P ONLY
  • 5-7 SAC Meeting/ Parent University 5:30P

When circumstances arise, which make it impossible for a parent/guardian to attend a required meeting, a representative (18 years or older) may be sent. The representative may not be a parent or teacher at the school and may represent only one family. The representative may be sent to no more than two meetings per year. If a parent must exercise this option, they must notify the principal prior to the meeting. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to make the representative aware of all obligations.


  • After one (1) missed meeting a reminder letter will be sent to the family.
  • After two (2) missed meetings a letter will be sent placing the parent/family on probation. Once a family is placed on probation, a representative may not be sent to any meetings. The parent or legal guardian is required to attend all remaining meetings.
  • After the third missed meeting, the student/family will be referred to the school-based Intervention and Appeal Committee (IAC).

For general membership meeting credit, attendees must arrive no later than 15 minutes from the start of the selected meeting for check-in. Attendees are required to remain for the entirety of the meeting.

SCHOOL THEME FOR ‘23/’24 is “Be” Going along with our monthly character words.

  1. Be Tolerant- Oct.
  2. Be Patriotic- Nov.
  3. Be Charitable- Dec.
  4. Be Kind and caring- Jan.
  5. Be Cooperative- Feb.
  6. Be Responsible- March
  7. Be Honest- April
  8. Be Respectful- May


The student hours are: 745A- 1:55P Elementary 745A- 215P Middle grades

Our earliest student drop off each day is 715A. Parents are required to remain with their child in the carline if arriving to student until 715A. So that we continue traffic in line without disruption, there is no parking and walking up for drop off and pick up or students.

See a video below that can help you navigate thru our car line

It would not be wrong to come and practice the car line before school starts.

All elementary students drop off and pick up follows the red signs (inside loop of traffic). All middle grades families, (and those with elementary students) follow the blue signs (outside loop that flows towards Boca Ciega Bay).

In our car line, we kindly ask for you to close all gaps, use a dashboard name sign, a left turn signal to pass out of the line, and have your students drop off/ pick up ready with backpacks, folders, and music instruments in hand, and ready to exit or enter their vehicle. At no time should students enter or exit vehicles from the driver’s side, nor should you get out of your vehicles when using car line.


We always appreciate exemplary conduct from our parent community, as the neighborhood and businesses which surround our school are an extension of us. We request (and our business community across from school request) you use are car line for drop off and pick up purposes not the businesses across from school.

Part of being a good steward in the community is to respect the wishes of local businesses. They have requested that you do not direct your children to be dropped off or picked up from the local businesses nearby, like the Publix Shopping Center, and Walgreen's.


  1. Students just do not look out for cars and motorists sometimes just don't see them.
  2. School Staff is not available to monitor student behaviors off site.
  3. Increased traffic, where our families block entrances or exits, and use businesses as a second or third car line, discourages business from the community at student drop off and pick up times, and prevents their staff from find parking for work.

Prohibited Articles Cell Phones and Other Electronic devices

Parents are advised that the best way to get in touch with their child during the school day is by calling the child’s school office.

Students may possess an electronic device, which is defined as a device designed to receive and send an electronic signal, so long as they do so in strict compliance with this policy and any rules that individual schools may impose. Any student who fails to abide by the terms of this policy forfeits any right or privilege to possess any electronic device described in this policy. Pinellas County Schools recognizes the ever-increasing importance of technology in students’ lives and the beneficial role it can play for student education and communication when used responsibly. The possession and use of such devices should not interfere with academic instruction, student safety or a positive school climate.

At no point should an electronic device be used in a manner which infringes on the privacy rights of any other person; disrupts the educational process, school programs or activities; or violates Board Policy or federal/state law including but not limited to cyberbullying, sexual harassment, threats or cheating on tests or assignments. Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action and/or confiscation of the cell phone or electronic device. If the cell phone or electronic device is confiscated, it will be released/returned to a parent unless an alternative arrangement is agreed to by the principal (or designee).

A student may possess a cell phone and other electronic devices in school, on school property, at school-related functions, provided these items are powered off and concealed from view while school is in session.

At the discretion and upon approval of the school administrator, students may use electronic devices on school property, on school buses, or at school-sponsored events according to the following guidelines:
  1. At Madeira Beach Fundamental, cellular telephones and other electronic devices may be used before 7:25A, unless you are participating in breakfast or a before school activity.
  2. During class for instructional activities, with permission from the teacher.
  3. After school at the end of school day.
During official school hours the following rules apply:
  1. Students MAY NOT use electronic devices at school or school-sponsored activities to take pictures or record audio or video of students or school staff (including teachers, administrators or staff) without the prior consent of the student or staff member.
  2. Students may not use cell phones or other electronic devices on school property or at a school-sponsored activity to access and/or view Internet web sites that are otherwise blocked to students at school.
  3. The use of cell phones and other electronic devices is prohibited in locker rooms, bathrooms, and/or swimming areas.
  4. The student who brings a cell phone or other electronic device to school does so at their own risk. The student who possesses a cell phone or other electronic device is responsible for its care.
  5. Any cell phone or other electronic device left behind on a district school bus will be retained at the respective bus compounds until retrieved either by the student or parent possessing proper identification.
  6. School Board staff are not responsible for preventing theft, loss, damage, or vandalism to cell phones or other electronic devices brought onto its property, or left on school buses, including any electronic device confiscated due to inappropriate use.
  1. First offense – confiscation, parent/guardian notification, (K5 warning notice/ MS report notice)
  2. Second offense – confiscation/ student pick up at end of day, detention
  3. Progressive discipline steps


The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. We are so proud of the students who bravely step forward to let us know when they have seen someone in trouble or think that someone is in danger by telling a trusted adult, or using the anonymous See Something Say Something App.


Developed after the tragic loss of life experienced at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the See Something, Say Something Anonymous Reporting System was created to allow students and adults to securely submit anonymous safety concerns anytime, from anywhere to help identify at-risk students and intervene upon behaviors or actions that may cause harm to the student themselves or others. While playing a critical role in preventing unfortunate acts from taking place on our campus, the reporting system is like calling 911 due to a threat to self, a loved one or others. While the application adds a significant layer of safety to our campus, its use, or misuse also carries a significant responsibility and should not be used for non-threatening events or matters easily brought to the attention of a parent, teacher, trusted adult or school administrator. While we do not want to discourage the appropriate use of this preventative tool, it is the intentional abuse, much like the misuse of calling 911, that may result in disciplinary action. False or minor reports and intentional pranks or jokes consume multiple personnel and resources that are needed elsewhere and lessen the effectiveness of the system.

In the past school, staff received reports from the student body, copies of text messages and/or screen shots, and reviewed several tips that were all thankfully unfounded threats to the school, or in some instances made as false reports. Every report made will be investigated thoroughly and taken seriously. Please remind your student that making a threat and/or making a false report of a threat, even if intended as a joke, will result in serious consequences, including arrest and felony charges in many instances.

From the student code of conduct: any student who makes a threat or false report as defined by F.S. 790.162, 790.163, and 836.10, involving school or school personnel’s property, school transportation, or a school sponsored activity, will be suspended for no more than three (3) consecutive days for one offense and recommended for reassignment/expulsion. Threats may include but are not limited to: bomb threats; threats to use firearms in a violent manner; threats to kill or do bodily injury; and/or threats to conduct a mass shooting or an act of terrorism. In addition, if a student makes a statement or posts statements on social media alluding to the student bringing a firearm or other weapon to school, on school transportation, or to a school-sponsored event, even if the student does not actually bring the firearm or weapon, the student will be presumed to cause a disruptive environment which will lead to disciplinary action. Criminal penalties may be imposed as determined by law enforcement agencies.

We want to thank our parents, and students for continuing to keep Madeira Beach Fundamental School a safe and enjoyable place for our students, staff, and community. Your support by having these conversations at home will make a big difference, and will allow us to continue these conversations at school.