KC News Round Up Friday 10th November 2023

Sponsored Walk

Well done to the whole school for their good spirits and enthusiasm at the Sponsored Walk. The Dog Desk raised £95 and to date £2,175 has been donated on JustGiving which will close on Friday 17th November. Any further donations will be hugely appreciated and funds raided will go towards the three school charities this year. These are Folly Wildlife, Action for AT and Apopo.

House Music

Energy levels ran high after the Sponsored Walk for the House Music Competition. Danes, Celts and Saxons all showcased their incredibly talented musicians, had a fiercely fought House Song and all cheered on the Staff choir with their rendition of 'Hey Jude' as The KCeatles! Well done to Danes for winning and thanks go to Mr Christopher Persiva, Head of Senior Music at Radnor House, for adjudicating.

Sports Tour to South Africa

The South Africa trip probably warrants its own News Round Up as there is so much to say! However, here is a snapshot of what happened. KC students enjoyed a fantastic tour of South Africa over half term, playing netball and hockey matches against schools in Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town, as well as taking part in community outreach in townships and cultural villages. They also had the opportunity to visit Robben Island, experience a game drive and go up Table Mountain on the cable car. What an unforgettable adventure!

We Will Remember

The whole school and invited guests came together on Tuesday morning to remember and honour those who have lost their lives in times of war. Poppy wreaths were placed on the memorial of Sgt. Leslie Pidd whose Hurricane aircraft was shot down over the grounds of KC during the Battle of Britain on 15th September 1940.

Drumming Workshop

We were joined by Rich Rhythm for an African Drumming workshop this week. Year 8, who are studying African Drumming as part of their first music project for the autumn term, along with Years 10 and 11 took part. The aim of the workshop was to explore the history of music in Africa, how music is used in African cultures and the significance of music in these cultures for celebration and community. Everyone enjoyed having a go with the djembe drums and finding their rhythm!

Year 7 Spanish

In Year 7 Spanish lessons the students learnt about the Day of the Dead Mexican festival just before half term. The Day of the Dead takes place on the 1st and 2nd of November and is a celebration of both Catholic and pre- Hispanic traditions in Mexico and other Latin American countries, where families get together to remember loved ones that have passed away.

With the students' contributions, we created an altar dedicated to the iconic Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. The students brought colourful skulls and flowers, as well as offerings (ofrendas) of freshly baked "pan de muertos" a type of sweet bread. Well done to everyone in Year 7 who took part!

Technical Theatre Club

This week students assisted Mr Hougham in setting up the Drama Studio ready for next week's Year 11 practical exams.

Jessica has done the lighting design for her piece, so we were rigging, focusing and plotting her lighting design.

Grace has done the set design. We were experimenting with different painting techniques, which Jasmine and Kristy then helped stencil onto the floor in a chequerboard effect, which we then sponged different shades of grey over the top of. The technique was very effective, creating a space that works for all groups. The Drama Department are looking forward to next week's performances.

Years 10 & 11 Drama Trip

On Thursday afternoon, the Drama Department took Year 10 and 11 Drama students to the National Theatre production of "Ocean at the End of the Lane" at the Noël Coward Theatre in the West End. It is a stunning piece of theatre with glorious visual effects. The performances were powerful and energetic. It's an emotional, sometimes heart-warming, sometimes terrifying, fantasy story that left the students gripped to the end. There is much to talk about in this production, so it is a perfect choice for them to write about in their exams.

Boarding NOT boring!

Our H&H boarding community were treated to an evening of hot chocolate and face masks this week. Spirits were high as boarders chose a face mask, played their favourite pop tunes and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate.

Boarders have also enjoyed an energetic game of bench ball during their sports' evening on Thursday and Chaplain Katie organised a fire pit for marshmallow toasting earlier in the week.


Mrs Bullough, one of our technicians in the Science department spoke to AIM pupils at HALO this week about "Making a difference with a career in Pharmacy". As well as talking about the number of different career options, Mrs Bullough also shared some of her own experiences working as a Pharmacist in hospitals. This was a very worthwhile lecture and pupils were surprised to learn about what a rewarding pathway this is.

"I really enjoyed the lecture because it made me think twice about what pharmacists actually do and all the hard work they put into it and how many different types of pharmacists there are in the world." Mabel Year 8

Also this week, Year 7-11 pupils began to discuss and consider the Israel Palestine conflict at HALO Project club. We particularly looked at the types of news people might see at times of crisis and what it means to have a humanitarian crisis.

Kent College in Hong Kong

During the first week of half term Miss Handford and Mrs Ward, Director of External Relations, headed to Hong Kong to visit agents with whom we work with, attend a Girls' Schools Association fair to meet families interested in KC, and also catch up with a few of our current families.

Bedrock Learning

Bedrock Learning is an online literacy resource used by KC students through the English department. We have been contacted to congratulate us on our usage because out of the licenses we have; 100% of learners are active, students have more than one lesson a week, and have been exposed to (and taught) a total of 51,000 words.

"This is a stunning achievement, and a true testament to the dedication of everyone at Kent College. We believe literacy changes lives, and we're proud that you've partnered with us to support your learners, and have clearly inspired that level of dedication in them." Andy Sammons, Deputy Head of Teaching & Learning (QTS), Learning through literacy

Listening Books

Listening Books is an audiobook lending charity for those who find their illness, mental health, physical or learning disability affects their ability to read the printed word or hold a book.

They stock over 10,000 audiobooks and cover the National Curriculum from KS2 to A-Level, and also have 1000's of daily newspapers and magazines available in e-format and with a listening function. Online subscription is £20 a year for anyone interested in joining.

Odd Socks Day

We will be participating in Odd Socks Day on Monday 13th November as part of our commitment to Anti-Bullying Week. This fun and meaningful initiative encourages us to celebrate our uniqueness and spread kindness throughout the school community.

What is Odd Socks Day?

Odd Socks Day is all about embracing individuality and diversity. On this day, both students and staff are encouraged to wear mismatched socks to symbolise our support for a culture of inclusion and understanding.

Why Odd Socks?

Wearing odd socks may seem unconventional, but it sends a powerful message that it's okay to be different. There's no need to spend money on special clothing; all you need is a pair of mismatched socks. It's a simple, yet impactful way to take a stand against bullying and promote unity.

The Wellbeing Hub

Have a lovely weekend!