News from Purdue University's Department of Computer Science

Purdue announces new head of the Department of Computer Science

Professor Petros Drineas

After a competitive national search, Purdue University has announced Professor Petros Drineas will take on the role of head of the Department of Computer Science, effective Monday, July 1, 2024. Drineas joined Purdue University as an associate professor in August 2016 and has served as an associate head since June 2020.

Shahbaz earns NSF CAREER award

Muhammad Shahbaz, Kevin C. and Suzanne L. Kahn New Frontiers Assistant Professor, in the Department of Computer Science earned a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award for his proposed work titled, “A Platform for Per-Packet AI using Heterogeneous Data Planes.” His project aims to address the increasing demands on modern cyberinfrastructure by developing a holistic platform that enables datacenter operators to implement per-packet AI decisions directly within the network at line rate.

Associate Professor Dan Goldwasser joins Purdue's AP Video series to explain what Natural Language Processing is and how it could help the public better understand the impact that political legislation will have on them. The AP Video series explains 

Makur earns NSF CAREER award

Assistant Professor Anuran Makur

Assistant Professor Anuran Makur won a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award for his proposed work titled “Information Propagation over Networks.” His project explores how information spreads and dissipates in large networks, like social or communication networks, computation circuits, certain models in physics, or biological networks.

In this Purdue AP Video series, Assistant Professor Tianyi Zhang discusses the accuracy of ChatGPT and how the AI tool could impact the field of computer science. In a recent study, Zhang and other researchers asked ChatGPT 517 questions from Stack Overflow. They discovered that ChatGPT gave answers with incorrect information 52% of the time.

Purdue CS Bridge Program is open for 2024

The Purdue CS Bridge TAs from the 2023 program

The Bridge Program introduces students to basic computer science and programming concepts at a comfortable pace in a fun and informal environment. The goal is to help incoming students be successful in the first CS class (CS 18000) by introducing them to the subject matter, the professor, as well as student TA's. During the two-week program, students live on campus and develop a network of peers (and friendships) vital to their academic success. Registration fees include boarding in the residence halls, all meals, coursework and evening/weekend activities during the two weeks of Bridge.

Inspiring futures: CSGrad4US fellowships for computing PhDs

CSGrad4US aims to increase the number and diversity of domestic graduate students pursuing research and innovation careers in computer and information science and engineering fields. The program helps bachelor’s degree holders return to academia and pursue their research interests, enabling them to engage in innovative and high-impact projects without the burden of financial constraints.


As student interest in computing-related majors and the societal impact of artificial intelligence and chips continues to rise rapidly, Purdue University has launched a new major initiative, Purdue Computes, consisting of four dimensions that will connect faculty and students from across the institution and enable the university to advance to the forefront with unparalleled excellence at scale.


As the Department of Computer Science celebrates its founding 60 years ago as the first in America, it will add 50 new faculty over the next five years, continue to grow its undergraduate and graduate programs, and look toward a continued upward trajectory with the target of becoming one of the top 10 computer science programs in the U.S. by the end of the decade.


Purdue will focus on establishing itself as a leader in strategic areas of artificial intelligence at the intersection between the virtual and the physical, leveraging strengths in agricultural data, neuromorphic computing, deepfake detection, smart transportation data, AI-based manufacturing and other programs existing and new across the institution. The planned new university-wide institute will add 50 affiliated faculty over the next five years.


Building on national recognition of its semiconductor degrees program, Purdue will further enhance our economic and workforce development pipeline and become a global epicenter of semiconductors research, learning and industry partnership with a planned $100 million upgrade to semiconductor facilities over the next few years and growth in education, research and industry partnerships.


Purdue University is a thriving hub for quantum research and development. Purdue’s community of interdisciplinary quantum researchers focus on advancing quantum science and engineering to create future technologies that will transform our lives, economy and our world.


Your support for the Data Science building renovation will give Data Science students and faculty an exciting hub in which to collaborate and conduct research and will ensure that Purdue remains at the forefront of this rapidly changing field that impacts all aspects of life.

Contact James Parker at japarker@purdueforlife.org or at 765-496-3525 to learn how you can support this project.

Take Your giant leap. leave your legacy in the Hall of Data Science

The future renovation of the new Hall of Data Science is an exciting giant leap for our students—and presents exciting opportunities for Boilermakers like you.

Envisioning inviting spaces to gather, study, and collaborate, we are thrilled to introduce the Data Science Locker Campaign. By making a gift of $1,000 to support the Hall of Data Science, you will have the opportunity to leave a permanent legacy for you or a loved one on a locker.

We invite you to take a giant leap with us and support this exciting initiative. Your gift will help to create a welcoming and secure environment for our students, and you will have the opportunity to be a part of the legacy of the Hall of Data Science.

For so many of us here at the College of Science, myself included, the new Hall of Data Science is truly a dream come true". - Lucy Flesch, Frederick L. Hovde Dean of the College of Science

IEEE VR 2024

IEEE VR 2024: The 31st IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces. The IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (IEEE VR) is the premier international event for the presentation of research results in the broad areas of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR). Since 1993, IEEE VR has presented groundbreaking research and accomplishments by virtual reality pioneers: scientists, engineers, designers, and artists, paving the way for the future.

PreVR: Variable-Distance Previews for Higher-Order Disocclusion in VR (Journal: P1012) Shuqi Liao, Purdue University; Vetria L. Byrd, Purdue University; Voicu Popescu, Purdue University

CloVR: Fast-Startup Low-Latency Cloud VR (Journal: P1201) Yuqi Zhou, Purdue University; Voicu Popescu, Purdue University

Future students may visit Purdue's campus and tour the Department of Computer Science. Our visit opportunities give you a chance to experience life at Purdue - whether you want to do that in-person or virtually. Learn more about a future visit to the Department of Computer Science.




In the field of computer science, there is a sustained and significant increase in demand for our academic programs. We are thrilled to announce that, once again, we have surpassed our previous records for freshman admission applications, with the total exceeding 11,000. At the start of fall classes, 889 freshman students joined our previous classes for more than 3,000 undergraduates.

This year, freshman women students represent 22% of the undergraduate population and women are 23% among all undergraduate students.



Our graduate population has exploded with 538 MS and PhD students for the 2022-23 academic year. This represents a 26% increase in growth from the previous year.

Purdue Computer Science graduate students work in any of the 14 research areas in the department.

Purdue Computer Science offers the traditional PhD and master's degree programs in addition to a professional master's degree in information security.