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Celtic Tales

Illustration byTithi Luadthong

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On the Edge of Discovery

Artwork by Tithi Luadthong

We’re on the edge of discovering a revelation for a better world

We are but stewards of this place. Its our mother earth who provides sustenance and life

What can we do? …without a change there will be no more bees or butterflies

It seems to be raining all the time.. a commentary about the constant barrage of bad news thru social and news media

Serving as a powerful commentary on the dangers of censorship - Album Reviews - Issue 2023-058

Bob is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter from Pittsburgh, PA. On his most recent EP there's quite a lot of synthesizers and heavy drums, forming the ground structure on which the songs are built. In the title-song he sums up the concept of the album: The search for truth, when truth is not to be found in the news or digital media. When I listen to the album, a dystopian future scenario like Bladerunner comes to mind.

In our day and age, we're moving through a major change. The vibrational density seems heavier and darker than ever, and time itself spirals at a speed where gravity and velocity are interlocking. The edge in the title refers to uncovering the wave spinning under that spiraling density. And perhaps - instead of falling off the edge and into darkness - we will be carried by that underlying flowing motion through a change that will dispel darkness. To start anew.

I like the sincerity in the way he sings. Jon Anderson is obviously an influence as well as Peter Gabriel. Sound-wise, this album is not unlike PG's fourth album. It has a similar claustrophobic unrest in the mix of synths and drums. In this way, the songs do feel somewhat crowded; like standing in an elevator with far too many people.

But there are songs that are less crammed, thus making it easier to breathe or listen. Earth Whispers is a nice song that makes me think of Crowded House somehow. Technofly is great with a flute-like melody and cool, elegant guitar parts. The Keeper is an interesting song with acoustic textures, that begins with deep breathy vocals. The mandolin is amazing. The vocals on the verses have more than a hint of Rush.

No Bees Buzz is an instrumental fusion kind of song with what sounds like Al Di Meola playing lead-guitar with Jan Hammer. But I assume it's all Bob Neft. Wow! Adrenaline is Neft at his most Gabriel-esque asking "What can I do?" A female voice completes and embellishes the question, singing "to make it better, to make it right". I love these voices. The writer and activist Charles Eisenstein use the phrase "what is mine to do?" when discussion this question. How can we participate in the turnaround, for what Eisenstein refers to as "the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible". Let us start with the smaller things, the everyday things; the helping hand, a friendly smile, to say yes instead of no, sharing and giving instead of craving. It's through the small things that greater things may happen. And it starts with me and you.

Andre Avanessian (Jango Radio) Review:

Ask any self-respecting prog-rock enthusiast and many will say that whilst the ever-evolving nature of the music and its exciting sense of unexpectedness is what gives the genre its very distinct feel and sense of character, it's the fascinating and always thought-provoking way it approaches and articulates its themes that really helps cement the genre as a true powerhouse in rock songwriting, and having found myself thoroughly absorbed by Bob Neft's thoroughly absorbing "The Keeper, it's clear this is an artist that knows this all too well. Serving as a powerful comment on the dangers of censorship, "The Keeper" is as much a song about the importance of standing up to what we believe in as it is about the necessity to question any institution that aims to encroach on our right to freedom of speech, and through Bob's eloquent lyric writing, intriguing use of texture, and continually evolving arrangement, "The Keeper" manages to achieve what it set out to do by providing listeners with a compelling central theme and enough musical diversity to satisfy many a prog-rock lover.

The first word that comes to mind mere seconds into "The Keeper" is most definitely atmosphere, the track is steeped in it. Bob does a very fine job of effectively bringing together a number of interesting textural concepts, specifically in the opening, that not only draw you in but act as a great means to create contrast with the more rhythmically animated guitar sections that soon follow. Blending ambient wind-like sound design with world-music-inspired vocalizations and delicate arpeggiated guitar, the intro to "The Keeper" instantly draws you into its expansive soundscape, gently easing you into its musical world-building before transitioning into its first verse. By the time the lyrics kick in we're into full classic prog territory that echoes the timeless sound of the genre's heyday and "The Keeper" whisks up exciting tempo changes, melodically charged explorations, and a certain air of flair that can only be found in the genre itself.

"The Keeper" is an absorbing piece of progressive rock and I'm sure fans of the style will find it to be an enjoyable listening experience.

On the Edge of Discovery is available on iTunes, Amazon and most streaming services

Radian Revisited

Radian music revisited, reimagined and reinterpreted as ProgFusion

Enchanted Review:

With its thrilling blend of prog-rock, fusion, and new age styles, Bob Neft's utterly riveting instrumental "Enchanted" serves as a masterclass in unbridled creativity that throws many an expected genre trope out the window, and it's all the best for it. Bob Neft warmly invites listeners into his sensational world of exciting melodic expression and sweeping textures, presenting them with a truly memorable listening experience that is brimming with electrifying performances and inspired writing.

Instrumental songwriting is a very particular skill, one that requires perhaps a more nuanced approach due to the advent of a conventional vocal track. Being able to create strong thematic threads that run through the music is integral in ensuring the arrangement feels both cohesive and continually compelling, Bob Neft has not only managed to do just this but it's done in such an enthralling way that listeners will always feel as if they're discovering exciting new elements of the track as it progresses. Whilst a lot of this can certainly be tied to the exciting melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic elements that serve as the song's main building blocks, the inspired fusing of distinct music styles is what gives "Enchanted" its unique character, whether it'd be the prog-metal-edged guitars and their precise rhythmic attack, new-age inspired vocal and synth moments, or modern orchestral flourishes, "Enchanted" is bursting with a plethora of diverse genre embellishments that make for a particularly absorbing musical landscape. Bold ideas such as the ones found in "Enchanted" are all very well on paper, but it's in the performances that these inspiring nuggets of creativity spring to life and thanks to the very apparent musical talents of Bob, who astonishingly composes and performs all instruments on the track, "Enchanted" delivers on its promise of giving listeners a listening experience that aims to both inspire and compel.

About The Reviewer: Andre Avanessian is a freelance session musician, composer, and sound engineer based in the U.K. Having studied music production and composition at a degree level, he has taken his passion for all things audio-related to a level that has allowed him to become both a competent musician and performer. Being a self-confessed "Guitar Nerd" Andre has been continually studying the guitar, as well as teaching it, helping students both learn the instrument, develop their songwriting, and how to become proficient in home recording.

Moments Review:

Moments by multi-instrumentalist Bob Neft opens with a bouncy, electrified synth melody. This new Progressive Rock Instrumental takes listeners through snapshots of Neft's highly creative musical mind. One of the challenges with writing a Prog instrumental lies in creating effective transitions. Neft does a fine job of moving between ideas, even if the moods are completely contrasting. He avoids sudden stops and predictable phrasing, and instead uses time to his advantage. The slower, more moody sections of the piece could stand strongly on their own, but Neft smartly surrounds them with high-voltage fun. When the introduction returns, listeners are allowed a resolution and sense of completeness at the end of the work. Overall, Moments by Bob Neft is an incredibly colorful Prog Rock tune that bursts at the seams with new ideas and never has a dull moment.

Strongest Point(s): The instrumental work definitely stands out in Moments. The guitars move effortlessly between killer rhythmic stylings and earth-shattering chops. The bass lines serve up a high level of intrigue and stick out exactly when appropriate. With the drums and keys, the instrumental work is endlessly exciting.

About The Reviewer: Zachary Larson is a professional touring guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. Getting his start in high school rock bands, he has toured as a classical chamber musician, onboard luxury cruises, and with the Broadway musicals Finding Neverland and Escape To Margaritaville. His recorded work spans across Classical, Pop, and Experimental music. His arrangements of orchestral music are published through Clear Note Publications. Classically trained, he holds a Master of Music degree from the University of Denver.

Suspended Review:

Overall Impression: "Suspended" is an exciting new release from extremely talented Pittsburgh based musician/composer/producer Bob Neft. This uptempo instrumental track features a lively prog-rock arrangement highlighted by funky percussive bass, frenzied precision drumming and big brassy synths. Fluid themes and triumphant motifs keep the listener engaged throughout this musically intricate piece, aided in part by incredibly compelling solo guitar sections that bring a nice rock element to the table. Fans of prog-rock and jazz fusion alike will find a lot to love about Bob Neft's "Suspended", thanks to the spectacular musicianship and stellar compositional skills on display here.

Strongest Point(s): Outstanding production, excellent mix. Good tonal balance. Amazing arrangement. Plenty of variation while still maintaining consistency. Wonderful energy and a really positive, uplifting atmosphere on this track. Rhythm section sounds fantastic and incredibly agile, it's a great mix and they're really locked into one another. Brass synths sound awesome, and it sounds like you mixed live horns into that as well, but I could be wrong there. Either way it's a nice, rich sound. Love the little harpsichord-esque fills/runs. Terrific guitar tone in the solo sections towards the end. Overall, it's a tremendous piece of work that was a joy to review. Sensational effort, all around!

About The Reviewer: Steven Azami is a multi-instrumentalist with over 25 years of experience in the music industry. Both as a touring/session player and as a producer, his career has spanned nearly every genre, from bluegrass to jazz, from rock to reggae. In addition, his work as a music educator has allowed him to cultivate and foster talent among the next generation of musical explorers

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A Journey’s End. . .

A Journey’s End available on iTunes, Amazon and most streaming services
Come along...let’s begin the Journey...
The Heart of man craves beauty

World Wakes in Anger

Going for a Ride

Welcome to your New Life

Available Now on all streaming services, iTunes and Amazon
The Soul of man seeks for GOD
Artwork by Thiti Laudthong

The Demise of Gaia

The Demise of Gaia - 12/22/2019 Release
Now available on most music services for streaming and purchase
Either we restore the forests we destroyed or the earth will once we’re gone.

The Demise of Gaia - The Movie

I have the utmost respect and love for Nature. It is precious, fragile and should not be taken for granted!

Arid Sky

The opening track - Arid Sky - celebrates the wakening of a new dawn and the life force of the sun. All living things are connected to one another and part of Mother Gaia.

River: Water is Life

Greed has brought us to our knees...Liars, Deniers conspire to profit from their deeds.

River- Water is Life is dedicated to the Standing Rock protesters. Brave women and men who have peacefully stood their ground and continue to defy armed forces representing our elected government officials. These politicians are aligned with greedy corporations that have no respect for native sacred grounds nor the importance of our fragile environment and clean water.


Be woke.....Be kind.....we still need each other......We need to care about each other......look up from our screens and get involved in saving Mother Earth before it is too late

Resplendent Wonder

The Resplendent Wonder and breathless beauty of our mother.


Change - has a message for us all....unless, we do something to change our ways, our precious mother will die and so will all life.


There is no plan B... It’s the only home we’ve got.....

Chilled Beyond Beans

Chilled Beyond Beans & Rebirth - the last tracks on the album. After mass extinctions, there is only one man left alive reflecting on what we lost forever....and, after his demise....the earth/Gaia is reborn.

In 2015, I released my first solo album - Cacophony of Life
Cacophony of Life abounds. Listen to that Funky Sound. Everywhere there's a pulsing beat. Nod your head and tap your feet. There's no relief from the funk so sweet.

The Anagram Principle

Co-founded The Anagram Principle with long-time friend, musician and collaborator - Tedd Arnold

Realm of Being

The Anagram Principle released Realm of Being in 2013 on Earth Cat Records


And, Inventor in 2015 on Earth Cat Records

Odd Martian Equation

The Anagram Principle released Odd Martian Equation in May 2019 on Earth Cat Records

Odd Martian Equation Preview

BEAT workstation by Studiodesk

I record using:

A 27" 5k iMac Pro - 3GHz 10-core Intel Xeon X processor with 64 GB Ram and Radeon Pro Vega 64x 16 Gb on board. MacOS with Logic Pro X & Albeton Live 10 with Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 and Novation 64 Impulse controllers. My interface is a Presonus STUDIO 192 with M-Audio BX5 & BX8 monitors. Vocals are recorded using an Aston Spirit microphone with Aston Halo isolation shield and a RODE NT1-A Microphone with sE isolation panel.

I also record using Jordan Rudess' Morphwiz, Geo Synthesizer and GEOShred on my iPAD to trigger MIDI.

Keys, midi controllers and vintage synths: Yamaha MODX8+, Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61, Roli Seaboard 25, Behringer Poly D, Behringer 2600, Novation Impulse 49, Ensoniq Mirage DSK, Yamaha P-80 Digital Piano, Roland XV-5050, Native Instruments Maschine MK3, Akai EWI Solo, Roland Aerophone AE-01 and a white Moog Liberation

Rack of toys: - 2 Yamaha TX81Z, Yamaha SPX-90, Alesis HR-16, Alesis microsynth and JLCooper MSB-Rev2, Akai ME25S midi mapper, Furman Power Conditioner and Korg Line Mixer.

Acoustic/Electric Guitars: - Emerald X30, custom Emerald Synergy X7 Harp Guitar, Ibanez Prestige SQ6521Q, Yamaha NTX70 Nylon-string, Ovation Celebrity Deluxe, Luna VISTA Bear A/E, Luna VISTA Eagle 12 string A/E, Washburn WIDLXSPLTD Electric, Ibanez SR-500 bass, Lava Me 3, Washburn M3EK Americana F-Type Mandolin, Strumstick Grand D, and Line 6 POD effects.

Ibanez Prestige
Luna Guitars
Custom Emerald x30 and Synergy X7 Harp Guitar
1985: Radian


In the 80's, Bob composed and played keyboards for Radian - a Pittsburgh-based Progressive Rock band.

Radian - Grafitti, Pittsburgh 1986
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