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Chào!.. or hi : )

Hi! I'm Liliana Pham, a graphic designer and an art enthusiast. Born in Vietnam and moved to the US when I was 14, I had a wonderful chance to interact with many different cultures. Each has its own unique aspects that gave me a lot of insights into the art and took me on different approaches that influenced my design immensely. As much as I love travel, and being able to go on different journeys, I love to follow wherever the creative passion leads me. To me, photography is another aspect of design. It allows me to capture precious moments while being creative. I've learned to cherish those little moments of life and I'd love to share them with you.

Travel Photography

Grand Canyon, Tokyo

Product Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Event Photography

GCU | Capture The Flag
OLOSA | Jog-A-Thon

Magazine Photography