Mission Updates November, 2023

Praise God for Augustin Tharsis, serving in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, France!

Praises & Prayer Requests:

  • Praise God that Augustin is now fully funded!
  • Full funding has enabled Augustin to move into an apartment in the 15th arrondissement, which has brought him closer to his teammates and enabled him to serve more easily with less commute time.
  • Pray for the cleaning/gardening outreach. This is in partnership with unbelievers, and is providing many opportunities for friendship and deeper conversations about life and faith.
Looking where to serve?

Are you in love with God and eager to be on mission with Him? CWC Missions is looking for 3 major volunteers:

  • Newsletter Writer - Do you love to communicate with missionaries and share their prayers & praises with the body of Christ? Do you like to write? Are you comfortable using computer programs or willing to learn?
  • Social Media - Do you love Missions? Do you enjoy Facebook and playing with graphics (or you're willing to learn to create simple graphics)?
  • Prayer Warrior - Can you pray? Do you love praying deeply for 1 or 2 missionaries?

If God is calling you to serve in one of these ways (or a different way), please contact Kelly Benthem at kellyb@cwccs.org.

Computer Lab - Gulu, Uganda

Praise & Prayer:

  • Praise God for the 20 laptops CWC was able to send to Matt & Noelle Harris in Uganda! These laptops enable the pastors to study more effectively as they go through the Bible in their 3 years of training.
  • Please pray for Matt & Noelle, along with their children (Emma, Madison, Noah, and Charlotte) as they make the long trek back to Colorado 11/28-1/15. Please pray for God-directed meetings during the time they are here, and also for supernatural rest and recovery times.
Eddie & Barbie Broussard - The Navigators

Praise & Prayer:

  • Thank God for Eddie & Barbie Broussard and their ministry with The Navigators. Eddie serves as an Executive Vice President, especially serving Navigator missionaries serving in Eurasia.
  • Praise God for major steps made during their International Executive Team meeting, especially regarding how to best support Muslim Background Believers when they come to faith in Christ.
  • Praise God for the new blessing of caring for Barbie's mom (Lucille) in their home. Please pray for continued grace and encouragement for their family of three!
  • Praise God for a recent trip to Eurasia. Pray for those leaders to continue to lead well and with unity despite the stressful environment with the Ukraine war.
Pastor Zechariah Arni - Haifa, Israel

Praise & Prayer:

  • Praise God for the continued ministry of Pastor Zechariah Arni and the congregation he leads in Haifa, Israel. Thank God for provision that enabled them to minister to local Israeli soldiers and families who were displaced by the war.
  • Pray for continued ministry to the needy in Haifa. They were recently able to provide food boxes and other necessary items to 70 local families.
  • Please pray for peace in Israel.
  • Pray for comfort & peace for those who lost loved ones and for many to come to know Jesus.
  • Ask God to provide release for the hostages.
  • Thank God Pastor Zechariah and his wife Almaz and the rest of the family were able to have a short visit with their daughter Priel, who is serving in the Israeli military. Please continue to pray for her safety!
Scott, Christina, and Josiah Hoffman and other Liberian misisonaries

Praise God that Scott & Christina Hoffman, CWC missionaries in Gbarnga, Liberia, have recently been able to move to Liberia! Ask that their son Josiah's health will stay stable and good despite his special medical needs. Pray that they will have wisdom as they adjust to a new level of ministering in person in Liberia.

Central Asia - Matt & Jonna; Dove & Raseem & his mom; Orphan Seminar

Praise & Prayer:

  • Praise God for Matt & Jonna, ministering in a closed country in Central Asia, and the recent, encouraging meetings they attended with other workers across Eurasia.
  • Praise God for the continued healing of 7-year-old Raseem, who was recently healed from cancer. Pray for his grandmother and caregiver, Dove, who continues to give God glory and share His love with those around her. Pray for continued health and growth!
  • Praise God for the 25 orphan graduates in their area who were recently able to attend a helpful seminar dealing with practical life issues, mental health, spiritual health, and the need for community. Ask God to continue to use the body of Christ to minister to these young adults!

Praise & Prayer:

  • Please continue to pray for Pastor Steve Kariithi, Mathare Worship Centre, and Hope's Promise - Kuza, all ministering in Mathare Valley Slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Ask God to continue to bless the ministry and the children and families they serve.
  • Please continue to pray for S., a young adult who was caught up in the school fire incidents in 2021. After multiple reschedules, his current court date is 12/7. Pray for stable mental health and hope, and for God's will to be done in S's life.
  • Pray for Pastor Steve to have a great sabbatical this month. Pray for strong reconnections with his family and for solid rest and peace during this time.
  • Pray for God's provision for the $55,000 fund-raising goal to expand the Kuza relative-based care program to 80 children (from 75) in Mathare Valley and also to expand to a new area, Gatete.
  • Pray for Janet & Stacy W., two young adults who were originally supported by Hope's Promise Sanctuary of Hope, a foster home headed by Pastor Steve's parents, Pastor & Edith Karau. After being raised in their Christian home, Janet has gone back as a regular volunteer with Kuza at Mathare Worship Centre. Stacy W. is working as an intern with Kuza as she works on her Social Work degree. Pray that God will use these 2 young women mightily!
Lebanon - Mike Parks

"I have been in ministry for over 40 years, and never have things been this hard. We are under pressure from the corrupt government run by Hezbollah, the economy is failing, and our people (Christians) are suffering in ways like never before, needing help with food, rent, and medical care. The conference gave us a time of rest and encouragement that we needed. Now my wife and I feel ready to continue and go on to the next step. Please continue holding these conferences." - Lebanese Pastor

Praise & Prayer:

  • Thank you for praying for Mike Parks and his team as they provided pastors' conferences in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan) & Lebanon. As you can see from the above quote, God used them to encourage the pastors who face so much opposition!
  • Please keep praying for the Lebanese pastors, especially, as they face persecution from Hezbollah, currently attacking Northern Israel. Lebanon is about 1/3 Christian, and the Christians of Lebanon want peace with Israel, not war. The corrupt and failing government and collapsing economy are having dire effects on the country, especially the Christians. Mike & his partner ministries also continue ministering to the Syrian refugees through supplemental food, medical assistance, education, and discipleship. Please ask God for many opportunities to share God's love, and for a great harvest to come from this time of conflict and danger.

Praise & Prayer:

Praise God for the life transformations happening inside Colorado prisons through our partner ministry, Starting Over on the Inside. Facilitators include volunteers from local churches and also inmates who have gone through the workshop and then been trained to facilitate. Several of the facilitators shared how the workshops have impacted their lives:

Having the opportunity to see the change in people who attend Starting Over is a constant reminder of how God works in transforming lives no matter how they got to where they are. – Taylor

Starting Over has helped me learn how to forgive in ways that not only healing for me, but for all those in my small groups. – Andrew

In leading discussions we’re able to develop trusting relationships that allows attenders to share their deepest pains that opens up the door for God to do amazing things in their lives. – Bill

My growth as a facilitator has enabled me to better empathize with the struggles of others and to help others to develop empathy towards others. – Alan

As a facilitator I have been given the opportunity to give back what I have learned in Starting Over, that God’s love can change a life like mine and those around me. – Mark

In small group It's wonderful to see when a person opens up and gets that there is more to life than their past choices, that they can experience forgiveness and it’s not too late to become the person that has called them to be. – Gilberto

By the end of the year, there will be more than 825 Starting Over graduates, many of whom have started following Christ. Please pray for these graduates to show evidence of transformed lives in prison and also after they are released.

CWC Missions

Thank you for praying for our CWC missionaries! If you would like to be more involved in sending or encouraging our missionaries, please contact us at kellyb@cwccs.org.