Trauma Awareness Course - Outdoor Sandstone Communications Limited

The Sandstone approach to First Aid Training

Sandstone in partnership with the ATACC group offers Emergency First Aid qualifications, with oversight by the TAG Medical Advisory Group

The course involves active participation in simulated real situations; it is not a 'tick the box' PowerPoint-based training day.

Delegates carrying out training not looking at slides!
Empowering people to save lives...

The course equips candidates with the skills they need to deal with injury as an Emergency First Aider. It also involves them in situations they may specifically find themselves in whilst outdoors.

The TAC outdoor programme.

The course covers not only basic life support skills but how to apply them in a challenging and often remote location.

All of the scenarios discussed and faced by the participants will be tailored to the hazards and challenges that are often faced in an outdoor environment.

As an example: One of the critical moments faced by any First Aider is to ensure their own safety and make a safe approach to the casualty. Do you for example know how to ...

  • Survey a hillside or snow pack
  • Create a weather shelter
  • Improvise with outdoor equipment to make splints
  • Assess a crush injury caused by a fall

The TAC course is an innovative reworking of traditional Emergency First Aid training on saving life.

Sandstone teaches the B.U.R.P.S approach, which rapidly identifies and then colour-codes problems from minor through to life-threatening.

Throughout the day our instructors will also recommend simple equipment that can be carried in remote locations that can dramatically increase the chances of survival and rescue should the worst happen.


  • 1 day (8 hrs) of tuition
  • email: or call
  • Mobile: 07840481577

Trainer: Mike Hope

Trauma medicine and training have been a constant skill and requirement throughout Mike's professional and personal life. He has taught BTEC level 3 in public services and now delivers, First Aid, HEAT, and RTACC training.

A former specialist communications operator for the British government, and covert surveillance officer for the police service, Mike has also served as a mountain rescue team leader.